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Fabulous February's No-Spend Day Challenge!



  • SecondStar
    SecondStar Posts: 403 Forumite
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    Up to 5 NSDs today.
    ‘When you only have two pennies left in the world, spend one on bread and the other on flowers. The bread will sustain life, the flowers will give you a reason to live.’

    Frugal living in 2024.
  • laura_lau
    laura_lau Posts: 443 Forumite
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    I have 3 more days to report: 1 for Friday, 1 for yesterday and 1 for today!

    My debt free journey starts on 30/08/2023:

    CC1 - 5,151.92 now 4,748.20
    CC2 - 4,625.87 now 4,612.86
    CC3 - 4,166.15 now 4,439.57
    Current outstanding total: 14,000.63

    Aiming to be debt free by Dec 2026.

    May 2024 No-Spend Day Challenge - 13/17
    NST May 2024 - 
    #21 1p savings challenge 2024 £238.11/£671.61
  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,778 Forumite
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    edited 5 February at 10:45PM

    Off to a start = image
    5 days = image
    10 days = image

    15 days = image
    20 days = image
    Target reached = image
    Target beaten = image 

    February targets

    AuntieL 3/18 image

    Balancinglife 3/18 image

    beanielou 4/19 image

    bloomfelt 4/18 image

    blubella 1/12 image

    BudgetingBelinda 1/15 image

    cathybird 3/15 image

    Caeraugirl 3/20 image

    Captspar 1/15 image

    Couldsavemore 2/15 image


    Crazycatlady2 4/18 image

    Flying By2/14 image

    GeorgianaCavendish 3/16 image

    Geriatricmum 10

    Honeysucklelou2 10

    HotDog2020 1/14 image

    ilovetea 5/20 imageimage

    JustALass 4/12 image

    KajiKita 3/18 image

    keggie 2/15 image

    laura lau 4/18 image

    leftatthetrafficlights 24

    lianne1984 10

    LittleMissDetermined 3/15 image

    Makingabobor2 2/15 image

    Money Choices

    Mrs Cautious 2/20 image

    MrsSave 4/10 image

    Nervous1234 3/20 image

    OnlyJealousOfBirds 15

    PurplePhoenix62 10


    Rupacomp 3/12 image


    SecondStar 5/26 imageimage

    short bird 4/18 image

    Thevalueofless 20

    Worlds Worst Superhero

    :):) Newcomers welcome! :):)

  • HotDog2020
    HotDog2020 Posts: 756 Forumite
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    I am calling it first NS day of the month 1/5 aim 14/29.
    June's Missions:-

    Mission 1 - NS days aim 15/30 actual 8/30 Current Month June (May 15 Target reached not breached).

    Mission 2 - Take out every two months only: Next take out 20.08.24 or anytime after this date X1. 

    Mission 3 - No garage snacks period. Fail first half of June what about the second half of June?

    Mission 4 - Consider and try and change breakfast to cooked breakfast for Diabetes sake instead of sugary cereal.

    Mission 5 - Increase EF by the end of the month.
  • bloomfelt
    bloomfelt Posts: 500 Forumite
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    Day 4 for me - off to a good start. Fingers crossed I can keep it up
    Make £10 (£3) a day February 2024 Challenge £56.13/87
    NSD February 2024 13/19 target

    DF Journey start date 17/1/2024 credit accounts £3779.36 current £3376.31
    mortgage £147331.36 £146972.93
    HTB Loan £44000 £44000
  • JustALass
    JustALass Posts: 25 Forumite
    Photogenic First Post Name Dropper
    4/12 for me today. 
    £120/£930 overdraft 12.9% 
    £413.24/£2k savings 20.7%
    Feb NSD 7/12

    Be overdraft free by 13/10/2025
    current projection 10/09/2025(min £10pw)

  • Balancinglife
    Balancinglife Posts: 109 Forumite
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    NSD yesterday and today 
    3/18 ☺️
  • Worlds_Worst_Superhero
    Worlds_Worst_Superhero Posts: 120 Forumite
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    edited 5 February at 9:46PM
    Hello everyone!
    Please can I join this group?
    I've just discovered this thread having been alerted to its existence on another site.

    I'm attempting a No Unnecessary Spending year, and have done pretty damn well since starting on 1st January.

    Besides the usually bills such as utilities, council tax, home insurance, tax bill account etc that I pay by Direct Debit, I'm also allowing myself:

    Travel by public transport, when walking or cycling is not an option
    Grocery shopping
    Toiletries and cleaning products, only when the last one is completelyl used up.
    Replacement or repair of worn or damaged essential items. Buying secondhand where appropriate.

    Female. Born in the 80's. Financially okay, but dream of one day running off live to somewhere warm and sunny and spending my days drinking fine wine, visiting art museums and picking fruit from my orchard.
  • ilovetea
    ilovetea Posts: 1,238 Forumite
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    Another one for me today.
    5/20 NSD now.


    Make £2024 in 2024 £1161.08
    Declutter 2024 things in 2024 1199 /2024.
    NSD's in June 6/10
  • KajiKita
    KajiKita Posts: 4,230 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Name Dropper Photogenic
    Monday NSD 😊❤️

    As at 15.05.24:
    - When bought house £315,995 mortgage debt and end date at start = October 2039 <gulp>, now £252,383, end date brought closer by 2 months  
    - OPs to mortgage = £6,480, Interest saved £2,415, to date
    - LTV 51% @ccord, 51% Yopa
    Fixed rate 2.17% ends October 2024

    Read 26 books of target 52 in 2024 (as @ 22nd June)
    Produce tracker: £80.44 of £300

    Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your reality. 
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