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    Bob used to be sick in the car. We stopped feeding him before journeys and gradually built up the journey length and he's not as bad now. In the past he was sick on a 3 mile trip to the vets, but now he goes and visits relatives about 12 miles away and he manages that fine. I still would be wary of a longer journey though.

    My other collie is car crackers and loves going for a ride in the car. She even jumps in other peoples cars when we're out if she spots an open door before we do! :o
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    nelly wrote:
    Help my master keeps putting me in their car and its makes me sick

    yours sinserly, Dog :)

    very sinacle
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  • How old is your dog? If it's just a pup you may find it will grow out of the sickness thing.

    Alternatives... speak with your vet... travel sickness tablets may be ok - and I think you can also get herbal ones... check out Denes, for example (I can personally vouch for the excellence of some of their products!) or try this etc.

    Have you tried searching the web for suggestions?
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    Just a thought, maybe i could try one of the Bach remedies.
    Has anyone used them on their pets?
  • if you are going for a long time in teh car, you might want to concider some sort of seditive so that your dog will sleep during the journey. remember - stress is not good for an animal :) but go to your vet and ask for some travel pills for short distances - he or she should beable to give you some
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    nuttywoman wrote:
    Just a thought, maybe i could try one of the Bach remedies.
    Has anyone used them on their pets?

    Yes, I've tried Rescue Remedy to calm down an over excited dog, but I'm not really convinced it did anything though :) I do know of some people who have tried Skullcap and Valerian from with a lot of success. Also, as someone else said, ginger biscuits given just before setting off can help. Good luck, hope you get him sorted out soon, poor lad!

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    From what I understand of some sedatives, they just stop a dog exhibiting the behaviour, they can still feel the panic/pain, this is why I didn't give them to my dog on Fireworks night, but wouldn't hurt to check with a Vet. Personally I would rather work on the root of the problem though.

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    Don't take him. Only kidding.

    I was suggested to me that if they can see out, they are less likely to vomit.
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    When I got my dog as a puppy we had to drive 3 hours to get him home. Although we made a lot of stops he was terribly car sick and also messed himself. I presume that gave him a phobia about the car because he hated the car after that. What I did was start off by just putting him in the car for 5 or 10 minutes. Don't drive at all, just keep the car stationary. One you have done that a few times then sit him in the car (with you) and run the engine. Again does this a few times gradually increasing the time that he is in there. Then drive for 5 minutes a few times then 10 and so on. It obviously takes a bit of time but has worked for me. My dog now loves the car and happily sits in the back when we go on holiday for 7 or more hours (not without breaks obviously).

    I know your dog is not a puppy but there is no reason why this should not work. Keep praising him at the beginning all the time he lies quietly in the car and maybe give him a treat at the end of each "session".

    Good luck, hope you can get the problem sorted
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    I have seen many herbal treatments in pet stores for travel sickness. Don't know if they work though.
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