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Recycle Old Mobiles: No-hassle way to maximise the cash Discussion Area

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  • Has Cex fallen out of favour? They're offering £20 more than Mopay and £5 more than mobile phone buyer for my old handset, and it would be more if it didn't have a couple of tiny scratches.
    My TV is broken! :cry:
    Edit: refunded £515 for TV 1.5 years out of warranty - thank you Sale of Goods Act! :j
  • Read the thread on CEX. Unless it's vanished like some of the posts appear to have done on this one. Basically, I've used them a few times - but without repeating everything I won't be using them again, despite their apparent vastly better prices. They are now completely untrustworthy.
  • Having read this thread (and a few other company-specific reviews) I used mobilephonebuyer and mopay. Good service from both.
  • katec_2katec_2 Forumite
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    I saw Martins article in the paper today, and so had a look into this. I'm chuffed to bits that I got quoted £50 for one working and 2 broken mobiles on Mopay :j
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    I send phones to Mopay on 15/08/08 to the value of £52 M&S vouchers. Despite several emails to the company I have still received nothing :confused:

    I emailed them and received a reply on 11/09/08 saying "we have received your handsets and payment is scheduled to be issued"

    I emailed them yet again and they replied on 26/09/08 "your handsets have been tested and payment is scheduled to be issued.

    Yet again I emailed and received this reply on 15/10/08 "the orginal vouchers were issued to you on 20/08/08. Were replacement vouchers offered to you?"

    I have emailed them back (twice!) to say that nothing has been offered and that it's strange that their emails both said that payment was scheduled to be issued if they had already posted them before that. No reply to my emails yet.

    Have a feeling I am going to get nothing from this!!
  • RDSRDS Forumite
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    Hurray, sent Mopay yet another email to say that I wasn't happy and would be posting a negative comment and they finally responded!!!

    "We apologise for the delay in response. We have been thoroughly investigating this case due to a high value of vouchers going missing on their way to you. A new set of vouchers have been sent out to you in today’s post by 1st class recorded delivery. We apologise for the delay"
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    Has anyone had good experiences with bananagreen, or can recommend another company to send an ipod mini to for recycling? Thanks, Dinah x
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  • I've just used banana green, they were the highest payers for a fairly old phone of mine.

    Order confirmed 26th October, I was checking the website for updates and it said a cheque was posted on 30th October. Just ignore this bit because it isn't actually posted then.

    I received a cheque in the post on 7th November, and the cheque had been written on the 5th. I didn't mind waiting so it wasn't a problem. I just popped the phone in the post box using their freepost address and my own padded envelope.

    I had an old PDA gathering dust, so I have sent this to them too. They seemed to be the only company that would take my PDA.
  • Received a cheque today from mobilephonexchange, no problem at all. Can't remember exactly when I posted the phone, less than 2 weeks ago anyway. Just popped the phone in my own padded envelope and popped it in the post box using their freepost address.
  • I used Mazuma recently and had a good experience. They weren't the highest payers but were second, but I chose them as they had more feedback.

    I sent my phone off on a tuesday, they confirmed receipt by email on wednesday, then another email later to say cheque had been raised. On friday I had the cheque (which had been sent 2nd class)! Excellent.

    I sent mine by special delivery rather than the freepost as normal royal mail compensation didnt cover it.
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