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Embracing the new family dynamics and looking forward to the future with optimism

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    The call from the social worker may be no more than checking things are OK Ss. Our GP practice are phoning both myself and dd to keep up to date on how things are. At least yet again it confirms you are doing the right thing whatever the bashers may think.
    As a primary school teacher I had to contact safeguarding a number of times but only when it was very obvious a child was either neglected or at risk' It's a decision  that is made after speaking to the head and is never done lightly.
    SS are not there for some random person to report someone they do not know and have no real knowledge of the childrens welfare.
    People do it but it takes valuable time away from those who really need Safeguarding to step in.
    I hope your appt goes well. Whether it's cann sew or can't sew please do as instructed .
    Best wishes to Biggest in her new life. I hope financial support will be coming from her husband.He can't just walk away and not look back.
    Did twin2 go back home? I thought when she left she was nearer to you.
    I;m wondering if DS wears glasses. I only have them for reading but due to the current situation am well overdue an eye test. I'd already realised my current strength weren't right anymore and have been screwing up my eyes and had some blinding headaches., That's led to more typos than usual. The hayfever confuses things , It;s been very bad so far this year and my sinuses have been stuffed up and painful at times.Years ago I used to have awful migraines . The sort where you need to lie down in a dark room until it passes. so I can understand how your son must feel. Matbe a break from the XBox would help. I;m not joking if he;s still on it a rest could help.
    Hope your little man copes with the bubble. It has been set up gradually over recent weeks in the nursery dd2 is helping at the moment.. They;ve tried to do it in baby steps with varying results. Children on the spectrum  have found it difficult at times as the usual pattern of things has altered but so have the keyworkers children. Nursery has aimed to keep close friends in small groups to try to have some sort of normality.
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.
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