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Chesil beach parking ticket fine (Euro car park

Hi, I went to Chesil beach along with my family and family friends in 2 different cars. We paid (by card) for our parking for 5 hrs and displayed the parking receipt on the dashboard (since it was a pay and display receipt). After 2 weeks we get a notice stating that we had not paid for the parking and there is a fine for £60 or else, £100 after grace period (by this time i had discarded the payment receipt). The only proof they gave was a picture of the number plate cropped precisely such that just the vehicle's number plate is visible. My friend (who had come along with us in his car) also got a similar letter. But fortunately he had the payment receipt which he scanned and sent to Eurocarpark, stating that he had paid and had proof, so was exempted from the fine. I too sent an email stating that i lost my parking receipt but that i have a witness who came along with me and I sent a copy of his receipt to them. To this they replied with a parking history log but the time we had parked, there was no entry (both for me and my friend). But my friend's fine was cancelled. To this the Company has no answer. We tried checking our bank statements but both our accounts didn't show any transaction of £5. This was weird since we were issued parking receipts from the machine. My appeal was rejected and they asked me to appeal to POPLA. Which i didn't and did not respond thereafter. I received a letter a couple of letters asking me to pay £170 as fine or will be taken to court. Please advice how to proceed.


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