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  • amancalledchip
    amancalledchip Forumite Posts: 760 Forumite
    never realised that buying from a top UK retailer involved taking a risk, the consumer isn't at fault for their incompetance, so why should any of us have money taken from us for goods they don't intend to supply? and why should anyone have to pay any credit card company a penny of interest because Argos don't honour their contracts

    no the consumer isnt at fault, but they do not have to honour the sale.( like they really were going to......maybe in student land)
    end of story.
    the risk was that if it didnt come off , your money would be returned in a few days, could you afford for your money to do that.I dont know of any online company that refunds straight away, some next day some are a bit longer.
    Take them to court if you feel you have been so ill treated, and they have not given you your TV's
  • mirandamayhem
    mirandamayhem Forumite Posts: 979 Forumite
    I for one am glad they took money from my account.
    It meant that when i went into Argos to look at their clearance section, and saw a lovely winnie the pooh moses basket with £15 off, i couldn't afford it! Which is just as well as this is my third child and i never needed a moses basket for my other 2!
  • redfox
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    saw a lovely winnie the pooh moses basket with £15 off, i couldn't afford it! Which is just as well as this is my third child and i never needed a moses basket for my other 2!

    thanks for lightening the mood in this thread, mirandamayhem, that post really made me smile :D
  • vicky1_2
    vicky1_2 Forumite Posts: 35 Forumite
    never made me smile
    :T :beer: :beer: :beer: :j :confused: :money: ! :money: money!!money :A !money!
  • heatherw_01
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    Got my letter from Argos this morning
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  • biglugs
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    as yet i havent heard one single argument that justifies the removal of money from my credit card by homebase for a product that they have no intention of delivering to me....
    Removal of money is justified quite simply - you AGREED to this when you ticked the box to say you had read and understood their terms and conditions!
    If you didn't agree to this you shouldn't have placed an order. (Note we didn't BUY anything - we just placed an order for it).
    You don't get medals for sitting in the trenches.
  • Dave=m55
    Dave=m55 Forumite Posts: 52 Forumite
    Poppycat wrote:
    It's irrelevant how many people ordered. The fact is money was taken, contract I beleive was formed. I could argue its greedy Argos for taking our money so soon. Just when do you define when a contract is formed?

    As no contract ever existed, I very much doubt one was formed.

    Anyone who wants to take this to court should expect the following :-

    Remember you're under oath,

    "Do you beleive that 49p was a misprice for a £349.99 tv combi."

    Now, you either lie here, cos you know it was a misprice, (no-one is that dumb), or you agree with the statement and lose the case.
  • alanshave
    alanshave Forumite Posts: 415 Forumite
    I think some people on these forums really need to take a step back here, when did I ever say that I ordered hundreds of these TV's? Thats right, I didn't. So why assume that I did and start insulting me and other students?!! Some people are just too quick to pass judgement.

    Infact I ordered 2 tv's and 2 three year warranties, and if thats greed then I really am sorry! lol. I get the feeling a few people owe me apologies. Namely astep70uk, jay05, dadada, c_smith and amancalledchip.

    On the subject of morals dadada, it is my understanding that moneysavingexpert is "about saving money on anything and everything – finding the best deals and beating the system". Consumer revenge as Martin himself puts it.

    But truly, after joining this website and being very impressed with it and its members, i'm left shocked at the maliciousness of some. :(
  • vicky1_2
    vicky1_2 Forumite Posts: 35 Forumite

    I agree with your thoughts and i'm miffed at the attitude of the British public, no wonder we the consumer are always getting scredwed by big business !!
    :T :beer: :beer: :beer: :j :confused: :money: ! :money: money!!money :A !money!
  • Dave=m55
    Dave=m55 Forumite Posts: 52 Forumite
    alanshave wrote:
    Infact I ordered 2 tv's and 2 three year warranties, (

    Why did you order 2 3 year warranties on 2 '49p' tvs when they're covered for at least 3 years anyway. Sale of Goods Act relates here where you could reasonably argue a TV should last at least 3 years.
    Even then, taking out a warranty for about £60 on a '49p' item doesn't make sense to me, cos in 3 years the resale value will be less than £60 anyways.
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