The "Save £12k in 2023" Thread!

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So, the title is pretty self explanatory, but this is the place to be in 2023 :D it's that time of year, again!

In 2023, the aim is to save £12k (or, any other amount if you like) from 1st January 2023 til 31st December 2023. I know it's early, but it gives you the time to plan for how you are going to do it. Please comment on the thread to sign up and any plans you might have to hit your aim!

It would be nice if people felt they could chat about their savings  challenges through the months, as it probably will help other people too  :)
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- This challenge starts on 1st January 2023 00:00 and finishes on 31st December 2023 23:59.
- Everything saved MUST be done between these two dates.
- Any interest gained during this challenge on your savings can be counted!
  Feel free to sign up :smiley: but, please only sign up if you intend to go the distance - the thread tends to start off great and then people disappear :(

CLICK HERE for the easy update form:

CLICK HERE to see the total amounts so far:

Click here for the accumulation totals (every year of the challenge, added up!):


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  • Merlin's_Beard
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    £12k for me this year. I genuinely have no idea whether that's manageable or not as I'm planning spends on the house, but we'll see.
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  • Gem-gem
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    Hi Slowlyfading,
    Thanks for running this thread again. I would like to join you again. 
    My target for the year is £12,000. 
    This will be made up from salary, dividends and interest. 
    I am hoping to save more by living on what my pension will be ( without state pension) so that I get use to living on this amount and not my full take home pay. 
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  • sonas_baby
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    Hello Slowlyfading, so glad you are doing this challenge again in 2023. Can you sign me up with a target of £8000, will see what the New Year brings.
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  • george4064
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    Sign me up please! £15,000 target.

    @slowlyfading thank you for all your support and efforts running this, it really is fantastic.  :)
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  • enthusiasticsaver
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    Please sign me up again @slowlyfadingI am aiming for £12k again next year.  I am hoping that it will be easier than this year as we have  a new income stream starting in January and no expensive long haul holiday planned.  We changed my DHs car this year but may have to change mine as it is not ULEZ compliant. 

    I plan on saving and updating monthly after our pensions are paid. Not sure what it will be used for but we are helping one of our daughters with a house move in the early part of 2023 so this will replace the money used for that, my car will need replacing at some point in the next few years and we plan a trip to South Africa/ Zambia in 2024 hopefully. 

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  • thewildrabbit
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    Sign me up again SF for 5K.

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  • imajica37
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    Hi, please sign me up again, for £8,000

    Really love and appreciate these challenges 
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  • Jellybaby
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    Thanks so much for the new thread @slowlyfading  hope you are well. I’m in again for £15k , hopefully my last year of full time work! 
  • ForestBluebells
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    £15k for me please 
  • ispookie666
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    12k for me please and same number - 74 
    Thank you for doing this, hope you are well. 
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