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  • I sent my mobile to banana They said i would get 29 quid for it. Sent them it in prepaid envelope, on 29th they said they had sent a cheque, according to website. Nothing heard by 1st september,even though they say they pay within 24hrs, I emailed them twice asking for an answer, even threatened to report them to trading standards, I eventually got my cheque for £29 on the 4th september, so no further action was taken. But I will not use them again.
  • has anyone used mobilephonebuyer. It is coming up the best price for my phone, butnot sure whether to risk it as not heard any comment son them , or stick to mopay.

    Any comments on mobilephoonebuyer welcome.

  • I used to recycle my old phone.
    They give you advantage points for your working phone.
    I downloaded a label, popped it on an envelope and a couple of weeks later they emailed me to say they had received the phone and the points had been added.
    May not be the best place to go if you want a lot of money for a decent phone, but for quite old styles that aren't really worth much-this is a great site.Would recommend it.:j
  • Sent them my 1st gen ipod nano two months ago but have still yet to see any sign of my cheque. Every time I call I get fobbed off saying the relevant department is short staffed, that the cheque will be with me by the end of the week, etc.

    Thank god I sent my first gen Iphone to Mobile Phone Exchange, absolutely no hassle, money paid direct into bank and a great price!
  • I have used mopay and mazuma and have got good service from both, I am going to stick with these two.
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    advise needed. I have some old Vodafone Trium Mars fones that I'd like to get something out of. Never heard of these fones (was going to recycle them for my old work) and can't find them on any of the recycling websites either. WHat's the best bet, get a recycling envelope from Tesco's? Do they recycle any old phones as on the website it seems to be certain models?

    THanks for help.
    Proud to have dealt with my debts!
  • Not often you get brilliant service these days so I thought I would big up Fonebank who definitely deserve it. I sent my old Samsung phone to their Freepost address on Friday. I got an email on Monday advising me that the phone had been received, passed and my cheque was on the way. I got home tonight (Tuesday) and the cheque was sat there waiting, had been sent 1st class post!!!

    I think this is top notch service and the price they offered was comparable with others. I sent another phone to Mobile Phone Exchange on Thursday and all I have had so far is one text acknowledging I had put the details on the internet. Still waiting to see if they are accepting the phone and if I will get full payment which seems a long time in comparison to Fonebank now....
  • Sent my phone to Mopay (self-graded as Non-Working (Reduced List Price)) and expected to get £18 for it.

    Mopay paid up within the timescale stated and actually paid £36 as they had obviously got it to work and upped the valuation becaue of this (and passed the extra on to me).

    Can't fault 'em :D.
  • I've just used the tesco site to get rid of my old phone and can highly recommend it. I got £55 quid in tesco vouchers and 300 club card points. A few of the other sites were offering the same amount of money. The whole process went very smoothly.:j
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    imagia wrote: »
    Excellent article - as always, very well researched.

    I'd have to say that I am going to stop using Envirofone now. The prices in comparison to Mazuma have gone down quite a bit. Processing too has been pretty slow in my experience.

    Mazuma has great prices, and their service is second to none. I sent a phone to them recently, which they received on a Tuesday. I got my cheque back on Saturday (the same week!), and even that was sent second class!

    Just thought i'd let you guys know that envirofone have improved customer service to their users and are now able to pay you in 3 days after they receive your phone, so you get your cash faster :j
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