The "Save £12k in 2023" Thread!

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  • EeeJayEeeJay Forumite
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    Hello! Looking forward to 2023… our baby is due in March, so I’d like to aim for a much reduced target of 6k please. 
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  • PennyrounderPennyrounder Forumite
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    Hi folks - please can i join this challenge  (did the 10k in 2010 think got to about 8/9k) 
    hoping to go for early/partial retirement 2024 so need 10k extra by December and thats the mortgage finished, thats throwing everything extra already at it this year but the extra 10k would mean its finished and other random debts cleared. Plans for doing this is vinted, facebay etc, cashbacks, inc supermarket sites, topcasback etc, will see about possibly a casual part-time job if no overtime available (seldom get any) 

  • Kirsten1985Kirsten1985 Forumite
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    I'd love to join if that's OK? With a £12k target. 
    I have read through but not sure if I add in once I have actually received the money and it's in the savings account or whether (like for overtime for example) I do it when I work the hours? Is it personal preference or is there a fixed/best way?
    I think I'll join a few of the other challenges to help me on my way too! 
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  • darkidoedarkidoe Forumite
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    Hi all!

    £15000 for me please!

    Save 12K in 2020 # 38 £0/£20,000
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    candiiicandiii Forumite
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    Can I please join again with target of £2,000? Was #42 last year but happy with whatever number!

    Good luck all and thanks @slowlyfading :smile:
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  • IntoTheForestIntoTheForest Forumite
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    Happy new year! 

    Could I join again please. I was number 47 last year (I think!). I didn't quite reach my target but would still like to go for the £12k target. 
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  • Owen1991Owen1991 Forumite
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    I’d like to sign up again after missing last years challenge, £12k for me hopefully

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  • garfield33garfield33 Forumite
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    Hello, please sign me up for 2023!
    Just managed my target in 2022 so will keep the same for this year - £15k.
    Thanks to slowlyfading for running this
  • James240James240 Forumite
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    Can you sign me up please :)

    My target is £10,000 this year
    Savings Total 2023: £1,808.46
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    attiatti Forumite
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    @Kirsten1985 I generally count things once I've banked them as I find it easier to keep track of.
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