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Fabulous February's No-Spend Day Challenge!



  • lianne1984
    lianne1984 Posts: 303 Forumite
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    cathybird said:
    Haven't managed one yet, but it is my 40th birthday week so there's lots of celebrating happening and that's my excuse and sticking with it  :D
    Happy birthday week, lianne1984 xx :):)
    Aw thank you  :)
    February NSDs: 0 / 10
    February PADs:  2 / 29
    February Groceries Challenge: £59 / £250
    February Make £5 a Day: £255 / £145
    Current Debt: £3159  | CC £1490 | N £571 | C £725 | E £373
    Weight Loss Challenge 2024: 0 lbs

  • Caeraugirl
    Caeraugirl Posts: 421 Forumite
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    NSD #4 for me today.
    #19 Save £12k in 2024 £6808.21/£12000

    June NSD Challenge 7/15
  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,781 Forumite
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    Hello everyone!
    Please can I join this group? I've just discovered this thread having been alerted to its existence on another site.
    hi Worlds Worst Superhero image and welcome image to our lovely thread! I've added you to the list. Did you want to set a target for the month? ... image
  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,781 Forumite
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    edited 6 February at 10:27PM

    Off to a start = image
    5 days = image
    10 days = image

    15 days = image
    20 days = image
    Target reached = image
    Target beaten = image 

    February targets

    AuntieL 3/18 image

    Balancinglife 3/18 image

    beanielou 4/19 image

    bloomfelt 4/18 image

    blubella 1/12 image

    BudgetingBelinda 1/15 image

    cathybird 3/15 image

    Caeraugirl 4/20 image

    Captspar 4/15 image

    Couldsavemore 2/15 image


    Crazycatlady2 4/18 image

    Flying By 2/14 image

    GeorgianaCavendish 3/16 image

    Geriatricmum 1/10 image

    Honeysucklelou2 10

    HotDog2020 1/14 image

    ilovetea 5/20 imageimage

    JustALass 4/12 image

    KajiKita 3/18 image

    keggie 2/15 image

    laura lau 4/18 image

    leftatthetrafficlights 24

    lianne1984 10

    LittleMissDetermined 3/15 image

    Makingabobor2 2/15 image

    Money Choices

    Mrs Cautious 2/20 image

    MrsSave 4/10 image

    Nervous1234 3/20 image

    OnlyJealousOfBirds 1/15 image

    PurplePhoenix62 10


    Rupacomp 4/12 image


    SecondStar 5/26 imageimage

    short bird 4/18 image

    Thevalueofless 20

    Worlds Worst Superhero 6/TF imageimage

    :):) Newcomers welcome! :):)

  • Geriatricmum
    Geriatricmum Posts: 180 Forumite
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    First NSD today! 
  • OnlyJealousOfBirds
    Finally got an NSD!!! Did have to eat some slightly dodgy couscous at lunch to get there, but that'll teach me to cook enough for eight portions when I live by myself. (Actually, it's not taught me at all, I just did the Asda shop and I've bought ingredients for 10 spag bols, 16 burritos, and 18 flatbreads... whoops, at least this stuff will freeze when cooked! My heavily pregnant fridge raiding sister does encourage this behaviour, so I'm not wholly to blame.)

    Very pleased to have finally got my NSD, if also glad that at least it's a leap year, so one extra spending day is allowed. Keep up the good work everybody, we've got this  B)
  • Rupacomp
    Rupacomp Posts: 256 Forumite
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    NSD today!
    Savings goal by 31/12/24: £22000
    Dec 23: £6945.23
  • Captspar
    Captspar Posts: 2 Newbie
    Photogenic First Post
    Hi, just an update. 1st - 4th were all NSDs but today wasn't. Still, 4 days down out of 5 is a good start :)
  • Worlds_Worst_Superhero
    Today, Tuesday 6th February, is my 6th day of no unnecessary spending.

    Aiming for ZERO unnecessary spends for a year, and so far it's going really well 😁
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