May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Morning all!

    have got up this morning with really good intentions :rolleyes: the washing's hung out, beds are made, and the BM has just finished its dough cycle. so i'm gonna make some buns to put in the freezer ( i like to have at least a dozen in there), i'm also gonna bake some of twink's hobnobs, choc muffins, and if i can be bothered i'm also gonna have a go at the yogurt cake i saw on here the other day

    i thought i was gonna be able to manage a practically-no-spend-week this week, but i'm gonna have to go to asda at some point today

    hope you all have a great day xx

    oh superspam i didn't mind you going OT about your babies....i love hearing about other peoples dogs. i have a border collie X, Missy ( she's the black one in photo), Ruby (also in photo) and Dylan my 2 little yorkies and they're like my children to me :D x
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    Thanks mandymoo! I feel the same about my doggies, I'll have to dig a piccy out!
  • superspamsuperspam Forumite
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    Thanks Mandymoo! Your doggies are lovely - I feel the same way about mine bless em!
  • superspamsuperspam Forumite
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    Sorry, didn't think the first one had gone through!
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    morning all :j

    hope it's sunny where you are, blinking lovely here today

    might manage a nsd but i think as i'm popping to m&s later i might get a couple of bits, tho if i can be strong it might only be a few pence as i have some vouchers i can use for milk.

    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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    Morning All.

    I love the sunshine :D

    Anyway spent 65.00 in Mr T on Sunday and need to go in there today. Plan on buying so stuff so I can make some HM bread rolls :D.

    Any suggestions as I don't have a BM.......yet. thank you
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    morning just a quick question... anybody been watching gmtv... does it make you mad when that woman had all that food which was going to waste.... all that cupboard food stock up and not doing anything... WHAT A WASTE!!! ... sorry rant over :) ... lovely sunny day but have to work got to get some milk my mini bump need it calcium... i really dont think actually know im not gonna make it this month as i got under a £100 left and my shop to fill the house since the council finished is nearly £200 so the maths aint hard there... o well im not gonna cheat im using it as a learning experince (on how never to do it again :rotfl: ) have a good day everybody xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    , did anyone watch Martins prog on Ch 5 i was wondering is it pos to see this repeated or on the net does any one know please thankyou

    off to make those lovely iced fingers sorry cant remeber who posed the recipe thankyou
    i have dislexia sorry about my spelling :eek:
  • mummyleadsmummyleads Forumite
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    rain check vouchers please can someone tell me what they are and what sm do them please sorry
    i have dislexia sorry about my spelling :eek:
  • Just caught up with all threads - Hopefully I will be having a NSD today. TBH I usually do pretty well during the week while we are both at work - it's the weekends that are the problem!

    Had a very good OS day yesterday courtesy of my Mum. She was waiting at mine for a delivery to arrive. She did my ironing, pegged out a load of washing I had put on before work, put on another white load and pegged it out, empty my dishwasher and washed the few pots from breakfast and swept my floor (I didn't think it needed doing but maybe she was bored lol). Mums are great!

    I hope everyone has a good day and enjoy the sun.
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