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2020 - banish the clutter

edited 2 January 2020 at 5:07PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    More declutterers - old & new :j :T

    Another large item out greenbee - more space reclaimed :T

    Welcome aboard hazzie123 :D Counting is not a requirement :rotfl: only ousting clutter :rotfl: & you are doing well - successes to encourage you into 2020 :D

    Welcome bexster1975 - great plan & I wish you every success in decluttering the bed :D

    Decluttering life admin is a great way to end the year bargainhunterss :T Fingers crossed 🤞 that you get all your lists done :j but do try to leave a bit of time for yourself ;)

    Lurk away boultdj ;) but do post if the Decluttering spirit moves you :rotfl:

    Gilly1964, think how much easier it would be to declutter if the ceilings did cave in :rotfl: Welcome aboard :D

    Excellent start jacwins :T Getting a jump on 2020 decluttering especially if you can get the ‘stuff’ out of the house almost immediately :D I used to enter lots of competitions by post but as postage is so expensive now my comping days are mainly over :( I have never been much of an on-line comper but fingers crossed that 2020 you are a comp winner as well as a decluttering winner :D

    I will pop back on later to welcome everyone else ;)

    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    Decluttered 2 built in cupboard's in OH's bedroom today, now out in the rain as we were on a mouse hunt......and the cat has gone on strike...…..

    Thank you for the welcome and yes I will unlurk every now and again.
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  • gilly1964gilly1964 Forumite
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    Gilly1964, think how much easier it would be to declutter if the ceilings did cave in :rotfl: Welcome aboard :D

    Mrs SD, I have previously said can we not just take the roof off and throw into a skip below.

    Examples of what is in our lofts

    Dining table and four chairs (went up there in 2002)
    Roll of carpet and various other offcuts
    Boxes of "stuff" to be car-booted, but never have been
    Our kids toys, they are 26 and 31 now? Barbie, Action Man, Furby, Pokemon
    LPs, CDs, Videos, DVDs
    Various plumbing and heating parts, just in case
    Historical paperwork
    Suitcases full of clothes to be slimmed into, by the time we slim into them they will be out of date. Think white denim flares
    Bodyboards and bags
    Camping gear
    Cuddly toys
    Collectible porcelain dolls
    Boxes for things that we no longer have, kettles, irons, TVs...
    and so on and on and on and on and on

    Hubby is the sentimental hoarder
  • ChocolatedrinkerChocolatedrinker Forumite
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    I'm in again! 2020 in 2020 please, you'd think I'd be sat in empty rooms after last year, but sadly not.
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  • stellatastellata Forumite
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    Can I join please? I've tried before but life's got in the way as it does. 2020 looks pretty scary from here with a big drop in income, a probable house move and some health stuff, so I need a project and to get "moving ready" so i can jump when I need to. I've done well in the last 6 weeks clearing things out but I need a focus once Xmas is over. Am going to spend it away from home with family so hopefully I'll come back refreshed and ready.
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Finally back ;)

    Welcome aboard tiddles :T. :naughty: 586 items are gone from your home forever - you should be very proud :j 6 items a day will see you safely past the 2020 target, tiddles ; & don’t forget we have an extra decluttering day next year :rotfl:

    Welcome back keepcalmandcraft :T. 1000 it is :D eminently doable ;)

    Nice to see you leelad - I was missing your tales of father & daughter :D Sorry to hear that your wife has not been doing too well, leelad. Hopefully next year will see the start of a recovery in your wife’s health to coincide with more decluttering from the attic :)

    You have my admiration hazzie123 - crafting clutter is the bane of quite a lot of our lives ;)

    Wow boultdj :T good work. Perhaps declutter the cat :rotfl: only kidding :rotfl: Were you successful in your mouse hunt ? Very happy that you will unlurk occasionally - more tales of mouse hunts are very welcome :rotfl:

    Oh gilly1964 :( I don’t envy you having a sentimental hoarder in the house :( perhaps start with the empty gadget boxes as I bet they are all higgledy piggledy :rotfl: rather than stacked neatly ;)
    Re all those toys/dolls/action figures, ‘retro’ clothing, LPs, CDs, DVDs & the table + chairs perhaps they can be sold & all proceeds used for some special treat for you & your sentimental hoarder ;)

    Welcome back Chocolatedrinker :T. 2020 will be my 3rd proper year of decluttering after many years of half hearted attempts at decluttering :rotfl Depressingly ;) I think decluttering is a way of life like brushing your teeth :rotfl: However, there is hope ; as you declutter you fall in love with the empty spaces - be they shelves, drawers, cupboards or even areas of rooms. I am always amazed at how wonderful it makes me feel to have clear spaces :rotfl:
    We are all here to celebrate our successes & encourage each other when our Decluttering Mojo has gone AWOL. Together we will succeed in Banishing the Clutter :j

    You are more than welcome to hop aboard stellata :T the more the merrier :D. 2020 sounds like it is going to be quite difficult for you :( Sounds like you have made a really good start on your decluttering journey :T so well done :T
    Please enjoy your Christmas & try to relax & forget about decluttering ;) I know that it is easier said than done :o. One little tip that may be helpful is to have a pen & small notebook by the side of your bed & when you think of something that needs doing jot it down. You will then be able to prioritise your decluttering when you return hopefully refreshed & raring to go :o

    Cheerleader in chief :rotfl:
    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I have a bag for the charity shop to go out tomorrow as they are open until about 4pm. A jumper from my husband and then one jumper, a cardigan and a top from my wardrobe. I was going to donate another top but I just moved it into my pyjama drawers instead.

    I am going to add a small hand held mirror I never use as well.

    I have been using up my stash of toiletries. Two saving gels used up as well as a face scrub and a moisturiser. I nearly bought a new deodorant and realised I have a spare in another drawer!

    I'm also using up my cooking ingredients as I have lots of different flavoured salts in my stock cupboard.

    Some of it is being used up in a batch of HM roasted tomato soup today.:)

    I had to bin my satin dressing gown as it got a rip in it and it was in tatters by the end of yesterday. I am on a saving kick but I had to buy a new one from Ama*on. I bought a men's black satin dressing gown as it was half the price of a woman's one!:T

    Oh yes, some chewed up dog toys binned. I'm not buying her anymore until she uses up the ones she has in the box.
  • hazzie123hazzie123 Forumite
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    5 Drawers in the Kallax done and half a bin bag of stuff for the tip.

    Just done my wardrobe drawer, 6 items to the charity shop bag and 4 things into the tip bag.

    I had intending to treat myself to some new socks but it appears I have lots of socks what haven't even been worn yet but were just at the bottom on the pile. I do need more Knickers though.
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  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    Ok, problem 1. Symptomatic of my attempts generally.

    Find answerphone that's been in a cupboard for a couple of years. Decide it's still got some use and try to freegle it. No takers.
    Reluctant to bin it because to me it seems too good to throw away although everyone else in the area clearly disagrees. Ditto the multitude of cables and leads sitting in the same bag that "might come in useful" even though they've been no use at all in X years.
    They are now sittting on my dining room table looking at me while I resist the urge to shove them back in the cupboard.

    There's no hope for me, is there.:rotfl:
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Excellent work Wednesday2000 :T At this rate you will have nothing to declutter in 2020 :rotfl:

    Also excellent work hazzie123 :T Surprising what you find when you start decluttering :D are you sure you don’t have a stash of knickers somewhere :rotfl:

    Now, now elsien :naughty: Absolutely there is hope :rotfl: Check out your charity shops - they may have a section for cables & older tech or there is always your local tip - usually have a special bin for cables & electronic goods. I applaud your attempts to avoid landfill, but remember you are trying to declutter your home & create a stress free environment for yourself ;)
    Please continue to resist the urge to shove everything back in the cupboard :rotfl: that way lies madness :p

    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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