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Frump to Fab - A Whole New World.

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  • JellybabyJellybaby Forumite
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    Morning everyone,

    I’m now on my third day at home, no other reason than I hate shops and no need really to go out. I’m enjoying the time pottering as I work full time, have my youngest still living with me and check on elderly parents every other day.

    I do like your suggestions about podcasts littlegreenparrot, I’m not very techie though! Do I download from play store? I have loads of walking /cycling areas on my doorstep. I weigh in on Saturday, this will not be pretty!! Need to get my game head on and back to basics and planning meals.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day.
    ‘It too shall pass’
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    This is a great time of the year. I love to read about all the ideas and new habits being formed.:)

    I have the BBC Sounds app on my phone jellybaby.. As well as all BBC radio programmes, it has podcasts too. What I like is that you can use it for catch up for radio programmes you've missed or listen to serialised books all in one hit rather than the usual 15 minute slots. I enjoyed listening yesterday while I was taking down all the decorations. :)

    DH commented yesterday that my hair as a mess.:eek: Of course, he wasn't that tactless just suggested gently that it wasn't as well groomed as usual. Bless him. :)

    I decided not to wash it before we went on our walk as the dampness in the air wrecks it. So basically by the afternoon, it wasn't as clean as usual and sticking up like a bird's nest.:o

    Cue today I've had a really good pampering session. As well as all my usual habits of moisturising all over, I've given my hair a deep condition and a blow dry. I've got an optician's appointment shortly so I'll make sure I look smart although I won't wear eye make up. It's really bright here so I'll wear my Raybans. :cool:

    Some of you will remember I covered some coat hangers both for myself and as gifts before Christmas. I enjoy knitting while I'm watching TV if I'm in of an evening. Very few programmes grab my full attention so it's preferable to playing on my phone or eating!:eek: I'm going to knit some tea cosies. I don't need any personally (I have some inherited from my mother) but I'm sure they'd go down well in the CS. So that'll be another of my 20s. Not 20 tea cosies necessarily but 20 knitting projects. I might do some cushions. Any ideas welcome. :)

    My Benefit gift sets should be delivered shortly so I'll have my stock of moisturiser and my freebie bits. :D
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I went out and scrubbed my patio again and I broke the broom.:o I had to order a new one and I got some new tea towels, a new mop and some microfibre cloths. The idea to stop buying from Amazon in January didn't work very well.

    I did want to buy another pair of Skechers as I wear mine almost everyday as they are so comfortable and I wanted a new pair to wear when I got out socially but they were out of stock.

    Maman - what shop did you say you got your "fake" pair of Skechers from?
    maddiemay wrote: »
    Two good things happened today fabwise, firstly PT session, hard work after a week off, but not too fatigued, then this afternoon haircut and blow dry. Hairdresser is pleased with the condition of my hair, as I had been concerned about hair loss from the medication I need to take.

    That is great.:)

    I need to get my hair cut this month. Another thing to add to my to-do list.:D
    For those getting into walking I love audio books and podcasts, even if the scenery isn't that inspiring it helps the time pass more happily.

    I do have some Dr Chatterjee podcasts on my phone actually that I haven't listened to.

    I should look on Amazon prime as well as I'm sure I probably get free podcasts with that too.
  • savingmoresavingmore Forumite
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    There is a podcasts app which offers tons of free podcasts.....I haven’t paid for any, but I guess it depends on what you want to listen to. I do love modern technology😀😀

    Have to buy a new phone as my old iphone 5 is only 16gb and run out of storage. trying to find a secondhand iphone - cheaper than a contract....

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    maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    edited 3 January 2020 at 2:49PM
    Cold, but bright and sunny here today, I would really like to spend an hour, well wrapped up, in the garden, but not enough energy and motivation. I have walked around town, my pampering thing was having a treatment applied to my nails at the nail bar which is in a secondary trading position, so puffed my way up the hill afterwards to do my usual Friday market shop for free range eggs and gorgeous bread from one of the bakeries (they have been in existence for over 100 years) and the bread is delicious, expensive, but good. OH has a large loaf each week and sometimes (today) I buy a small sourdough, it is sliced on request so easy to batch up and freeze.

    I was thinking yesterday how much I spend on keeping my old body going and trying to look half decent. I think I will do the sums, it might encourage me to keep a tighter rain on other spending so that I can keep affording everything:)

    I mentioned black humour recently, my DS and I were having a little smile, she had received a call asking for confirmation of family approval for them withholding the remote control for mother's "electric" chair, as she had been getting in a muddle and tipping herself too far forward, I was imagining some type of cartoon featuring a rather plump aged granny flying through the air having used her "ejector seat" Of course it is heartbreaking and so sad seeing this previously feisty, opinionated (but lovely) lady in this condition, but she would be the first to join in with the laughter if she were able.

    Take care lovely people, hug those that you care about often.
    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Hello lovely ladies

    Despite still having a cold and not feeling that great I decided to get fabbed up and go out for a change of scenery because I was fed up with being cooped up indoors. Wore hot pink to give myself a boost.

    Stocked up on F&V and treated myself to bunch of red tulips. Then popped in a local chazza. They had an amazing sale on, so I stocked up on some accessories to match my new lounge. 3 Nice shaped vases, a pair of candlesticks and a set of 3 votives, all in colours to match my new decor. £2.65 the lot.

    Wednesday I need to clean my driveway and the hard landscaping in the back garden too. I left it too late in the autumn. They all look pretty messy and There's tons to do. I think I will need to invest in a pressure washer.

    Maman. I am going to copy your idea of padded hangers next Christmas but I'm not much of a knitter so I think I will sew them. As you say a nice little evening job whilst watching tv. Knitted cushions sound fab, how about a knitted throw. Or is that too big, they are very on trend though.

    I listen to podcasts on my iPad, never thought of doing it on my iPhone. Great idea for walking. I need to get some headphones organised.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Maddie. Posts crossed. Sorry to hear your mum is struggling. It is so sad to see them get frail and confused.

    My dear FIL is 98, has advanced dementia and can no longer walk or care for himself. He was such a clever man, an engineer with a passion for motor racing and a crack shot at the gun club. His nursing home is nice and they are very good to him but it's a far cry from his previous life. He was a very proud and private man too so it must have been hard for him to surrender his independence and dignity.

    Same with my mum, the series of strokes she suffered just stripped her of everything. So sad to see them deteriorate so much.
  • JellybabyJellybaby Forumite
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    Thanks for all the tips on podcasts, I’ve downloaded a couple to try on my phone. Have cleaned the house from top to bottom including ironing �� I hate housework with a passion but do love a clean house. Now off to browse Amazon for some earplugs.
    ‘It too shall pass’
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    misstara wrote: »
    Used a body brush today and yesterday, have had it for years but hardly ever use it, going to try and get into the habit of using it every day. Wore a dress to work yesterday and got several compliments, back in my usual jeans today but will try to make more of an effort in the future :)

    The body brush intrigued me, so I have picked one up today using the points I had on my boots card :D
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    My fake Skechers are from Shoe Zone Wednesday. I think they have a branch on most high streets. I've got these at the moment with the white soles.
    They do them all black and other styles like slip ons and Mary Janes. I've got real Skechers too but when my podiatrist recommended orthosole insoles I couldn't find shoes that I could take the insoles out of. They're sewn in with Skechers. The cheapo ones have the insoles attached with just one dab of glue so I've replaced them with the orthosoles and used the memory foam insole for my dancing shoes. :D:money: I find them incredibly good value, very light and comfortable and they also stay black better than the black Skechers which seemed to fade easily.

    That was an amusing story about your mum and the chair Maddie. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you smiling over it. :)

    I haven't had my nails done professionally since July when I decided to have a rest from shellac. I have been shaping them and occasionally :o buffing and using cuticle oil. They're really long and strong at the moment so I need to make a plan going forward.

    Optician's appointment went OK. As I suspected there's some deterioration in my distance vision so will look out for new glasses but it's not really urgent. Fortunately they're just for driving and distances not reading. :)
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