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2020 - banish the clutter

edited 2 January 2020 at 4:07PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • greenbeegreenbee Forumite
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    VfM4meplse wrote: »
    That is an excellent incentive to de-clutter. I bought exactly 2 years ago....and still have a small box of office goods to unpack :o

    It's mostly obsolete mobile phones and its paraphernalia, but I am very reluctant to recycle because I don't want any images to end up in the wrong hands. Nothing dodgy, you understand, I just value my privacy and that of those in the pics. Any ideas?

    Either a factory reset, or smash them with a lump hammer and put them in the electrical waste recycling. The latter is somewhat extreme, and only really necessary if they're so old you can't get them to start up to wipe them.
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Back to welcoming our 2020 declutterers ;)

    Welcome aboard thriftwizard :D Another one looking to move home - seems to be an epidemic :rotfl: You sound like you know yourself very well - setting a realistic target which we can celebrate with you when you accomplish it :D Life is way too short to set yourself up for failure ;)

    The moving home motif is catching Caramac :rotfl: Condolences on the loss of your father.
    That is the trouble with clutter - it doesn’t always hide we just become immune to its presence :o

    Welcome back bargainhunterss :T nice to see you :D Marie Kondo was a bit too extreme for me BUT I am still using her folding clothes techniques :D

    Shame the garages aren’t yours balabooberlies :( Not a hoarder just a clutterbug :p Might I suggest the non sentimental clutter is dealt with first. Anything that gives you pause for thought should be placed in a box & dealt with later. If you have big decluttering sessions don’t forget to take mini breaks for a cuppa or a glass of water :)

    Nice to see you CAFCGirl :D Planning is definitely fun isn’t it ;) I am looking forward to reading about your exploits :D

    Nice to see you again Wednesday2000 :T I am with you on the relentless march of time :rotfl:

    Welcome aboard General Grant :T I like your target :T

    Getting excited about 2020 - lots of new blood already & hopefully we can all cheer each other on, commiserate when the Decluttering is not going as well as we would like or even give each a well placed boot up the jacksie :rotfl:

    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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  • jacwinsjacwins Forumite
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    I would like to join. I'm normally found lurking on the competitions board, but this thread came up in one of my more random searches. My hubby will be very pleased to start to clear. I would love to do 2020, but realistically I think 52/52. So I'm going to count both! I could probably do 2020 in just the playroom.
    1 - to turn the playroom into a snug / xbox room.
    2 - not to send things to landfill if at all possible
    Thanks for all your posts, sprinkle of luck required now.
  • GreenQueenGreenQueen Forumite
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    I'll join in for 2020 in 2020.

    Although I've been a bit intermittent in recording in 2019, I have done more decluttering than I've recorded. Even if my reporting isn't up to date, it really does help to focus the mind.
    2021 - mission declutter and clean - 0/2021
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I found another pair of the uncomfortable flip flops. I think I bought 3 pairs! These were used and so they were binned.

    I took all the stuff out of my kitchen cupboards and reorganised it today. A glass jug I never use has gone to recycling.

    I have three heart shaped bowls that I never use. They may be donated unless I do use them before the year ends!

    A moisturiser, air freshener and foot scrub all used up.

  • BetharooniBetharooni Forumite
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    Can I join for 2020 please?

    We have more of a “House of Doom” rather than rooms of doom :rotfl::rotfl: I live with my mum and older brother and we probably have more than 30 years of stuff to go through and declutter. My brother is experiencing mental health issues at the moment which are probably being exacerbated by the crazy amount of stuff we have in every room of the house.

    We need to have a thorough declutter and extensive spring clean/deep clean of the house. I aim to sit down over the next few days and start the spring cleaning lists which will be something we can start from.

    B x
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  • Well our back room has returned as a sitting room ready for Christmas visitors (of sorts!).

    The shelves are piled high with books/folders/stuff and need a little tidy, but I have cleaned, hoovered and mopped for the first time in yonks. We can even see the chairs and dining table!! :rotfl:

    I found a couple of spare rag rugs in the linen cupboard, so the floorboards look a bit more cosy, and I've moved the coffee table in from the front room, which give more space there and makes here look like it has an actual purpose. I've hemmed and velcro'ed a couple of fabric panels where I can to hide some boxes. All other boxes have been 'banished' - aka moved, to the hallway, ready to be hidden in Room of Doom No. 2. That counts right? :j

    I found a pile of paper chain strips which I suppose I must have thought the kids might make in the past and have doggedly kept 'just in case'. I've just made them all and will string up to make this room look a little more festive, before recycling in the new year. So that's one more little thing gone from the Xmas boxes.

    Feeling quite pleased!
  • greenbeegreenbee Forumite
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    Posted my freezers on another FB group and one went this morning to a lady who has just moved house and whose freezer packed up a couple of days ago. She also took all the paint rollers that have been cluttering up the garage for ages.

    Another person said they wanted the other freezer, and I've reserved it for her, but haven't had a collection date/time from her. There's a third request, so if I haven't heard by tomorrow morning I'll tell her I'm offering it elsewhere as this guy can pick up tomorrow.

    Posted dresser on the site I originally put the freezers on, and someone is collecting it on Wednesday morning, so that will be all the big stuff gone, apart from the old cooker, which I'm cleaning up, but hanging on to until the new one has been replaced with something that works (replacement due with disconnection/reconnection on 23rd Dec...). Once it's clean, I'll offer it with a clear caveat that it needs an external thermometer as the thermostat for the main oven is definitely wrong!

    It should, however, mean I have space to start bringing the garden furniture in over Christmas and NY.
  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    Hello I’d like to join please.
    I did a Marie Kondo blitz a couple of years ago and loved the space it created. Things have crept in a bit. I’ll go for 52/52 thanks.
    Looking forward to this challenge. Many thanks for running it Mrs SD
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    And there are more :T

    Welcome aboard jacwins :hello: Did you just lurk or did you enter lots of competitions?
    I rather like that you are going to do 2020/2020 and 52/52 & I am betting that you will manage both ;)

    Welcome back GreenQueen :T Nice to see you :D Decluttering is the goal & reporting your numbers is the encouragement to the rest of our happy band of declutterers ;)

    Excellent work Wednesday2000 :T

    Welcome aboard Betharooni :rotfl: the more the merrier :D I do not believe for one second that you have a House of Doom, just lots of Rooms of Doom :rotfl::rotfl: Are your mum & brother on board with the decluttering? Perhaps the first decluttering project should be creating a haven for your older brother :)

    What an excellent start ChasingtheWelshdream :T You should be very pleased with yourself :p You have worked very hard :T:T I imagine you have decluttering quite a lot of stress as well :T

    Another busy bee ;) Well Done on your successful relocations of bulky items greenbee :T

    :hello: & Welcome aboard wmf :T. Are you going the Marie Kondo route again? or are you doing a gentler declutter? I really like starting decluttering threads :rotfl I enjoy reading about the successes & am really chuffed that I am not the only clutterbug :rotfl::rotfl:

    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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