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Samsung Nu 7000 series TV unable to update notification

in Consumer rights
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  • monk2monk2 Forumite
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    DCFC79 said:
    Lol monk2, what are you aiming to achieve here, your not a UK resident, you need to read up on your rights in Greece.

    Actually i am a UK resident as stated in previous posts and admit my own situation is quite uneque. My Greek bought 55" NU7093 TV is sat in my home in the UK. I am in Greece at the moment due to lock-down. I did honestly expect that EU consumer law was the same throughout EU.

    Forumite members have also posted on this section with the same problems on the TV and they are UK buyers.

    I have contacted the retailer in Greece i bought the set from and also Samsung , explained the problems people have with the Internal memory being full. He suggested bringing the TV to them and they would send it to an accredited Samsung repairer for inspection. This is the line Samsung have taken all along. This request seems reasonable enough but the logistics of bringing a 55” TV back to Greece is daunting. Especially reading others comments on the various forums that have started. Samsung Factory resetting the TV only for the internal memory to be full again a few months down the line.

    Changing motherboards with the same just to spin the time out hoping people will either give up or warranty expire. Due to the efforts of owners making people aware of this problem some retailers have taken the sets back Amazon/Richer Sounds amongst them. But we need Samsung to admit this is a design fault and recall the TVs. We all remember the mobile phones bursting into flames even then it wasn’t a proper recall.

    Perhaps my posting will not help myself but just maybe this and other posters on various site may push Samsung into action.

    157 Million smart TVs were sold in 2018 and Samsung had 21% of the market info. 

    That is a staggering 33 million sold by Samsung. If the NU7000 series is only 10% of Samsung total it is plain to see why Samsung refuse to recall.

  • FixOurSamsungFixOurSamsung Forumite
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    At I documented what customers are being made to ensure. Customer support should analyse the problem rather than tell customers to reset over and over again.
    Please help us
    FixOurSamsung is a group of Samsung TV owners who expect Samsung to fix defective TVs they sold. These TVs are not able to receive Samsung issued firmware upgrades because of pre-installed apps that cannot be uninstalled.

    This results in the TV being at a very high risk of being hacked and makes consumers more vulnerable to having have data stolen.
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    JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    No help here as has been posted multiple times this is a forum no more than that .No point starting a campaign here nobody is able to go further .
    Consumer Rights explained already , take it up with the vendor if a UK purchase under consumer law .
    Nobody is inclined to help those that repeatedly spam the forum .
  • monk2monk2 Forumite
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    Attention UK buyers of Samsung NU7000 TVs Some good news!!
    A post today from a member of Samsung communities website.


    The engineers replaced the motherboard, but as stated, it will be another NU7xxx board. The PQI index of each panel denotes that any other boards are incompatible. Last week, they took my TV away to see what they could do. 9 days later and it is being described as 'Beyond economic repair'. Couldn't get through on the phone to John Lewis, but did the Whatsapp.
    Bear in mind that I paid £679 last year on a price match.
    The first offer was for a £599 replacement 65TU7000. I was told that I had 15 months use of the TV and storage 'is not a wholly contemplated part of the specification'

    Description in consumer law state that if the description does not match the item, it is deemed wrongly sold to a customer (there are fancier words, but I'll keep it in lamens terms). So a Smart TV or Phone is denoted by the ability to update and install apps from the Operating system's app store or marketplace. 

    I declined the lesser TV as a replacement.
    With the 'manager' I was then offered the £599, plus the price of my firestick (£50) plus £80 'Good Will'.
    Total of £729
    Paid into my bank this afternoon
    Do everything John Lewis ask you to do. Even take your set away.

    You will get a refund. It IS the law. And you have EVERY right to get your money / most of your money back

    If you get a good will gesture payment, good luck


  • rekabmitrekabmit Forumite
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    This also affects Samsung "The Frame" TVs cant download art as apps from disney apple etc steal the memory. Cant delete them as Samsung have taken their silver to lock you in!
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    HalsterHalster Forumite
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    Let me add my 50nu7400 to this thread.

    I to have had this storage issue, unable to update, ive ive my board replaced under warranty with the retailer, but now they are refusing to help any further stating that the if the tv works then there is no fault? What about the smart side? I bought a SMART TV.  Its like saying well your iphone can make and receive calls, so the phone works ?
      No amount of explaing  works, they just refuse to understand your side.  My case been taken on by trading standards now,a they believe there has been a clear breach of my consumer rights..
  • monk2monk2 Forumite
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    Further to my previous posts i want to make people aware that refunds are possible.
    I have been refunded buy my Credit Card Company the full cost of my TV under section 75 .claim.
    If your retailer is refusing to help and you have bought with a Credit Card go to them with your claim.
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