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    This just shows how important those first weeks are to a pup - before he's inoculated the car journeys should have started. By time they are 12 weeks old the fear factor kicks into a pup and it becomes harder to rid him of his fear. The wee springer I had was dreadfully sick the first few times in the car but it didnt stop the journeys, even though the first few had to be on my lap with me calming him (hubby driving)

    Paprika - you are going to have to get pup into that car daily - twice a day even. Even if its just to put him in,turning the engine on and going nowhere at first, Keep an eye on him - minute hes getting aggitated - stop and let him out and try again later. The dog needs to learn hes not going to get hurt or be sick and slowly he will learn to trust that you wont let that happen. Dont let him in there long enough to get sick. Once thats acheieve that hes happy enough for say 10 mins - take a drive around the block. When that can be acheieved everytime with no ill effect - stretch the journey. Evry time he lasts in the car without incident you praise him and reward him. The minute he gets stressed you stop and calm him down and let him out of the car. Leave the car if you need to - let him home and go back for it.

    This wont be an overnight cure, we are talking weeks and perhaps months.but it will work.

    And tell the otherhalf to slow down - sounds hes cornering way too fast :))
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    Just bought pup back home, one tablet, covered cage and anti slip under his mat.

    no being ill

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  • Hello,

    After reading a post on the net I bought a mizter antistatic strap. It works for me.
    My dog doesn't get car sick anymore. I have tried natural treatments but it didn't work.

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