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Defrosting turkey

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Eagle_1Eagle_1 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Help !!!!!

How long can i keep a turkey in the fridge once defrosted ?

I normally buy a big turkey because we have a few people for Christmas dinner but this year there is only the three of us but i left the turkey out too early and its a small turkey but its defrosted now. Will it be ok in the fridge till Sunday ?

Thanks :xmassmile

edited to add: oops, I think i may have posted in wrong forum, feel free to move me moderators.


  • Should be OK in the BOTTOM of the fridge where it's coldest, then Sunday morning get it in the oven early and cook it slowly.

    Forgot to add. If cooking slowly, put a couple of whole peeled onions in the cavity to keep it moist.
  • Eagle_1Eagle_1 Forumite
    8.5K posts
    Thanks very much :xmassmile

    This year I have a smaller turkey and I also bought a fresh joint of beef so I please both the hubby and Daughter :snow_grin
  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
    17.7K posts
    I'm a Volunteer Board Guide
    Hi Eagle,

    I think djohn's post is spot on. If you keep the turkey well chilled it'll be fine.

    I'll move your post over to the MoneySaving Old Style board, where you will be able to get any more help you need.

    Enjoy your turkey. :xmassmile

    :xmassign: Pink
  • charlies_mumcharlies_mum Forumite
    8K posts
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    I took my 2.7kg turkey crown out of the freezer yesterday, and put on the bottom shelf of my fridge. Checked it this morning, and it is still fairly solid ! I have taken it out and it is now on the worktop in the the kitchen. I plan to start cooking at about 10 in the morning.

    Will it be defrosted, and is there anything I can do to help it along ?
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  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
    14.1K posts
    I'm a Volunteer Board Guide
    If you take a look at the thread on defrosting a turkey there's a good guidline site posted :)

    You should be perfectly OK just defrosting in the fridge - but there are instructions and a calculator there that will help you to be sure.

    Defrosting turkey
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  • squigglessquiggles Forumite
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    Is a turkey crown a turkies head? yuck
  • no it's the breast joint, but still attached to the bones, also the wings.

    we had a tesco organic turkey crown, it wasn't anything special, plus no juices to make gravy :( it was supposed to serve 4-6, can't see how unless they had bird-like appetites ;)

    will get a good chicken instead next year, for half the price and probably have more leftovers !
  • lucymlucym Forumite
    431 posts
    We had an organic turkey crown (3.4kg)- with giblets.

    It was delicious, fed seven of us with plenty left for today’s buffet meal, a pie that I threw together and stuck in the freezer (using the left over gravy and bread sauce) and enough in the fridge for a main meal for tomorrow.
  • GladGlad Forumite, Board Guide
    18.7K posts
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    we had a turkey crown from Iceland, good value and very tasty,
    fed 6 of us and plenty left for 2 more meals for 4,

    had plenty of juices for gravy too, I just cook it in the same way I cook a full bird icon7.gif
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  • blue-kat wrote:
    no it's the breast joint, but still attached to the bones, also the wings.

    No bones or wings on ours.
    We had the same as Glad, from Iceland and it was the easiest ever to carve and really tasty after putting butter under the skin.

    I will say that it was the first time we'd bought a Turkey Crown and after opening the box thought "Oh my god, what have we done here" looked just like it was going to resemble Turkey Breasts. But what a pleasant surprise as if you didn't know you wouldn't know the difference when it's carved and on the plate. Only thing was it was stuffed which we didn't want as I like sausage meat cooked in the turkey so my wife turned it over and took the stuffing out and put the sausage meat in and then had to sew it up to hold it together. And it was great!
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