Money Moral Dilemma: Should I ask my girlfriend to repay me or let it go?

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    Pollycat said:
    omendata said:
    Women are great until they get their feet under the table - they rant about feminism but still expect the man to pay for everything you still see it on the dating shows like First Dates you can tell they get annoyed if the man says 50/50 or doesnt want to pay in full - do much for feminism it seems it doesnt work when money is concerned.
    If she is like this now just imagine what it will be like when married - I was in the same situation it comes down to the fact she is not really willing to go 5050 because she does not really love you dude - sorry to say it but ive been there too and realised 7 years too late should have ditched her - do it now before she ruins your life completely - in my experience you have 3 hopes for getting the money back - Bob Hope, Cape Of Good Hope and Nae Hope so find someone who really cares - with women these days in the UK you are probably be better going to Eastern Europe to find a good one as the girls there still have the old fashioned values , class style and intelligence - in the uk you will probably never find that.
    Its no wonder so many many are going MGTOW now!
    Harsh but fair harsh but fair!

    this is quite hateful. You've used your experience with one woman to and used a very broad brush to paint the whole lot of us.
    I agree.
    I've never expected any man to pay for anything, let alone everything.
    I started work in 1970 and even back then, I always paid my way on dates.
    You're a unicorn.
    Most women expect a man to pay for dates in 2021.
    They only want equality when it suits them.
    How do you know this?  Have you dated a lot in the 16 days of 2021?
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    Mate, you've got no chance of ever getting a penny of your money back. You don't seem very worldly wise especially when it comes to girlfriends and money. Guys (usually) want sex and girlfriends usually want money, babies (eventually) as well as a very expensive engagement ring (eventually, if they love you), a VERY expensive wedding, wedding ring, flowers and expensive gifts at each and every excuse, occasion possible, etc, etc, etc, OMG the list is endless. Someone needs to wise you up a bit. Am I being cynical, yes. Am I being honest, yes. Not all girlfriends are like this but most.  Girls, please feel free to reply and tell me I'm wrong. Guys, please feel free to reply and tell I'm right. Mate, you really need to wise yourself up a lot. You ain't getting none of your money back whether you want to or not so you may as well just put it all down to experience and forget about it. 'Whenever I raise the topic of money with her, she gets very defensive and quite aggressive.' Lol.

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    That's how it starts out, can you please lend me £50, then a few weeks later can you lend me £100 and it goes on, then before you know it is in the thousands, walk away now as it will only get worse, or download the splitwise app and make her do the same and set a £500 limit so when that is reached she has to pay you back or no more money lending. 
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