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Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2022 - 1st Quarter



  • short_bird
    short_bird Posts: 3,751 Forumite
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    Hi, I'm back: working on clearing 7lb this quarter as well as incorporating regular physical movement.
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  • CCW007
    CCW007 Posts: 873 Forumite
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    edited 31 December 2021 at 10:52AM
    Can I go for 14lb please? Will be doing Dry January and my goals are:

    • Walk the dogs every day
    • Hit my 10,000 step target every day
    • Restart couch to 5k by end of January
    • Eat more vegan meals, cook from scratch 95% of time
    • Batch cook regularly so that there is a stock of meals in the freezer for CBA days

    I'm focussing more on January right now to get me back on track but it's great to have a longer term goal as well.
  • leftatthetrafficlights
    I'm back in for this year please! 😊 

    I want to lose 14lbs this quarter - I didn’t put anywhere near enough effort in 2021 and I'm determined to turn that around! 🙈 

    Thanks for running this again @Brambling!! 😊
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  • marycanary

    I lost weight on this challenge over the summer but have put it on again :/ Please put me down for 10lbs

    Thank you

  • ditty1234
    ditty1234 Posts: 2,055 Forumite
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    Hi can I please come back. My target will be a modest 5lb as it is winter, I and I have not done well in 2021 at all, although I was keeping weight off for a long time. 
    Tuesday will be moment of truth. CHristmas have literally been sitting around and eating a fair bit and not getting a lot of exercise. So that is why I will wait for a fresh start here. 
    Happy new year all. See you around Tuesday.
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  • Its_time
    Its_time Posts: 409 Forumite
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    I'd like to join please.  Goal for the year is also 2 stone so would like to go with 12lb for this quarter, thank you
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  • Brie
    Brie Posts: 11,243 Ambassador
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    edited 31 December 2021 at 10:45AM
    Morning Brambling!!  Add me in please!  I'd love to do a stone a quarter but will be happy with half that as long as the downward trend is ongoing.  Got to get rid of the plus zero that's accumulated since Christmas of course.....To be down 2 stone overall by the end of 2022 would mean a complete wardrobe revamp but that's something I'd be happy to deal with as I approach a pensionable age.

    And it would be lovely to have links to people's favoured diet/meal/exercise plans.  (@Frith!!!)  I'm always in need of inspiration.  And while I know that not everything suits everyone sometimes switching between different schemes not only keeps things fresh but also makes the body work better - well it seems to work for me at times.

    All that said my ongoing aim is to eat less carbs, more veg (focusing on fibre) and aim for a majority of alcohol free days.  Don't mean I won't fall for the occasionally fish and chips or pizza with an extra large glass of vino but occasional treats must be allowed.  
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  • BellaLasagna2018
    @ Brie I pick up recipes from Slimmimg eats and from Pinch of Nom. I use the Nutracheck app  on my phone to log my calories as well as recipes I like/create. I also do a bit of intermittent fasting, as in I don’t eat after 8pm and usually not again until lunchtime. When I’m in the mood and focused, it works very well. Trouble is, in 2021, I have been neither in the mood or focused and far too easily distracted from the diet. 
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