365 Day 1p Challenge 2021

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Hi everyone

Welcome to the 365 Day 1p Challenge for 2021!

The rules are simple - every day you put aside an amount between 1p and £3.65, covering all the incremental amounts in between... You can do this starting at 1p and working up, or start at £3.65 and work down, or just put aside whichever amount off the list you'd like to each day.

To keep track, please feel free to download this spreadsheet created by the MSE Team (to follow) and mark off each amount as you put it aside.

@MSE_Molly has written an updated version of her blog post which you can find here.

If you'd like to be allocated a number and added to the Challengers list below, please post and I will issue you a number for your signature.

Good luck everyone!

Please see the original challenge post below from helejenkins1
helejenkins1 wrote: »
I started this challenge in 2017, but due to the pressure of a large amount of debt I struggled to keep up with it. As of this month, I am debt free and determined now to save as much as I can to have a more secure future. I know some of you will be in a much different situation, but we are all here for our own reasons.

The aim of the challenge is to save 1p on 1st January, 2p on 2nd January till the 31st December where you would save £3.65. Obviously this makes the end of the challenge very expensive, so I find it better to just mix it up a little bit. If I have £3.01 in my purse, I'll just mark that day off.

At the end of the year, you will have £667.95. Use this money as you wish. Pay off some debt, treat yourself or just continue to save it.

I'll keep this thread going even if I'm on my own as I want and need to stay motivated. If anyone wants to join me along the way you are more than welcome.

Happy saving

2021 Challengers!

  1. elsiepac
  2. debtfreefor2022
  3. claremylove
  4. BadBookkeeper
  5. outoftheviciouscircle
  6. welshspendthrift
  7. Doily94
  8. gettingtheresometime
  9. Workingmum123
  10. LeaLea89
  11. lindsaygalaxy
  12. Blackberrycurved
  13. jaxsmar
  14. IvysMom
  15. davalleyboy888888
  16. Holmefarm
  17. A_Random_Man
  18. jo41
  19. willow_loulou
  20. sketchingkari
  21. CazzieLT
  22. Loubie47
  23. Goonergal2
  24. the_long_and_winding_road
  25. brokeblond
  26. damekaren
  27. rjitfc
  28. Argyller
  29. Odysseus
  30. Starla
  31. Callie Ann Baxter
  32. doppers
  33. HeatherLass
  34. Sallyp2
  35. wllcnur
  36. DaffyDaisies
  37. ellie55
  38. roblou27
  39. Little*Miss
  40. Sandrasd7
  41. tboo
  42. Honeysucklelou2
  43. Hurdler
  44. keats61

GC: May 22 £tbc/£250
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