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Recycle Old Mobiles: No-hassle way to maximise the cash Discussion Area

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  • Im afraid this company if you google them, yes i did after sending my old phone and having problems, are well known for all there scams, failures to pay, charging you for returning your phone etc. Seems yes they attract your attention with the highest offer but on receipt of the phone during testing some miraculous issue or fault appears that wasnt there when sent. They then make a revised offer quoting you have 5 days to respond to this offer and then they will credit your account within 3-5 days(working days) or at busier times please allow upto 7-10 working day's They then ask you to contact them if payment still not received but they dont provide a contact telephone number any email address you try gets returned to sender and they only contact is via the contact us page on your account on there own website so no way of knowing if this contact message goes anywhere. I reported them to citizens advice, trading standards, watchdog see what if anything happens i will shortly be drafting a letter entitled breach of contract which i will send by RD and give them notice of maximum 10 days to respond and pay the money or legal action will be taken. We all need to take a stand not suffer in silence or just accept cowboys and scammers like this. Maybe its time for Dom and Melinda to start a Cowboy Traders/recyclers programme
  • I have to write my first experience with this company called RECYCULAR !!!
    I have sent off my 5month unused phone, they have offered £190 only to receive email 5days later that my phone got its Screen marked significantly ?!? And been offered £88.88 ??? They having laugh ?? I didn't even used this phone in the 5months apart 1day when I have tried it out - didn't like it so I carry on using my iPhone ..
    Now they asking me to pay £10 have my phone send back to me ??!
    I'm not happy at all as I fine research and I found a review giving the company 4 stars !!! I'm very disappointed and don't know what to do next .. I have sent an email saying how disappointed I'm etc

    I'm only regretting not to go with Mazuma as I have never had problem with them before :(
  • I chose RPC recycle above a couple of companies who offered more for my phone but had received negative reviews on here. I expected it to be straightforward as others reviews said theyd had no issues and had been paid promptly. Checked phone (which was treasured and kept in a case all its life with me) and packaged it securely in a plastic wallet, bubble wrap and padded envelope and sent it by special delivery to RPC. All seemed to go smooth, got email confirming receipt, email letting me know it was being looked at.....but then.... my phone has been revalued at over £30 less than the original offer with claims of extensive scratching on screen and cover, which simply isnt true. Am so annoyed! Now i have choice to accept or pay £3 to get it back, but then pay another £6.95 to special delivery it to someone else! :mad:
  • I have just upgraded to an iPhone 5 with EE (from a 4S with Orange).
    After using the comparisons available on this site I discovered that what you are offered for trading in a working, perfect iPhone varies according to what network you're on. None of the sites with good reviews would offer me the £100-plus suggested in the comparison.
    EE had told me they would charge me £120 up-front to regrade to a 16gb 5c, and I really needed to get as much as I could for the old one. So I decided to pop into the nearby Carphone Warehouse to see what they could offer me.
    I got a new 32gb 5c, for free, on a tariff comparable to my old one (only £24 per month) AND they gave me £100 cash then and there for the old phone.
    I didn't have to wait with bated breath for a cheque or a credit from an invisible e-company - they put it on my card in the shop the same day.
    On the downside, the whole process took over half a day of popping in and out of the store and waiting, but I'm a very nice and patient customer, so they gave me a Zagg indestructible, guaranteed for 25 years screen cover as a thank you. (I'll post in 25 years if it's true, and I still care...)
    But on balance, 10/10 vg - very happy customer. :j
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