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    I requested the statements of interest but they have to be posted, so once they arrive I will be able to do my return.  Marcus produce them automatically, but to name and shame HSBC - you have to ask for them, and they take up to ten working days to post them out.  Must get Mr Redo to check his as well.

    We are now out of the no thinking about work or working pre agreed period.  I need to think about sorting my CV to cover the last few years, and start returning some calls about potential work. 

    I came back today via MrM, dont usually look in the reductions (as 10/15% off for use today is not that attractive) but spotted lamb bones at £2.50/KG.  No idea what was going on but one pack was fat chops, and the other two lamb shanks, so I have 3 kg marinading ready for a Tom Kerridge lamb on the bone madras curry.  Right place, right time, lucky me.  They also had pig trotters for pence which I remain fascinated by.  I think you use them for gelatin for pork pies, (and was reminded of a early stages pregnancy Weezl cooking the pigs head!) but no idea of what else.  I accept and generally agree that if you are going to make the decision to eat meat then you should embrace nose to tail but I must see what else you can use them for if knuckle sandwiches do not appeal (Nobby Nobbs mum never made knuckle sandwiches although she did do amazing things with cheese for my fellow Pratchett fans), although I do make an excellent pork pie.  

    Garden: I have not had the chance to play outside for days so I am hoping the weather plays nicely tomorrow.  Flowers: The Daphnes are smelling glorious and I have pretty things to transplant. Veg: I need to pot various things on and have lost a few more things to slugs and temperature.  

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    That's so rubbish of HSBC, fancy not letting customers see their own information when they like in this day and age!
    It would be interesting to know if the people who get the most late tax return penalties are the people with the most unsupportive/inefficient banks
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    Very frustrating about HSBC - although I believe their app is not dissimilar to the FD one and I find that quite frustrating, it's the one thing that stops me making more use of them as a bank to be honest. 

    The chinese use pigs trotters - very long, low/slow cooked. IIRC we tried them years and years ago but weren't that impressed. It's not been an experiment we repeated anyway. 
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    Yes, I'm not tempted by the pig products. 

    Much gardening done in between rain. Potting on, weed removal, and some turning over of soil. 

    MrL clearly missing me after three weeks,  and a free bakery item to tempt me back (DS has 4 weeks off so not been that way) and £56spent which triggered another free bakery item so 2  x rye bread fr 'free'. The rye bread is excellent, especially as I picked up some reduced smoked salmon and some watercress salad to serve it with tomorrow. Finally bought their frozen pollack to try, dipped in flavoured flour, egg and panko and then baked.  It needed turning over to crisp for a few minutes longer but worked well for a mid week dinner.

    vehicle spends stacking up. I hate taking money out of the savings but tyres are necessary as are MoTs, tax and insurance. Especially if you insist on having more vehicles than legs etc.

  • redofromstart
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    Money: I did my tax return as the interest things finally showed up. Hurray for a big refund (the joys of stopping work in December). Spending too much at the moment but mostly vehicle or building materials related rather than personal fritter.

    Frittering: two linen dresses at £15 each from W00lovers clearance. Really pleased with these as the ones I got last year wash and wear well and are a life saver if we ever get any sunshine. If it rains all year then it will be my fault. I also bought a new jacket for interviews/work when we were out and about and a tiny purse that fits in my walking/motorcycling jackets.  Diffusers for the house too - good ones that actually smell unlike the supermarket ones. A willow weaving starter set. Actually that's quite a lot of fritter once you write it down. Must keep an eye on that. 

    Food: made the carrot, lentil and fennel seed soup recommended by Greying Pilgrim a few weeks back which went down well, otherwise nothing new and interesting made 

    garden: lots more seed planted and a raft of weeding done. Still lots to do though and the weather is looking promising for progress.

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    My peppers are only just starting to come up after the last few hot days (in an unheated propagator in the unheated greenhouse) so unless the chilli seeds have rotted, give them a chance.

    I'm tidying the greenhouse today, so have finally potted on courgettes and squash and they're outside for the first time in an attempt to harden them off before I shove them in the ground. Climbing beans are almost ready to go out too, so I need to build the bean frame for them (and the 'Bijou' peas which are not at all Bijou). Dwarf beans don't appear to be doing much, and the tomatoes are way behind (but there are billions of them, so I'm ignoring them as once I start it'll be a massive job).

    How lovely that the binoculars have been set up properly. It makes such a difference! (I have ancient wartime ones that weigh a ton!).
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