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HM Burgers!



  • black-saturn
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    You can put a cube of cheese in the middle of the meat so that it melts inside the burger.
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  • Does anyone have have any tips on making burgers or have a tasty recipe? I know it's a bit early for BBQ season but the super bowl is on Sunday. Thanks
  • squeaky
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    Hiya, we have a few about the place. Let me go look and I'll merge your question into one of them for you.

    Once done, since posts are listed in date order, you'll need to read the thread from the beginning.

    Edit: Another Beefburger Thread

    Edit #2: Which channel(s) is(are) showing it this year, please?
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  • leeegglestone
    leeegglestone Posts: 2,592 Forumite
    Am going to a BBQ tomorrow and thought I would attempt to make some Burgers, well some Spicy/Chilli Burgers.

    Have looked at different recipes on here to get my ideas.

    I have two packs of 500g Mince, which I just bought, the Use by Date is today. If I make them today or tomorrow morning and they are eaten then they should be ok.

    Lots of recipes say add breadcrumbs. Im not sure how many Slices of Bread to Chop up and how Small. I have two Eggs. Should I use one per 500g?
    May have to make it in two Batches as I dont have a Big Bowl

    I have a One Medium Onion, shall I use Half an Onion per 500g.

    Can someone advise me on which of these to add and how much.

    I have some Cumin, Papprika, Whole Black Pepper, ground turmeric, Hot Chilli Powder.
    Mediterranean Mixed Herbs.

    I want to make them Spicy but not uncomfortable to eat for the others

  • Pink.
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    Hi leeegglestone,

    We have a great thread on making homemade burgers, so I have merged your thread with it as it helps other Old Style readers to find all the suggestions in one thread. As always the posts are listed in date order, so you'll need to read from the beginning to see all the replies.

  • dora37
    dora37 Posts: 1,291 Forumite

    As DH beloved team on on SKY later (Reading), I decided to make a 'Footy Tea'.

    Inspired by this thread I have decided to make HM Burgers and Wedges. I found a thread yesterday called HM Burgers, noted the ingredients and bought I've come to make them I can't find the the thread and I can't remember how to make them:mad:

    ...Please help!
  • chatta
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    Did you search from home, try going into your history and the thread should be there.
  • dora37
    dora37 Posts: 1,291 Forumite
    chatta wrote:
    Did you search from home, try going into your history and the thread should be there.

    Just tried that, however it is not bringing up it thread specific - just the main page.
  • anguk
    anguk Posts: 3,412 Forumite
    Could it be this one?
    HM Burgers
    Dum Spiro Spero
  • dora37
    dora37 Posts: 1,291 Forumite
    anguk wrote:
    Could it be this one?
    HM Burgers

    :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j
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