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Recycle Old Mobiles: No-hassle way to maximise the cash Discussion Area

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  • katec_2katec_2 Forumite
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    Got my vouchers from Mopay today, yay :j

    Not bad, just over 3 weeks from posting, will def use them again!
    January - Nintendo Wii, 2 x Lush bath bombs :j
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  • I have just had a rather unfortunate experience with I sent back two handsets separately for recycling and both phones were down-valued- apparently due to screen damage.

    Neither were damaged when I sent them, I did use my own packaging (one of them being sent in its original box) so although it could be due to damage in the post I am sceptical especially as it happened twice.

    I have lost about £30 in total as the amount they gave because of this was pretty derisory, at least I get my quidco money I suppose.

    Would be interested to hear what other people have made of these guys!?
  • I am having an unfortunate time with Mopay . Have sent them two handsets at the beginnign of October and having received my cheque yet. They always give the same lame excuses that my cheque is going to be reissued but nothing arrives!! :confused::mad:

    Take care!!
  • I have tried the sites for my mobile and they offer me £0. Unfortunately it is a very old mobile and not a very expensive one either. I've found the best thing to do with mine is recycle it using tesco and i get 300 clubcard points, which when use towards deals means I will get £12.00. Better than everywhere else!
  • njb08njb08 Forumite
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    I've just used Mazuma and their service was fantastic and the whole process made very simple. I got a quote online and an order was raised straight away with a letter arriving the next day with instructions of what to do next. I then returned my phone (using registered post NOT their freepost option) and a cheque arrived within 2 working days. Very impressed!
  • I looked at a few different sites and went to those who gave me the best price; Fonebank for one phone (£42) and Mazuma for another (£37). I'd used a company before and they paid almost half what they said they would, apparently because the phone was faulty, so I was dubious about other companies.

    However, my faith has been restored! I sent the first phone to fonebank on Saturday by recorded delivery; had an email on Monday to say it had been received, and a cheque arrived in the post today for the full amount.

    The second phone was sent yesterday by recorded del; I had an email first thing this morning to say they'd received it, and another one later on to say that they'd checked it, found it to be working, and a cheque for the full amount was in the post!

    Very happy with the service from both sites, including communication, and wouldn't hesitate to use either of them again. :T
  • Just had an email from tesco, can anyone see the point to it??

    Thank you for choosing to recycle your phone(s) with Tesco Mobile Recycling.
    We'd like to confirm that we have received the following mobile phone(s):

    Original mobile: Nokia N95
    Original value of mobile: £105.00 and 300 Green Clubcard Points.

    We're sorry but the phone we have received does not match the details you originally
    gave us on the website. If we don't hear from you we'll continue with the recycle at the
    revised value below:

    Mobile received: Nokia N95-1
    Revised value of mobile: £105.00 and 300 Green Clubcard Points.

    If you're not happy with the revised value or don't want to continue with the recycle please
    email us within 5 days quoting reference ********-***** to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL].
    We can then arrange to send the phone back to you using Special Delivery. We'll need
    to charge you £5.50 for this.
  • gibbo9gibbo9 Forumite
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    My son recently sent his Sony Ericsson W810i to Mobile Phone Buyer and subsequently recv'd a cheque for £25 with which he was pleased and which went straight into his bank a/c.
    Today he has had a further letter saying the 1st cheque was sent in error and that he should ignore it. This 2nd letter had a cheque for £3 attached to it. There was no further explanation just a note saying many thanks.
    Any ideas on where he stands or what he should do?
    Thanks for any help
  • Yes. Absolutely nothing - Da!!
  • Just received M&S vouchers from Mopay today. (It took about 3 weeks).

    Very pleased as it was only a cheap phone, got water damaged and now keeps turning off. Because it will turn on though, they classed it as working and sent me £17 worth of vouchers. It cost me £19.99 originally.

    Now, if only I'd had the vouchers for one of the M&S 20% off days....
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