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May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • hey all,

    got some milk and a sandwich for 6p, cos i had £2 of vouchers!! ;)

    MrsM - hope its nothing too serious x x
    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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  • jenidjenid Forumite
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    Only 8 days in and spent £40.27 already in various supermarkets. And Tesco were sold out of oats and flour again so will have to go back soon. dangerous as I always see something else we can use.

    Also with this sudden rush of good weather comes the urge to eat lots of salad, wish I had the space to grow my own I'd save a fortune in the summer!
  • I put my BM on befor and its all gone very, very soggy:mad: maybe it's something to do with hot weather:confused: i know i measured everything right, i'm gona wait until toninght and leave it on timed over night. just made a ham & salad wrap for lunch it was so yummmy that i might have another one in a bit:whistle:.

    hope you all have a nice afternoon, bye for now. :wave:
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
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    Hi folks..

    thanks for the concern... one of my sisters has been having chemo after they removed a 15lb "mass" from her ovary.. we were hoping she was done now but at her last scan they found a 2nd one in her stomach which didn't respond to her 1st treatment so she has another 6 months with another kind of chemo to try and get rid of it..... think it just made me realise that even though me n hubby eat really well already..there is room for improvement.. so im back into full scale "fruit bat" mode for me... have been trying to eat less to save the pennies and because i eat rather a lot of fruit :p .. well now i figure that if im eating fruit im not eating other if our grocery spends go up a what .as long as we are both healthy...:D
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  • egonegon Forumite
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    :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

    Hope everything will be on the up now for your sister Mrs M!
    I wish Germany had a website like moneysavingexpert!
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  • MRs Mc- sorry to hear about your sister. my thoughts are with you & your family. x
    Back on MSE again! to take control of my finances and not let it control me. :T May grocery challenge £41.96/140
  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Just logged on and updated my spends for today, not doing too bad.

    superspam - that was a brilliant idea. Not been a member of Freecycle long but already given away a Video Recorder and some Embroidery threads. Waiting for a reply from someone offering a BM, mine is so old and couldn't resist the offer of a Morphy Richards.

    clair2305 - I too made the Herb bread but into muffins, I must have read the recipe wrong as I only put in 4 TSPS of Herbs and I thought that was enough - glad I didn't put in TBSPS as I think the kids would have thought it was too much.:confused:

    victory - I had a Lakeland voucher to use last week and bought something called "easy-leave roll". It's basically 300 perforated sheets of polythene tissue which is greaseproof and waterproof and says on box "to seperate food prior to overwrapping, then freezing". The sheets are 12" x 10". It's £3.99 for a roll but before that I would just use Greaseproof paper. HTH

    MRSMC - my thoughts are with you and your Sister.
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    MrsM, thinking of you at this time, why wont the NHS give all us women the HPV vaccine as a matter of course, like your rubella....thinking of you and your family
  • Flylady_FlowerFlylady_Flower Forumite
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    Hi Mrs M.
    First time on this post so first of all, all the best to your sister and I hope you all get good news soon.
    Could you please add me to the challenge too. I want to spend max £75 per week max, so I will say £300 to start (I know I can do better, but want to start safe).
    Here's hoping to a much lower month next time.
    All the best,
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  • JustamumJustamum Forumite
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    Mudbath - not sad at all. I'd be extremely miffed too!

    Mrs Mc - sorry to hear about your sister. Hope the treatment works for her this time. It must be very worrying for you all.

    Right, I'm off to cash my benefits cheque and collect DS from school. I could wait until the morning to cash the cheque, but it's pension day and the PO gets VERY full!

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