Tiscali Troubles

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I recently registered for the tiscali broadband as advertised on radio/t.v. I was sent an update advising when I should received my kit, it did not arrive when advised, which meant I rang them to enquire, after 15mins of a call which cost me £2 I was then advised it will be despatched asap. The kit was received a few days after but upon receipt a modem had been delivered instead of the wireless router as purchased, it is now a month since I ordered online & still no router, I have rang again since & felt fobbed off & told it would be despatched that was 2 weeks ago now, at another cost of £2 per call, no wonder the broadband package is cheap, I think they earn their profit by charging high call charges! I am still without & have e-mailed them twice to save some cash... Has anyone else suffered with their poor service?:mad:


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    I ordered mine on Sunday ( Jan 27) and have been expectantly checking my post box for the last few days. (a bit premature I know) Having read your post I'm now resigning myself to another month of Orange. what happens if they switch your line before your modem comes? Does that mean you have no internet access at all?
    Good Luck, keep us posted and I'll let you know when (if) mine arrives.
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    Has your router arrived yet? Mine came this morning, after tiscalli has switched my line on monday teatime. I was without access until I got the router set up. ( involving half hour call to tech help, but the man was very helpfull and polite)
    My previous router was an orange livebox, presumably it's set so you can't access any other isp from it.
    Now all I need to do is get set up wirelessly on my laptop and my two kids pc's, oh joy!
    Hope you are still not waiting. If so i think you should be within your rights to cancell.
  • i would get out if i was you
    your speed will drop, the customer care skills is 2nd to none
    if you got a problem they want to sent out then openworld bloke or woman to sort the line out and most of the time there are no problems apart from their [EMAIL="!!!!y"]!!!!y[/EMAIL] ness on the line and they charge you for they f**k up also you will get loads off having to reboot the router to get the net back
  • Agreed, if you can, cancel it and move to another provider. They're one of the worst ISPs available.
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  • Still no flaming router! Frustrating when they advertise a product but fail to provide what they offer... sent my 3rd e-mail to request they look into this matter urgently! I have been on the Tiscali Forum where it seems I am not alone, others too have had no router delivered, but then others have. I will keep you updated.. I wont be recommending them, that's for sure! You pay for what you get, but in my case I aint even getting that!
  • I have been with Tiscali (Phone and net) for 6 months and mostly it has been okay. Since January though I have had terrible problems connecting. Paid-for calls to their techincal support lines are taking up to an hour to be answered and the help is non-existent. Currently they are blaming a BT fault. Today I have managed to connect by setting my computer to dial the number continuously until connected. It took six hours!:mad:

    The customer services are woeful and the service pretty much non-existent, so what are my options with ending the contract? Is it already broken as they cannot supply what they are meant to? Trading Standard locally think not, but I dont see how that is right surely, how can they take the money and not supply services or help?

    Any advice before I lob the PC out the window and stuff the net.......:confused:

  • Before you start going through trading standards etc, do you know if Tiscali have raised a fault with BT?
  • Tiscali CS is awful, I've just been on the phone to them after finding out my phoneline had been cut off because they hadnt set up the direct debit.

    They took a payment by card and asked me to wait on the line for 6 minutes while they reconnected my line, when I asked if can they call me back he said no but they can reconnect me and it should be reconnected within 24 hours!

    So how can they do it in 6 mins if you are hanging on a 0871 number but if not it takes 24 hours???

    Con merchants, I'll be switching when my contracts up!

    Just seems like a ploy to keep people on a 0871 number for as long as possible.
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  • Hi all. Norman, yes they have raised a fault or so they say. I flat refuse to make any more calls at an hour at a time to find out very little. But as I said I am not convinced there is a fault with BT as others seem to be connencting fine. I know for 100% sure it is not my PC. Managed top get on last night again after another 40 mins of continuous dialling and this morning it connected after about 5 mins of dialling. Service is absolutely terrible. I have written to them now demanding my money back for the entire January and February periods. Trading Standards don't want to know, so no chance of involving them.

    Isn't it about time these 12 month contracts where ended altogether? Not just for the net, but for phones too. How can people be expected to sign up to a contract wich they cannot terminate if the services subsequently turn out to be terrible? Its not like you have any way of knowing before you sign is it, and then once you're in you're stuffed.

    Come on Martin, lets have one of your campaigns to ban the 12 month contract for phones, net and tv services!

  • I would grin and bear it until the contract nears to an end. Although you are right about Tiscali, you will expend disproportionate time and effort trying to get things how you want them to be.

    I was with Tiscali for about seven years: in the end I got so fed up with them and migrated my broadband to NewNet (one of Martin's recommendations).
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