NST: November 2019

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    Good Morning world!

    Three things I’m thankful for:

Cup of tea in bed on a wintery morning, with the cat keeping my toes warm.
That I have an alright job with people I like - not dreading going in later!

    Weekend off is only a few hours away

    Things I’ve done so far:
    - I’ve paid the max into my HTB ISA, plus £50 into my regular saver. My flat mate owes me £100 and that will be going into savings ASAP. I get paid mid month so it’s all I can budget for right now, but I can top up come payday again. Budget has been updated to reflect this. I have 2 birthdays before the end of the month, all budgeted for. I also have savings set aside specifically for Xmas presents that I've built up over the past 6 months, so don't need to worry about that luckily.

    - I completed an inventory of my cupboards last night, and this morning I have been out to complete a dry/ tinned food shop that will last me about 2/3 weeks. I tend to only buy fruit and veg on the day when I will use them, rather than let them spoil - I finish work at 8 tonight so will check the reduced section on my way home tonight for the fresh stuff!

    -it’s the last day of the working week so I’m taking some leftover casserole in with me today for dinner

    -planned a nice day out this weekend whilst my OH is around (he will be away afterwards until the 23rd). I found a £19.50 credit voucher for M&S so I’m hoping to use that for lunch so I can make it a freebie day!

    -starting 1 new habit - NO FIZZY DRINKS - good for my health and my purse.
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    Budget - November's budget set in stone.:T

    Pay to Debts/Savings first I am totally lost with having cleared my mortgage, getting a tiny pension and having money in my bank account for a change. Weird as not having money has stopped me going out, joining exercise classes, spending and I am still in a frugal state of mind. Still got some debts all on 0% so increased my monthly payments so they are all paid off before the offers finish. Sorry don't mean to moan but totally confused at the moment. My job will end probably 3 years before I get a state pension so I do need to focus on saving for those years incase I am unemployable:D

    15 NSDS 0/15 its started, refused to go out tonight.

    Avoid Coffee Shops Sometimes do have a treat every couple of weeks,not a chain one. Have a fully stamped NT card so will get a free drink there over weekend.

    Lunch to Work always to do this. Keep spare tins of soup, sardines and pilchards in my draw. - You never know what may happen:D

    Remove 60 Items - I checked with specsavers today, they take old glasses so will bring them in. 2 different charities collecting bags on Monday so will split all my items between them.

    Use up Toiletries and Condiments - used up lot of toiletries last month. Missed my favourite shower gel so did buy that yesterday, its cheap one but smells lovely.

    Daily Fresh Air I need to walk for an hour after work, at least its warmer today.

    Donate £5 - Will do poppy appeal and local hospice.

    New Habits -

    Exercise more.:eek:
    Strengthen my core muscles as my back has been hell this week
    Avoid cakes/ chocolate for 6 days a week:eek:
    Lose stone by December

    Eat healthy as I am always tired. Try to limit my tea drinking in work.

    My freezer is full, will make a veggie lasagne tonight to use up spinach and butternut squash. Need to take some bread out of the freezer to make a bit of room for some portions.

    Grateful for
    Lovely gorgeous grandkids last night, trick or treating was fun, only did a couple of houses as 2 yr old was tired. She insisted on going in the houses:o but she looked pretty cute so got away with it.
    Warm weather is back
    Fruit mountain on my desk, helping my snuffles.
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    Yes I am def looking for new adventures. I keep spending, but I'm not really buying things (yes I do) (but noter very much - yes you do) I will be reflecting a lot on needs and wants this month.
    In particular as I just found out I need £300 extra for a car part - soonish. My DMP is paid though

    I do want to reach out, but am not always I'm reaching out or giving at the right time. Welcome to the tragedy of the socially awkward, not that I am going to stop trying.

    I have a collection of meditations, and will try to write my own as well, so will aim to meditate daily.

    And how do I take charge of me - this is quite urgent, as I'm not getting younger, and I still seem to be quite unrealistic or disconnected between dreams/targets and capacity.

    This is what's crashing this month, and adding the £300 for the car has pretty much pre sunk me. So I have gone through my monthly grocery budget and cut down every category, so will try to keep all expenses at a minimum. I am sorted through to next Friday with shopping and gas, so apart from a trip tomorrow I have done what I can for now.
    I have made a list for Christmas - but haven't started purchasing anything yet.

    I did have a mini meltdown today - when I picked my car up from service and found out that one tyre was illegal, and I decided to go and get a coffee in an independent caf in town whilst waiting.

    I take food everywhere and try to avoid snack packed food.

    Need to find things to get rid off - will do this afternoon:

    Am going on outing 1 tomorrow, might be it for the month due to unforeseen circumstances.

    I finally got a bike again, so now I just need to get helmet and use it, and I won't have to use my car on non work days. Jubii.

    I will volunteer for 2 sportsevents in November/December, I will try to make a donation as well.

    Today I'm grateful to my lovely mechanic. My kindest ever neighbour. And my mom, whom is often forgotten in the big picture.

    I have made the decision to budge to a pressure from my X, this is not love, but it might be a weird kind of respect.

    Still deciding on this one a habit to pursue.
    I'll be back later.
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    Hello :wave: Just checking in for day 1 - not a nsd as I've been out and done the monthly 'big shop' between Aldee and Mr S. I haven't written it into my spend diary yet, but one of the things I want to change this month is that I make the effort to write stuff down with regards to my money and eating so I am going to do it next time I'm up and off my bum. Also found a suitable present for my niece's birthday in Mr S so that's one less thing I need to buy for the festive season.
    Bills are paid, dd's are all gone and I just need to batten down the hatches and stay sensible this month.
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    Afternoon all :hello:

    Not starting with a NSD as going out for dinner with my OH later which was pre-planned. It's a cheap local place we're trying, it won't break the bank. I was going to pay to have my car washed today but the weather is grim and looks bad for the weekend so thought it would just be a waste of money. Some lovely kids egged it recently, I cleaned as much as I could but it does need a proper wash eventually!

    Big bills have been paid and money sent to savings. Big shop was done yesterday as well so we're well stocked for a week or so.

    Been to the gym this morning and will be going to yoga after work. I'd like to step up my fitness this month. I've worked with a PT over the last few months due to chronic back pain and I'm finally feeling good so it's time to push myself a bit more.
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    Hello everyone :hello:

    First NSD racked up today, we are going to the cinema tonight but we are using our unlimited cards for that. Tomorrow will NOT be a NSD as I went to my car last night to find my rear windscreen smashed, so will be paying £75 excess tomorrow to get that sorted, but that's not too bad in the grand scheme of things. There would have been a time a few months ago where I would have been panicking about where to find £75, this month it just means I need to reduce my overpayments to my credit cards.

    Pay to your debt or savings first
    Paid an extra £150 yesterday to my credit card I am snowballing

    Take your lunch to work every single working day
    Brought soup and bread

    Come on here every day and post three things you are grateful for
    A good insurance policy, being able to afford the new windscreen, and an OH that could fetch me to and from work

    Reach out to help other people
    Messaged my older sister who I really do not see enough and seems down in the dumps on FB

    Start 1 or 2 new habits this month
    One of these is making protein smoothies full of fruit and spinach for breakfast rather than junk food breakfasts
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    Hi all,
    My new budget doesn't start until the 21st (when I get my UC)
    Today, has been a no spend day which I am pleased about :)

    My new habits is to spend less time on the console.

    Today I am greatful for:
    My cat Pepper who keeps me company.
    Duvets which keep the heating bills a little bit lower
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    NSD No 1

    It was surprisingly quiet with trick or treaters here last night so I now have a huge bowl of lollipops. Himself has claimed the chocolate.

    I had good old fashioned Scottish porridge for breakfast this morning and I've got some grapes for after dinner.

    Managed to dispose of some empty cardboard boxes which Himself was keeping "just in case". Don't know why we've got dozens already flat packed that the Boy bought when he moved and didn't use all of them.

    I've been checking my C present and card stash. Fairly organised. Even got some of them wrapped. Must start buying stamps a few at a time. I bought them all at once last year and was horrified at the cost.

    Miserable rainy day here. Hope it's better where you are.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Forgot my gratitudes but I have an enormous one.

    My sister in law was diagnosed with a brain tumour a week ago and we've just been told that it is operable. Dependent on her general health, of course, but such a relief.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Forgot my gratitudes but I have an enormous one.

    My sister in law was diagnosed with a brain tumour a week ago and we've just been told that it is operable. Dependent on her general health, of course, but such a relief.

    Crikey - I hope it all goes well for her.

    We are home safe and sound. Have nipped into town to pay some cash into the bank and get some groceries, I didn't get much as I want to use some of the things we have in the cupboards and freezer before I have my next grocery delivery on Wednesday.

    Second load of washing is on and one is already in the drier. No choice but to use the drier for a couple of loads as the forecast for at least the next few days is not brilliant.
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