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Frump to Fab - A Whole New World.

edited 31 December 2019 at 8:34AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    maman wrote: »
    Just came on briefly to say thanks to LL for starting the new thread. I'm definitely up for fabbing through 2020 and thanks for 'save the date' sugarbaby.:)

    I'm still eating and drinking too much but I've set Thursday as my day for getting back to 'normal'. I'm carving a bit of normality.:D

    your welcome. I hope you will be able to make it to my birthday party next April :D
  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Just place marking the new thread
    2021 savings on purchases £1170.79
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Wishing you all every happiness. May 2020 be all that you hope for.

    Today I'm just going to take things easy, a nice relaxing day.
  • maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    Good morning and happy New Year all you lovely people.

    OH and I saw 2020 in with Jools Holland, our meal was rather run of the mill, but was utterly delicious. Not many fireworks locally at midnight so dear dog was just a little put out rather than full on distressed, that was a real bonus.

    It has been a tough year and that will continue I am sure, but we'll meet it head on and deal with stuff as it happens, hopefully finding humour in there somewhere, black humour seems awful to those outside of things, but often can be a great help in making it through.
    I am a glass half full person, so will continue to find great things in each day:D

    My phrase for this year is "just one thing", I find it easy through fatigue and lack of motivation to not do things that I want or need to do, I am hoping that this alongside the 15 minute rule will see me getting on top of everything gradually, fabbing, house chores, , sorting out my errant digestive system and my large, much loved and slightly wayward garden. Plea to the universe "no more rain for a while".

    LL - your comment regarding Red toenail polish, shows me just how "down" I have been, I normally have brightly coloured toe nails all year round - always makes me smile when I swing my legs out of bed in the mornings.
    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)
  • maggiemmaggiem Forumite
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    Happy New Year to everyone. I have lurked on the thread (and previous incarnations) for a long time, occasionally posted and tried to join in but gave up after a while so hope to be more successful and keep posting in 2020.
    I think my word is 'persistence', I'm good at starting enthusiastically but then let things go so 2020 seems a good time to begin to develop better habits. I'm keen to lose some weight, I lost over 2 stone last year but have put back on 1stone 7lbs - ridiculous as I felt much better at that lower weight. Hope to get back to a healthier diet after this weekend.
    I also want to declutter this house starting from the loft and working down so I only have things that bring joy, are useful or needed rather than mindless clutter. I'm trying to make a decision about work - can't say too much - and would also like to have thought through where and when we will go on holiday. Having holidays booked always helps me.
    So let's make 2020 and a new decade a good start.
  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    Hello Ladies and Happy New Year to you all :D

    I had the quietest New Year celebrations I have had in many, many years. My daughter is still suffering so it did not seem appropriate for me to get all glamorous and dance the night away as planned. :cool:

    I stayed at home with my younger adult daughter and son and we toasted the New Year together. I did so with water, my son with Shloer and my daughter with water. The sparkling wine will keep until my daughter is fully recovered. :D

    I am starting 2020 as I mean to go on throughout the year, when it comes to healthy eating. :D Even though there are far too many Christmas food treats left over, I will not be eating any of them. I will leave them to my son and my daughter once she is able to eat again.

    I had a brilliant 5* luxury holiday to Jamaica with my 2 sisters R and H in 2019 but this year it is all about my 58th birthday party. I have booked hotel rooms for my sister J and her 3 adult children ( a daughter and 2 sons) as I really want all 4 of them to be at my party. They live in Sunderland, so as I am paying for the hotel rooms, they only need their travel and spending money. They are already excited. I have not seen those 2 particular nephews for years, so it will be great to have them here in London for the weekend in April that I am having my birthday party. :D

    I am starting 2020 not only debt free, but with credit on my Gas, Electric and Thames Water accounts, my Talk Talk landline, faster fibre and TV package, my 2 mobile accounts, my Council Tax account and my rent account. I have a nil balance on my J D Williams account. :j:D I also have £2,000 in my savings account, so 2020 is the most stable financial year I have ever began. :D It makes me feel very confident that 2020 will be a year when I will be able to keep all of my household accounts in credit, while I will also be able to meet the needs of myself and my family and continue to add to my savings. :D

    As I own far too many clothes, shoes, sandals, handbags, accessories and luxurious pamper products for myself, I will not be buying any of these items in 2020 for myself. Once I have finished the photo inventory of the rest of my clothing stored in my daughter and son's bedrooms, then I will have to decide on what items I am willing to part with.

    I want to try my hand at new adventures in 2020, so I am going to start with a 3 hour acting workshop that I bought on Groupon for only £9. If I really enjoy it, there is no telling what avenues it may take me down. :D
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I just heard about this decade being named the roaring twenties on the radio the other day. I'm glad that we are on to a new start with 2020.:A

    I was in bed by 12.15 last night as I watched the end of Jools Holland and then was trying to drown out the fireworks for my dogs with my air purifier and my rain sound machine.

    I was thinking about the past year and how I want to make this year different. I am going to stop mentally comparing myself with others so much. I feel like I lost a lot of my life when I was caring for my husband and then when I had fibromyalgia. I feel like I have fallen behind people I went to uni and college with.

    I'm only in contact with one person from school now so I don't even know where this competition comes from! Most of it is in my head. It's absurd!

    My word is improvement. This year I am going to try to improve my life and not try to ruminate about what other people might be doing.

    I stepped on the scale and I haven't gained any weight over Christmas but I feel sluggish and unhealthy. I am going to up my water and green tea intake and reduce my alcohol intake. I have been out so much the last year and a half and I have to stop living like a drunk uni student.:D

    I just went for a walk and it is a horrible day out there. Really dark, cold and miserable. I'm having a cup of green tea now and have made up a hot water bottle. I'm feeling quite chilly after walking outside.

    I'm going to do a hair treatment and use my foot spa and then put on foot cream tonight.:)
  • DrawingalineDrawingaline Forumite
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    Hello! I followed this thread back in 2018, but couldn't keep up lol! This year I am going to attempt to keep up with you all.

    My word is going to be habits. I need to build new habits and get back to old ones.

    I start a new part time job on Monday, so new year new me right?!
    Debt free Feb 2021 🎉
  • sheilavwsheilavw Forumite
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    This year I plan to keep really busy so as not to be lonely. I plan to carry on with swimming, and also plenty of walking. I will get back to the local wednesday night group walk when it starts around April, if the weather is bad I will swim instead. I will try and eat healthy, I have already got rid of most of the Christmas type food that I had in for family
  • savingmoresavingmore Forumite
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    Savingmore.......I am an older sibling too, so I get what you mean about always being the sensible and responsible one. There was 11 years between my sister and I (just the two of us) and I ended up being "the mother". Far too much responsibility on such young shoulders and I got sick of always being "capable Kate".

    But I recently put a stop to all that......A couple of years ago I told my sister straight I was done with playing mother and from that day forward I have been "just a sister, no more no less". Best thing I've ever done. And it only took me 55 years to learn to say "No" :rotfl:

    Thanks LL. I remember reading your saga with your sister. That really took courage and I feel we should have the bravery to make decisions like this more often. It certainly stops the family dysfunctions. I had to make a similar decision with DHs stepfather. It was the right decision but caused a lot of pain for my family in the end as he was a nasty, bitter and abusive man. Thankfully we are now free of his influence but not before a lot of pain.

    Upwards and onwards. i am so thrilled we have a new decade and new beginnings.:T:T:T:T

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