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    #20 checking in - budget done for the month and while this week is going to be tight (1st week of the month always is but I'm working on it not being that way!) as all the DD's come out and I've just had to pay for eldest's birthday and this weekend hubby has us going out which means £30 of fuel to get the kids to their grandparents for over-night and back again the next day, plus spends and gifts for baby-sitters as a thank you.....going out is so expensive it's really not worth it but hubby is insisting! On the plus side, he's off this weekend so no lunches to pack up, just one set of meals to prepare and no fuel for commute so the fuel will be covered mostly.

    I'm basically going to swear off shopping this month.....I only have groceries delivered and only really have spending happen on a Thursday or on a weekend. I have a bit of an ebay habit which I will not give in to this month! My cupboards are full for this week, my meal plan is done too. Looking forward to the de-cluttering part of this challenge. I had planned on sorting the kids toy boxes ready for C'mas but I would love to see the whole house looking clearer!!

    Thanks for having me :D
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    Checking in with my goals for the month.

    My budget is a bit complicated because I get one pension every four weeks and another on the last day of the month so I budget for every four weeks. At the moment I'm half way through a cycle and everything is looking good. In fact I should have something left over. It might not make sense but it works for me.

    We have loads of food in the freezer and are away for first two weeks in December so I really want to try to run it down. (My problem - Himself who cannot resist a bargain). Same with toiletries. Even though I'm not buying any (apart from toothpaste) they don't seem to be going down a lot. I guess they've been left over from my spendy days.

    We don't go out a lot. We did think we might go out for lunch once a week but realistically we won't do it more than a couple of times a month. It would be good for us to get out more, though.

    I think I'll ask the man from the Salvation Army if they are collecting food hampers and toys locally for Christmas. It would be good to do something like that but we'll donate to their Christmas appeal as usual anyway.

    New habits. Oh goodness, I could do with doing more than 2!!. Think I'll start off with eating breakfast every morning (I don't and it is really bad healthwise) and eating at least one piece of fruit a day. I could even combine them!

    So, Halloween tonight. Lots of little friends will be visiting!!!!!
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    Hi all

    Can I join in this month? Am wanting/needing to declutter anyway and use up stuff rather than buying more so it all sounds perfect for me. Will go through the first post later today and plan my month out and come back later today or tomorrow.

    B x
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    Ready to go with Yesvember. Feeling fab so far (although we haven't started yet so I should feel fab).
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    HI, I'm a long-time lurker but never really posted before, but would like to take part if you'll have me!
    I'm trying to save for a deposit for a house and could do with motivation and seeing how others get on to keep me going! :)
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    Breathe deep and reflect. What really matters? What brings you joy? Now take a few minutes, and without editing, write down everything that matters in your life. Write fast. List everything. Review your list tomorrow morning. - done - quite a short and simple list - people matter

    Set your budgets for everything by planning ahead. Look at what the month ahead holds - budgets set. Some plans for Xmas started.

    15 NSD

    Avoid any and every chain coffee shop and vending machine and corner shop. Support your local coffee shops and traders. ok (unless I can get a freebie from a chain which I can sometimes get with an app)

    Remove 60 items from your house (2 per day) – recycle them, give them to charity, pass on to a friend… - up for this again :)

    Use up your toiletries and household cleaners before buying any more. - yep

    Go on 2 outings - assuming these are paid things. Have lunch tomorrow with several family members from other counties and then a free event in the evening. So potentially can have another paid event....

    Tread lightly[/B] on our planet and get out there and enjoy fresh air every day: breathe it in slowly and deeply and energise your body.

    Donate £5 or time to a charity you support. - yes

    Come on here every day and post 3 things you are grateful for. - yes

    Start 1 or 2 new habits this month, ones that are simple and will make you feel better - will give this some thought!
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    I would like to try please
    Stop Buying **** We Don't Need :D
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    Can I please join in again this month? I do so much better when I'm in the turtle gang to keep me on the straight and narrow :D Will have a proper look at the challenges and think them over with a cuppa later :)
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    Pinch punch first of the month and no returns!
    Money has been juggled, spending pots renewed, I am ready for this. #23 checking in

    It is raining.
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    Morning guys.

    mothernerd - sorry I didn't get back on the October thread yesterday to thank you for running it. A big thank you from me.

    We are setting off home today. It is raining off and on this morning so I think we may be visiting Morpeth on the way home rather than Beamish, I think Beamish for a family is about £50 so I would rather do that on a dry day as it is outside. We have had a fab time up here in perfect Autumn weather, DH and I have seen the sunrise which was beautiful and watched it set over Beadnell Bay last night. DD and I have visited many Vintage shops which has been really lovely, we have walked a lot on the beach and by lovely rivers and looked at some of the many castles up here. Last night we had a takeaway for the last night.

    That will be our last holiday for several months now, I need to really get on the no spending wagon this month.
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