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Recycle Old Mobiles: No-hassle way to maximise the cash Discussion Area

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  • wiggy2007wiggy2007 Forumite
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    I'm in need of some urgent advice....

    After getting some useful information from Martins Money Tips regarding exchanging your old phone for cash, I decided to sell my Samsung mobile to the company; Envirophone. Accidentally, I left my pay monthly sim card in the phone which I sent away. I have only recently realised this as I have just received a bill for £61 from my ex phone company as the sim card has been used over the last few weeks, and calls to China have been made.

    I cancelled my contract with my phone company months and months prior to sending the phone to Envirophone, however I have contacted my phone company who have said, although you have terminated your contract the phone can still be in use and as a result you will have to pay for the bill.

    I am extremely upset, that Envirophone, which was recommended to me would show so much neglect with regards to my data protection, although it was a mistake to leave the sim card in the phone, I am sure the company should have taken the necessary steps to avoid this from occurring.

    My question is, what should i do? I cannot afford to pay £61 for a phone bill which i haven't used. Thanks.

  • I was selling my phone to mobile2cash, which was a really good phone and worth a fair bit. They sent me the envelope and I popped the phone in and took it to my post office and gained proof of delivery.

    A few weeks later I contacted them to see what was happening, and they said that my phone didnt arrive in the post. I didnt get the money, even though I had obtained proof of postage.

    I wasn't very happy with this experience - I might as well of put the mobile in the bin!
    hi, it looks like im going to have the same problem with mobile2cash, i sent back 2 phones at the end of may, and havent heard a thing, i,ve sent two e-mails, but no reply. cant find phone number 4 them, but after reading your thread i think i would be wasting my time, i am gutted, thought it would be o.k being on martin lewis site. sob
  • Hi,

    Following recommendations on the guide I used mopay (best payer for my phone) and thought it was a excellent service. Recieved all communication and what to do with the phone and accessories was clear, concise and extremely quick.

    However unlike a lot of the other people on here, I sent the mobile phone by recorded delivery to get there safer so I did not test the freepost address, hence I cannot confirm that part of the service. Phone payout was £15 (better than messing with Ebay, past sales results did not look worth it, even if i could have got a extra £10, would that auction have actually happened or would i always be re-listing to get rid of it, lots never completed?!). Done delivery by recorded 2nd class was only £1.80, so worth it for no hassle rather than proof of delivery problems (I've had with Royal mail were unreal in this matter)).

    Within 7 calendar days they had received the phone, checked the phone and sent the payment by cheque, i recieved the cheque today, whilst confirming the order payout by email. Could of possibly had more update emails so knew what process the phone was going through at the time, but really quick so not that essential and well within their time guidelines! :T

    When I have a old mobile to retire I know where to go next time! :j

    Hopes that helps some of you make a decision about your old phone, but make sure YOU remove them SIMS first like they always advise! :eek:


    P.s Sent a £90 worth phone to mobile2cash by special delivery of which i know they have recieved, still awaiting phone checks and payment into my account and will keep you informed as i have seen a couple of posts on here saying they have had problems with this lot!
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  • mobilejunkiemobilejunkie Forumite
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    I think you'll find those people dispensed with SD. I only do that with cheap phones. As for recorded, that's only ok up to about £35 - if worth more than that only SD will cover it.
  • homeburdhomeburd Forumite
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    I have just sold Nokia 6280 to Mazuma, sent it in the envelope provided to the freepost address and cheque arrived today exactly 7 days from the date order approved. Order has also tracked on topcashback for £1.50. I would happily use them again.

    Update: £1.50 now confirmed on TCB
  • has anyone sold their phone to mobilephonexchange? as I'm thinking of selling my old phone to them?
  • Quick update on dealing with Mobile 2Cash - Placed order on system - 10th July, received confirmation and postage items - 14th July, sent phone by Special Delivery - 15th July, they recieved phone and confirmed in working order with value as agreed at beginning of order by email - 16th July, recieved money direct into account 24th July. All in all 14 days to turn the order around in, which i don't think is too bad, when they said it could take up to 30 days! :D

    Still i think for phone of anything over £36 in value should go by a courier (if cheaper) or Special Delivery, so you can ensure they have recieved it and can claim off the deliverying company if something does go a miss accordingly and also they cannot deny that it has not arrived!!

    Hope the above experience helps you decide if you wish to use companies like this.

    Good luck in profiting from your old phones you no longer use. :j
    Overdraft No.1 11/12 - (Owe 01/12/11)-£800 / (Paid off so far 01/12/11) £0.00 Total = -£800.00
    Overdraft No.2 11/12 - (Owe 01/12/11)-£1950 / (Paid off so far 01/12/11) £0.00 Total = -£1950.00 :eek: :think: :cry:
    Lorry Driving Training Saving 11/13 - Need to Save - £2200 (Saved so far 01/12/11) £0.00 Total - £0.00 :cool2: :idea:
  • ascintascint Forumite
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    I listed several phones to envirophone, a nice man called to collect the parcel, within 7 days I'd had several emails to inform me each phone had been tested and passed. I then within 3 days received notification to say the cheque had been sent and 9 days later its yet to appear.

    I'm optimistic it will arrive Monday, as have checked postal address on my account and it looks ok.
  • rondanrondan Forumite
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    MSE_Archna wrote: »

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    Read the old thread
    I listed 2 mobiles with mobile2cash, they gave me a value which I was happy with and sent the envelope on 21st, had no reply by 28th so sent an email, to which I got a reply stating the phones did not arrive and my account had been processed!! I sent one back saying you mean you have already decided that you were not going to pay me and closed my account, to which they sent me a copy of a form to claim after 15 days from the post office, they are not a nice company to deal with and take no responsibility at all, basically if you do not send special delivery you know you will not get paid. Very unhappy, they did not even reply to my last email. Have spoken to friends and this has happened to the recently also. Nothing I can do now though.
  • djjojojuicedjjojojuice Forumite
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    I sent off my phone, didn't use the freepost address as figured the £6 postal cost of special delivery was outweighed by the insurance. A cheque fro £58.50 rec'd 7 days later- bosh! So even of you minus the £6 for posting I still made clear of £50 for a phone that would have been 'spare' and spent its life in my chest of drawers.

    Very pleased:j
    :mad::mad::mad: -£22,614.77. :mad::mad::mad: 22/10/11

    :A:T Debt free MARCH 2015:eek: (remembering it's taken 12 years to accumulate this debt, paying it off in 3.5 is awesome :j:j:j)

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