Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 13

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    Welcome news on the car saga jakes-Mum  :)

    I’m potting something most days and it’s payday Thursday for me so will empty my purse on Wednesday night and add that to the pot.

    Only 59 days left  :#
    Sealed Pot Challenge no.14 (2021) #6 & #11 £563.30
    MFiT-T5 #23, October 4th 2019 mortgage of $425,157.00 - aim to reduce mortgage $75,157.00 by the end of this challenge - Sept. 2021 84.7% achieved
    Mortgage Balance October 2019 $425,157.00
    Mortgage Balance October 2020 $402,432.70
    Mortgage Balance October 2021
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    Well hello everyone and fantastic that the challenge will continue, thank you Sue it means a lot in these times.  As Ant says it’s human interaction and I miss that so much.  Had a zoom meeting today with my supervisor and it looks like it will be next year before we get into the office; it’s old stables so no chance of social distancing.  Our few days away were not the best sadly, wet and windy and the bat event was cancelled due to the weather.  Being in a shepherds hut on a hill in a storm isn’t fun.  I had to light the wood stove both nights for us to dry out, blooming weather.  Still the observatory was good and with drastically reduced numbers it felt very personal; also we managed a bit of clear sky for about an hour.  Meeting my cousin again tomorrow for walk and picnic so that should be nice.  My boy goes back to school a week today, yay 😁 and I’m on leave now until then; no more juggling work and childcare, well almost.  No childcare on Tuesday or Wednesday breakfast; it appears none of the full time requests have been allocated but ALL the part time workers have got all of theirs 😬.  On potting news I’ve potted £15.50, 5p of which was roadkill from Kielder forest!
    Grocery challenge August £193.96/£190; September £160.81/£190
    SPC #023 SPC 12: £125.86[/COLOUR]:SPC 13: £214.98
    MFW #90 Mortgage start Dec 2015 £79,950; September 2021 £42,159.33 2021 OP £3165/£4800
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