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Frump to Fab - A Whole New World.

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    MollMoll Forumite
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    I wore my jeans and the wedge boots from yesterday with a brightly coloured jumper rather then living in my black joggers/black tshirt black.grey hoodie! Dh commented that I looked nice

    Awww thats so nice and such a boost 1LuckyLady when someone comments on how you look ,
  • DrawingalineDrawingaline Forumite
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    Hi all.

    Not a lot going on with looking fab, but I took the kids to a country park yesterday and made them walk! Did around 4km, my legs ached at the end, hoping to do a 25km at the end of May though! It was nice to get out and about though.

    Went out for a longish walk again today with the kids, so hopefully starting off as I mean to go on.

    Tomorrow I am off to the west end with my daughter to see two shows. Looking forward to it.
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  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Maman.....just had a brainwave. :rotfl:

    How about knitting for your neonatal unit. Premature babies need to be kept warm so little hats, cosy shawls or blankets. Maybe contact them and find out exactly what they need.

    Thanks for that LL. My hairdresser and her mum knit for a local hospital so that's one to think about.

    Not a lot going on with looking fab, but I took the kids to a country park yesterday and made them walk! Did around 4km, my legs ached at the end, hoping to do a 25km at the end of May though! It was nice to get out and about though.

    Went out for a longish walk again today with the kids, so hopefully starting off as I mean to go on.

    Tomorrow I am off to the west end with my daughter to see two shows. Looking forward to it.

    We interpret fabbing in the widest possible way on here!:D So all that exercise and fresh air definitely counts. :T

    Two shows? :D What are you going to see? I love a day in the West End. One of my favourites is to buy tickets in Leicester Square and then take in a gallery and a meal before the theatre. It's all part of looking after yourself. :) Unfortunately this week's trip was traipsing around shops and then a meal in a far from favourite restaurant but it was DGD's birthday so her choice. :)

    You made me smile about the top to toe black lucky. When I first started posting on here I was guilty of that, I think it's a form of hiding when you're not happy about yourself. I still wear black often and grey and fawn (not beige;)) but I have experimented with colour too. CSs are a good way of trying things out cheaply. :)

    I've had a lovely day today. I went into Winchester because there was an exhibition I wanted to see which closes tomorrow. Not fine art but part of the Oral Kiely design exhibition mainly of her handbags and some fabrics. I really like her designs, quite retro and fun. I have a few bits of her homeware. DD1 has 2 of her handbags, one of which I really love and have borrowed.;) I had some lunch out and browsed a bit in the shops but didn't buy anything. To be honest, there's nothing that I really need.:)

    Like you LL, I want to rein things in a bit this month. we didn't have a particularly expensive Christmas but coming on the back of our trip to Holland we have been spending quite a bit. When I got back today I did an inventory of my freezers so that I can use stuff up before buying more. I've also made us a curry for this evening and batch cooked pilau rice. I've made 9x2 portions from 4 small mugs of rice and a few spices. When you think how much those microwave pouches cost I'm very pleased. :D The curry recipe is a new one so that's another of my 20's. Meal planning can get a bit samey so I want to try new recipes. :)

    I did smart casual for my trip today. White Company dark denim jeans, black quilted jacket with a grey jumper underneath then a pop of colour with a Joules stripey scarf. I wore simple make up using Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, mascara and a bit of lippy and, of course, perfume! I did Park and Ride into the city and enjoyed a bit of people watching on the bus.:D
  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Didn't go for a run today as the weather wasn't great but went to the gym instead. Used the body brush before my shower, body scrub in the shower and moisturiser after. Also put on foot cream and have applied hand cream several times today.

    Outfit is already picked out for work tomorrow - a nice long top with leggings and boots and I'll pop on a little makeup. I don't usually bother with makeup so will ease in gently with some mascara.
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    JellybabyJellybaby Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Yesterday’s weigh in wasn’t too bad- 2lbs on so with the 3 from Christmas, 5 in total over the holidays. On plan yesterday and already feeling better.

    Taking mum for her weekly grocery shopping this morning. She does like a mooch around the shops and at 83 has discovered skinny jeans :D. We joke I must be adopted because I hate shopping with a passion but today I may surprise her and look for a body brush!

    I’m another who wants to rein in food shopping. My eldest lives abroad and I want to start saving for my next trip.

    Have a good day all.
    ‘It too shall pass’
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies.

    Jellybaby......your comment about your mum looking at skinny jeans at the age of 83 made me smile. Good for her. You are never to old to be fab-u-Lou's. My poor mum gave up on fashion far too early and became very frumpy way before she hit her 80s.

    I'm 68 as you know and although I am not a slave to fashion I do like to take notice of new trends and tweak them so they work for me. I think part of remaining "youthful" is to remain relevant and to take an interest in what's out there.

    And although I'm just an old aging hippy at heart I recently decided that "boho" really isn't me any more and that those floaty little numbers just look frumpy on me now. So I went through my wardrobe and ditched anything which seem dated and frumpy.

    Still struggling a bit with my lurgy, coughing away.........getting fed up now. :rotfl: but I definitely need another at home day. Going to get busy in the kitchen and give myself a facial at some point.
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I was watching a YouTube video of the American woman I mentioned before who does the seasonal capsule wardrobes and she wrote the book about Madame Chic in Paris. She was in England on holiday as her husband is English and it looked like she was somewhere like Surrey to me. She was saying about the style of British women and it was quite interesting. She thinks we dress quite eclectically. She also said how many women were wearing similar quilted coats that were cinched in the waist with hoods with faux fur. She was saying that she thought it was a good casual look for when the weather is cold and rainy.

    I would like to get a nice pair of flattering dark wash jeans as I have absolutely no trousers at all, apart from leggings which don't really count. I have my first therapy appointment this week so I might go and look around the charity shops near there as I don't usually go to those ones. I am also going to look for some more pale coloured tops or even a dress to dye as I have olive green, bright blue and red fabric dye to use up still.

    I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday and I'm going out on Thursday evening to meet my friend for dinner. :)

    I have come up with a realistic cleaning routine as well. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chores to do around the house!:D I have stuck the daily one on the fridge until I remember it completely. I want to be very organised this year.:T
  • EllideeEllidee Forumite
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    I thought this worth sharing from facebook .......If you don’t already know this .... The Body Shop will accept ALL your cosmetic containers ... plastic , glass ( apart from combustible stuff like paper etc) .... shampoo bottles , tubes of make up ALL OF THEM ... doesn’t matter what make of product and they will go for recycling ... the company they are working with sends nothing to Landfill ..

    BUT if no one uses this facility it will be scrapped so please use it
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  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    Hello Ladies,

    I am relieved that at last my daughter has turned a corner. :D After 7 days with no appetite whatsoever, she was finally able to eat some food yesterday evening. :j

    I am exhausted. I was so worried about my daughter being so violently ill and from all of the extra washing and drying that was being generated while she was ill. It was never ending, but now at last it is over.

    Even though I did not feel 100% well myself, I had to put my daughter first, as she needed so much support and practical help. :D

    My son went back to his Urbanest accommodation in Waterloo on Thursday 2nd January as he felt that my faster fibre was not fast enough for his computer games. :rotfl: I miss him, but he at least left looking healthier than he arrived. I will see him twice a week as normal when he visits his sister and I. :D
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Pleased to hear that your daughter's on the mend at last sugarbaby. She's been really unlucky to have that bug for so long and so badly.:(

    Super progress on all the goals everyone. I must look up that lady and her wardrobe again Wednesday. I'm convinced that last time I was looking at the wrong one. Have you got a link?:)

    I've got a long, quilted coat but unfortunately it doesn't have a hood. I bought it cheaply in a Matalan sale a couple of years ago as an experiment. I wore it when we to Holland as it's warm but not heavy which is ideal for sightseeing. I get over the fact that it doesn't have a hood by wearing a hoodie underneath. If they're still around next winter I'll buy a better one. :)

    I've started two of my 20s today: creaming my feet and my extra walking. I really must start noting these things down as it helps to see my achievements recorded. I had a couple of things to post so decided to walk to a post box further away, mostly uphill on the way:( but downhill on the way back:D. I did just over two miles in just over 30 minutes (measured on my phone) so pleased with that.

    I've done this sort of thing before when I wanted to lose weight, hoping it would help. I have to say that, while there are huge benefits to exercise like wellbeing, strength and suppleness, it's really what you eat that controls your weight. That's unless you do massive amounts of really demanding exercise but I don't have the time or inclination for that. I've not been dancing for a couple of weeks (starting back on Tuesday) so I want to make sure my calves particularly stay strong.:)

    I've almost finished a tea cosy, just need to sew it up and make a bobble for the top. I've not made one of those for years.:)
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