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2020 - banish the clutter

edited 2 January 2020 at 4:07PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • so_very_confusedso_very_confused Forumite
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    Please may I join? This is the perfect thread to remain motivated. I started the big de clutter earlier in the year and have done quite well. I intend retiring at some point in 2020 and my goal is to have nothing in the house that I don't either need or want. Then I can redecorate, re carpet and turn areas into what they were designed for!
    When planning my month I now regularly factor in a trip to the charity shop and one to the tip!. I also mention what I am intending to de clutter at work. My colleagues are wonderful, they have taken so much of my hands!
    Unfortunately I have at times had the kind of jobs that generated a lot of paper so that in itself is a huge task but is now considerably smaller.
    I think retiring has focused my mind as there is so much that I can identify as not wanting going forward in what will be a major change, so it is proving easier than in the past.
    Reading other peoples projects is inspiring.:)
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  • bit_by_bitbit_by_bit Forumite
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    Just a note on Charity Shop donations. If you can keep it seasonal. If you have Christmas stuff to donate you may want to keep it until October when it would be welcome. Otherwise often stuff often gets thrown in the bin as there is no storage. Such a waste.

    I know it doesn't help to clear the clutter but once you have a system, a bag going for each season in a designated place, it gets easier.

    Happy New Year everyone.
    Wife, mother, gardener, nurse, Big C survivor. Retiring at 55 March 2021- 3 weeks (7 shifts) to go.
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  • iloveteailovetea Forumite
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    Love the post by Bit by Bit.
    I work in a charity shop and agree with what she says. We don't have hardly any storage space. Keeping things from now until next Oct/Nov is impossible.
    Most charity shops have to pay to have excess rubbish collected.
    Please think twice before donating trees or decorations or ask if the shop can store them.
    Thank you so much.
    ilovetea xx
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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    My husband dropped off three bags to a Sue Ryder shop today, nothing related to Christmas in the bags. Just mainly winter clothing like jumpers.

    It felt good to get the bags out of my kitchen.:D
    Please may I join? This is the perfect thread to remain motivated. I started the big de clutter earlier in the year and have done quite well. I intend retiring at some point in 2020 and my goal is to have nothing in the house that I don't either need or want.

  • killielilakillielila Forumite
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    I'm in ... I think 52 in 52 be good start for me
    finances disaster but baby-stepping back to security:

    2021 let's do this !!
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  • GuineapigsqueaksGuineapigsqueaks Forumite
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    Afternoon All
    I'm in for 2020 please. I've mostly been decluttering the fridge over the past few days! I don't have loads of stuff to go, but areas that can be improved and paperwork to slim down. I went a little walk into town today, came back only with things that were needed, including a single pack of reduced Christmas cards for next year, I have reduced stocks to just 2 small packs, so they will be needed. I wombled quite a few nice gift bags on Christmas day so they have been put away for next year. I could do with a couple of rolls of Christmas paper in the sale, but could see nothing I liked today and I am not buying foil or glitter paper as it can't be recycled. I'll keep an eye out.
    Right, going to put some jacket spuds in for tea and make myself sort some paperwork while they are cooking.
    Guineapigsqueaks x

    Keep Smiling :)
  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    I wonder - when de-cluttering and find something that might be worth selling, how long do folk hold on to it before deciding to get rid? I have a box of ‘possible ebay’ items which haven’t yet sold, and I’ve just realised I am, in effect, still hoarding them. How long before I should say “nobody wants them - get rid”?

    It doesn’t matter how long, just set yourself a deadline you think is reasonable to get round to listing it... if You haven’t done it then charity shop it. If you can’t set a deadline then ask which you want more : the space, or the money?
    working on clearing the clutter
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  • stellatastellata Forumite
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    I've made an early start on 2020 by decluttering a pile of things to family member as they will find them useful. Not really a Xmas present but more a hand on but they were pleased just the same and that's 10 items out to get me started. Clothes, toiletry gift sets and nice food I was gifted but can't eat for health reasons. Fingers crossed I'll get the house tidy in 2020.
    Magnolia Stellata
  • May I join in too? hello, I'm new to the forum, I found this on a web search on decluttering and wanted to join in so registered.

    My house is so shameful that I don't even want to explain how bad it is :( for the last couple of years I have been doing very time-intensive training and then started a new job and the clutter has just run away with me. I'd love to be able to have people over again! Admitting a problem is the first step, they say.....
  • jacwinsjacwins Forumite
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    OK, 4 hoodies and 1 onesie given to my cousin. (there were other things in the big bag 1/52 but I won't count them separately as I did it before I started)
    My Dad and FIL both took a book from a box of random books I have.
    Hubby tells me I have to have minus points for all the Christmas pressies! I said, my challenge my rules lol.
    Current totals 8/2020 1/52
    Thanks for all your posts, sprinkle of luck required now.
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