Embracing the new family dynamics and looking forward to the future with optimism

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    Is your granddaughter supposed to be visiting another family home? I thought the lockdown rules weren’t being eased until Monday. You are supposed to meet other households outside just now. The virus travels more inside than outside. She may have no symptoms but that doesn’t mean she might not be a carrier and you are caring for two young kids. I have family I’ve not seen since March. From reading your posts she’s been staying elsewhere and she’s going to be coming back to you. Do you know how many people she’s been in contact with during her time away? Reading the lockdown rules as they are just now she should be staying with you until the Govt say it’s ok to be meeting people from other households. The current rules are quite clear. No sleepovers and at the moment if your DGD is living with her mum , lockdown rules are being broken.  You are currently only allowed to meet family if you are outside, keeping a 2m distance and only two family groups should be meeting at one time. The rules are quite clear. 
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    Given that children can be carriers and you have two very young kids at home with you just now, I hope you’ve considered all possible outcomes. It’s not just about your DGD. It’s about other people she might come into contact with. Is her mum observing lockdown rules? Do you know how many other people are coming and going from the place your DGD is living in just now. If she’s your priority which I am sure she is, I think it would be wise to get her home if she’s not home already. 
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    Interesting first post NatalieSav ...
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    Good to see you polly.
    Hope all well in your world.   :) 
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