Has saving affected your mental health.

First time on the Savings thread but i thought it may be the best place to pose this question.

I have thought long and hard about if I should post this or not given the cost of living crisis and how it is affecting huge numbers of people but here goes.

I am currently in a very fortunate financial position but it hasn't always been the case, i have been married for 34 years and my wife and I had the first of our two children at 17 years old. We lived in a run down council house and struggled for many years to get by and bring up our family. Gradually our situation improved but we never had much money. Over the years we have both worked hard to improve our situation. Fast forward to today and we are now 55 years old, both in steady long term employment, mortgage free with zero debt. Over the last 5 years we have built up savings of just short of £40k and I have a DC pension pot of £260k.We are also putting £20k a year into my pension and £12k a year into savings.I always thought that after years of having nothing being on a sound financial footing would make me feel like a huge weight off my mind.

The reality I have found to be somewhat different, i now find that I am struggling more than ever with my mental health, rather than now having money to do the things I have always wanted I find myself doing the complete opposite, I find it extremely hard to get myself to spend anything that i put away. I often go without things that I need as i don't want to "step backwards" with my savings. And I am not talking about big ticket items, Last weekend I went to town to buy a couple of new jumpers for work and came home empty handed, I saw loads that I liked but couldn't bring myself to pay £15 for one.

I then get really frustrated and down with myself because I know I am being a fool, I can find myself being in a bad mood for days afterwards, conversely my wife was looking at a pair of boots that she liked that were over £120, and i would have no issue in paying for them if she wanted them and would have no hesitation in helping out any of my family if they needed help with money. I have realised that the issue is about spending money on myself rather than spending money in general.

I am concerned that my attitude to saving and the mindset I have developed is not only affecting me but is also now impacting on those closest to me.

I often read about debt and it's impact on mental health, but never thought for one minute that savings could be a factor in poor mental health.

Apologies if anyone feels this post is in bad taste or self indulgent but i genuinely wondered if anyone else has been through similar feelings.


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