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HM Burgers!

edited 15 September 2009 at 8:53PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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katglasgowkatglasgow Forumite
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edited 15 September 2009 at 8:53PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Having as Barbeque next weekend and want to keep it simple and cheap! Will be buying sausages, so I though I'd make my own beef burgers. I'm veggie but I have made burgers before using pork mince, onion, grated carrot and apple and rolled them in breadcrumbs. WHat's the best/easiest simple option for a plan old fashioned beef burger and will it stay in one piece on the barbeque? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • lipidicmanlipidicman Forumite
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    A bit of onion and I believe you can use a little egg to aid binding
  • 1lbmince,1 finely chopped onion,2 slices /breadcrumbs and lightly whisked egg......................combine in a bowl,divide and shape ,use a little flour to dust (makes it easier to handle)...............they'll only fall apart if too dry:D
  • greenlogogreenlogo Forumite
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    ooh, I made these last saturday and the hints I learned:

    chop and fry off (and cool) the onion first as it gives a better flavour

    herbs make them look prettier (I used parsley and chives, yum) as well as give more "oomph" to the taste.

    Add the beaten egg to the mince and you'll be surprised at the quantity of breadcrumb that'll vanish into it
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  • trace-jtrace-j Forumite
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    Normal mince (as opposed to lean mince) makes better burgers as they're not too dry. When we cooked our homemade burgers on the BBQ they burnt to a cinder whereas the inside was raw. Would recommend you part cook then under the grill and then finish off out on the BBQ to be sure they're properly cooked.
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  • lipidicmanlipidicman Forumite
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    Was the BBQ at the right point. Ie no flames, white powder stage?
  • polpol Forumite
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    If you want to cook them more slowly, lay a double piece of foil on the barbie and cook them on that till properly 'set' then put them over the charcoal. They should be cooked through then.

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  • JoBatch80JoBatch80 Forumite
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    Another hint - Add stuffing mix - It adds suchs a good flavour to them, and dont make them too fat or its a nightmare to cook, try and make them wider and flatter.
    And I definately agree with using regular mince, not lean mince, as they fall apart no matter what you do!

    Jo xx
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  • I make mine with "economy mince" about 25% soya made up with water and gravy browning for colour, onions and dried up white bread that is smashed up in a plastic bag with my rolling pin (great fun btw). I use a burger maker and make a very thin one, add a little cheese add more meat mix and press it again - Really Yummy.
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  • The tip not to use lean mince is good - you need quite a high fat content to hold them together (the fat will run off as it cooks anyway). Another good tip I got from somewhere was to use Oyster Sauce or soy sauce to season them instead of salt - this helps them to stick together, whereas salt dries out the meat and makes the burgers break up - you only need a small amount of oyster/soy sauce though!
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  • trace-jtrace-j Forumite
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    lipidicman wrote:
    Was the BBQ at the right point. Ie no flames, white powder stage?

    Yeah it was at the right stage, when your partner works for enviromental health I tend not to meddle where BBQ's are concerned! I have to tell him to chill where food hygiene is concerned at home, he aint at work anymore.

    It doesnt help when we've only got a cheapo BBQ and can't move the grill up away from the fuel
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