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The "Save £12k in 2023" Thread!

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  • gd55gd55 Forumite
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    #20 declaring £785.72 for March. Form updated.

    Savings a bit under the average I need for my target again. But I know why - there is some money being saved for a holiday instead, I'm just not counting it towards this saving challenge.

    So still a good month and I did reach a significant goal - I hit the maximum £4k LISA contribution for 22/23. 😁 Now on to maxing it for 23/24 ready to buy a house next spring.

    I have also had a bit of a realisation on just how much I spend on coffees, so have separated out a small budget for that each month to help control it

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    Save £12k in 2023 #20 £3,323.50/£12,000
  • SandyraSandyra Forumite
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    #31 here, £1000 for March. Maybe this will take a dip as I start paying wedding bills. Thank you slowlyfading for managing. 

    MFW 2023 #32 £5,238.84/£4,000

    MFW 2022 #32 £8,246.43/£8,000

    MFW 2021 #32 £8,982.73/£8,000

    MFW 2020 #32 £12,000/£6,000

    Save £12k in 2023 #31 £3,500/£6,000

    Save £12k in 2022 #32 £7,180.24/£7,000

    Save £12k in 2021 #32 £9,500/£8,000

    Save £12k in 2020 #147 £9,370/£8,000

  • BigSpender2_2BigSpender2_2 Forumite
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    Reporting in @slowlyfading

    Number 28 reporting £710 added in Mar - lower than planned due to dentist and breakdown cover! Must budget for it next year

    Save £12k in 2023 Challenge £12,000/£1,620
    The 365 day 1p Challenge 2023 Saver number 52 £667.95/£72.60
    CC debt 1/1/23 8385.21 

  • Pinkdaisy88Pinkdaisy88 Forumite
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    Number 53 declaring £250.00 for March. Not as much as usual but lots of extra outgoings this month so glad I’ve saved something 
  • Breezer1970Breezer1970 Forumite
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      # 19 Reporting £750 for saved in March.It should have been more but an unexpected eye test and new glasses set me back a bit  :#
    #19 Save £15,000 in 2023 so far £1400 / £15,000
  • Merlin's_BeardMerlin's_Beard Forumite
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    £652 saved in March, which is not great even taking into account the deposit I paid for some garden work. Some of the spending is stuff I want to do over the summer, so worth it, and some of it was me throwing in the towel.

    Next month is another month!
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  • sonas_babysonas_baby Forumite
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    #6 reporting £198.88 for March, not a lot but OH is currently between work contracts so anything saved is good. Roll on the 10th and the new contract beginning.
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  • James240James240 Forumite
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    #49 checking in! saved £1,350 this month taking my total to £3,158.46 for the year! 
    Savings Total 2023: £4,276.81
  • brucefan_2brucefan_2 Forumite
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    #22 reporting £932.93 for March. 

    A much better month for me and a grand total so far of 1779.05, putting me a little bit ahead of target of £6000 for the year (but with car insurance to come very soon)

    £6000 in 2023
  • HellesbellesHellesbelles Forumite
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    #25 reporting £500 for March.

    Salary was down this month due to industrial action and next month's will have a larger deduction.

    Well done on 14% @tommyendinburgh - can only dream of that pay award!
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