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Best Thing You’ve Discovered In Lockdown

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GabiBGabiB Forumite
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What is the best thing you’ve discovered in lockdown? Be it a new skill, a new TV series or film you wouldn’t have tried, or something you’ve found at home/upcycled.
Be positive!


  • GabiBGabiB Forumite
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    Mine is a new TV series (Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back) and doing portraits in chalk pastel.
    Be positive!
  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
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    I can't say just one best thing - One is the pub quizzes on youtube, another is a Ch4 programme called Damages, I've loved the many different memes doing the rounds, I've found a new place to walk to, and having my ideas re-inforced of just how nice people generally are ;)
  • mumfmumf Forumite
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    I was furloughed for six weeks.After ten days I grew to love it! I got all those jobs done at a steady pace,spent proper time with my wife,and realised there is more to life than work.So much so,I am actively seeking a new job to fit in with ME.
  • ryanellisryanellis Forumite
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    I've enjoyed spending time doing things that I never had time for in the past... cooking, exercise are two that spring to mind.  
  • ZaSa1418ZaSa1418 Forumite
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    I have discovered that not rushing around constantly is so much better for my health. 
    Working from home is a huge part of that, no 4hrs travelling a day, more time seeing my babies too. 
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