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+++ Whoops! Here comes the cheese! +++



  • redofromstart
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    I have spotted the Dunnocks now thanks EH, they do indeed hug the hedges.  We are currently walking 3 or 4 times a week to celebrate my time off, and to my great delight we found some ChiffChaffs yesterday - and yes indeed they do announce it. My noise memory is a poor as my visual memory but that is one even I will remember. 

    The half price meat offers (and veg for pennies) are kicking off for easter and I picked up a nice bit of silverside in the co-op earlier.  It is in the instant pot for beef madras, which will be served with some of the very lovely basmati later.  I might make some dhal just to pad it out a bit.  

    Smaller sized (go me!) walking trousers collected from the co-op - hence the beef -  and a trip to Aldee and MrM as the eldest finishes today for the next month so no trips to supermarket 
  • EssexHebridean
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    We’ve got wild garlic too! MrEH picked our first batch earlier in the week and pesto has been made and now frozen. I might try to get batch 2 over the weekend at some stage. 

    You have also reminded me that I was going to take a look and see what meat offers have appeared - thank you! 

    Great walking too - we didn’t get all that far this morning due to persistent drizzle. 
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  • redofromstart
    redofromstart Posts: 4,375 Forumite
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    I note that MrT have updated their meat offers since I last looked and now have more half price including the better cured gammon, although no cheaper veg yet which is part of my plan. 
  • redofromstart
    redofromstart Posts: 4,375 Forumite
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    edited 25 March at 6:34PM
    Drizzling this morning so we set off later than usual but got a decent walk in.  Sustained by the thought of a chip cob on our return...

    MrT rolled up this afternoon with some good household deals (4 for 3, on offer, and a discount voucher) so we are good for laundry stuff for a while anyway. The Easter veg offers don't start until tomorrow but we will probably call in via one of our walks this week as I want more meat for the freezer as well as the veg for pennies.  I note that MrM has kale on their offer, and leg of lamb which MrT does not.  The Easter spin thing on the MrM card would have meant a free creme egg, 40p of points and £1 off a plant today so worth checking before a trip.

    a slug got into my unheated propagator. Meh!

  • themadvix
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    a slug got into my unheated propagator. Meh!
    Oh no! At least it’s not too late to start again, even if it is annoying 🙄
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  • redofromstart
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    Thank you,  I've poked more seed in and poked the slug out. Makes a change from Mrs Brady sleeping on seedlings I guess. 

    The DC mowed the lawns for the first time this year and filled two green waste bins, ready for collection tomorrow.  I pay enough for the bins and I really want to maximise the use this year. 

    A significant amount is being spent in feeding the birds atm. Any supplier recommendations? We have mostly gone via Big River for sunflower heart, worms and heat treated mixed in big (10/15kg) batches. Need some more nyjer seed as the goldfinches, Siskin and various t*ts ripping through it but buying in small bags is not sensible.

  • strandedinaber
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    Hello @redofromstart, I'm popping over from my diary and see garden discussions here as well - definitely one of the most fun things to talk about this time of year! I hear you on the cost of the garden bins - our price has just doubled :(

    Re. bird seed, have you visited olio? I tend to see bird seed on there all the time in my local area, presumably when people either stop feeding the birds for whatever reason or because their birds prefer a different mix.
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