2023 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!

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Another year - another chance to stash bust and turn all our crafting supplies into pretty things :)

I have put myself on a self imposed craft spending ban during 2023. 
As a total ban has not worked well for me in the past I have decided to set a budget of £300 for the year for me to treat myself to new supplies. I am not going to include in my budget buying adhesives or supplies for orders (for items which I already make - I have my own business on Etsy) as long as I have nothing left in my stash which I can use and I am allowing crafty storage as extra if really required and I don't have something already that can do the job as I figure being organised will help me see the stash I already have.

Other than that I hope to use only things from my stash and not get tempted by the new shiny objects which keep being released.

As I have failed miserably at my previous targets I may have to set the bar a little lower but always optimistic I am am going to start my target at 2023. 
This will be a mixture of cards, scrapbook pages, handmade items - in fact a real mixture of things as I'm sure I have all the supplies I need to make pretty much everything I can think of!

Would anybody care to join me?
The rules are simple - there are no hard and fast rules apart from what you want them to be. The aim is to use our crafty stash and stay within our crafty budget but of course if you do weaken and grow your stash just come in and confess your sins and you will be forgiven 

You can set your own target of how many items you would like to make using your stash or just a certain amount of time you want to not buy for. Whatever works for you is ok with me 
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    There are some amazing utube videos online or maybe join a knit and natter group where someone will be able to help. Its knitting that struggle with. Shame we dont live closer we could teach each other. 😂
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    Yeah, new thread  :) Nice to see everyone 

    As always, I start each year determined to craft more  lol so I'll see how i get on this year (i dont set myself a target). I'm currently making a mini album with handmade envelopes as a seed holder/organiser for a friend whose birthday is in March and she's a keen gardener. Plus a post it notebook in matching paper. I've also two hard note books to decorate for a friend's birthday but that's not until November!

    Plus I have a Lilliput Lane cross stitch I've been making for my mum, as she collects the china but that's been going for 5-6 years due to complexity so maybe this year might be the year. Her birthday is also in November so have time .....

    And a hanging wooden heart decoration that needs repainting to match a friend's kitchen (would be a present for her October birthday). Mmmmm, I'm sure I have other UFOs around as well. 

    Happy crafting everyone and looking forward to seeing all your makes this year  
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    I would like to join please.
    I will put a target spend of £200 but I aim to really not spend much at all.
    As for number of items to make - ?
    I have so many ufos/wips - some are knitting which I can't remember what the project is! Then I have sewing makes in progress and my stash - well!
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