NST: November 2019

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    Tonisfriend - fingers crossed x

    15 NSD 0 - Tesc0 shopping and lunch out

    Avoid any and every chain coffee shop and vending machine and corner shop. Support your local coffee shops and traders. ok today

    Remove 60 items from your house (2 per day) – recycle them, give them to charity, pass on to a friend… - 85 items removed today - CS, school 2nd hand shop, shoebox appeal, 1 flebay sale, recycling and a few items binned :T 85/60

    Use up your toiletries and household cleaners before buying any more. - yep

    Go on 2 outings - lunch out today @ £16.20 for main, drink and tip. Off out to free event shortly.

    Tread lightly[/B] on our planet and get out there and enjoy fresh air every day: breathe it in slowly and deeply and energise your body. - tonight's outing will involve some fresh air

    Donate £5 or time to a charity you support. - lots of 'things' donated today. Still to do foodbank.

    Come on here every day and post 3 things you are grateful for. - seeing relatives, OH working from home, DS3 having a sort-out:D

    Start 1 or 2 new habits this month, ones that are simple and will make you feel better - fewer cups of tea....
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    Setting out my yes-vember stall.

    Set your budgets - I have my normal budget of £100 a week– for fuel and food, all after school clubs paid until 2020, cc paid off, all bills paid.

    Start to plan what you will need for Cmas.
    Oh help! It isn’t even December yet!

    And then simplify it: the basics are Mice pies, a fruit pudding, dark chocolate gingerbread hearts, cinnamon biscuits, and something to roast on ‘the day’ I will make a fruit cake (cos I like it), and get some of those coffee flavoured chocolates from the Land of Ice (£1). I realised I am totally susceptible to tv alcohol advertising – I barely drink, but I found myself perusing the alcohol aisle and trying to decide which ones I was going to buy .. because it was….December …. ??????? I stepped away. Will endeavour to continue to do without

    Make do, mend, or do without need to redo DS3 and DS4 bedrooms, only a spot of paint and a bit of wallpapering, probably one and a half days’ worth. Will get it out of the way before they cover everything in tinsel.

    15 NSDs well, it is a target.

    -avoid any and every chain coffee shop. support your local coffee shops and traders. The main problem with this is that the local coffee shop opens at 10.00 or later, as does the zero waste shop, as they are run by Hipsters who do not understand that breakfast means breakfast, not brunch.

    -remove 60 items from your house..Sorry but you cannot remove children… they come back anyway, like homing pigeons. I have books to leave the house, and a few bits tucked away that need to leave. Will fill a bag and remove – after counting them.

    -use up before buying any more – I have only what I use in cleaner/toiletries, but I do have diy stuff I should use up.

    -Go on 2 outings – might do bonfire night as it is rather jolly, within walking distance, and good fun with the kids,

    -donate time to a charity you support. Foodbank gets nearly 6 hours a week from me – I do get the odd ood bag of red lentils or pearl barley in return though. Plus it is the primary school’s charity this month – will donate £5 of chocolate bars.

    Post three things you are grateful for:
    -dark chocolate covered digestives with a hot cup of tea after the school run ( brrrr!)
    -central heating (brrrr!)
    -Mr Kettle and his amazing invention

    -reach out to help other people – communal mum whinge at Mr A’s – it solves nothing, but makes you realise you are not alone in having weird kids.
    -start 1 or 2 new habits this month
    Keeping the fruitbowl full
    Soup at least 2 x week
    Drinking more water

    Today I filled the cupboards with food, a lot of food, H3ron have 40p 3 for £1 jusrol pastry so the freezer is full of it.:D Enough for the whole month and beyond. Not an NSD but I need to budget hard for the locksmith and seat belt problems.....
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    Toni's friend - yikes about your sil. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    Greent -I think we'll add a 0 to the end of your personal removal challenge! I did 5 today and thought that was good going!

    Today I am grateful for having a car, for dd feeling better, for a mild day.
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    Hi everyone
    Budget: all done, left with £34.50 a week for food and everything else, but doable!
    Pay debt: cc paid in full, I don't really use it that much, I've learnt my lesson with that one
    NSD: 0/15
    No coffee out: not been out
    60 items: 2/60 gone in the recycling box
    Use up toiletries: been doing that the last few months as I seem to have quite a few.
    Daily fresh air: only to the shed and back.
    Donate £5: will do when I go to the shops
    Daily gratitude: 1 glad dd3 rings every day
    2 having food, warmth and a house
    3 having enough spare wool that I can knit another pair of socks!
    Its been an awful day here, rain and more rain, so I didn't go out. I hope its fine tomorrow and I can get to the lottie to get the last of the toms, and do 30mins clearing. I think I will go on the bus and use my bus pass, it means I have to walk the last mile but that will be my daily fresh air and exercise! I can take my flask for a drink and a bit of fruit.
    That's tomorrow sorted so I hope its fine, if its not I will find more than 2 items to put into the ongoing charity bag, do some more knitting and have a look at compiling a Xmas present list.
    Good luck everyone.
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    #20 Checking in for day 1.....starting as I mean to go on.

    15 NSD - 1/15 :T Not been anywhere to spend money today - instead re-arranged the living room to accommodate the guinea pigs and decluttered and thoroughly cleaned the room to make room for the Christmas tree!

    Remove 60 items from your house (2 per day) – recycle them, give them to charity, pass on to a friend… 2 bags of kids clothes and toys sorted ready to hand on to other Mum's of small boys in my village. Living room decluttered and a big bag of rubbish removed :D 3/60

    Come on here every day and post 3 things you are grateful for. - My home, my family, my guinea pigs! :A

    Start 1 or 2 new habits this month, ones that are simple and will make you feel better - Coming on here and stating 3 new things each day that I'm grateful for. Keeping to my daily routines so I'm less stressed. .

    Sounds like everyone has had a good day - Welcome to November all :)
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    Budget - done and updated ynab. Bought a present for OH's Christmas today, first one. Need to make a list of what else I need to get.

    NSDs - 0/15 as I had a few spends today.

    Lunch to work - I go back to work on Monday :D but will be doing a phased return so 50% for the first 2 weeks and 75% for the next 2. I won't need to take my lunch for the first 2 weeks as I will be finished by lunchtime.

    Items removed - 1/60, got rid of an old baking tray.

    Use up - I seem to have a giant stash of toiletries so want to use up as many as possible before the inevitable Christmas gifts.

    Outings - firework display and coffee with some friends are planned.

    Daily fresh air - only dashing between the flat/shops and the car, what a miserable day!

    Donate - monthly direct debit has already gone out plus I'll pop some items into the food bank collection next time I'm at the supermarket.

    Gratitudes - the rugby, left over pizza for lunch, laughing with OH at a rubbish film we were watching.

    New habits - to do an average of 10,000 steps each day so 300,000 over the course of the month, not the best start as currently on 5,123.
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    Went through a bag of stuff in the early hours and accumulated a small pile for the paper sack. Went to mum's early as I was having my hair cut by mum's hairdresser. It has been going in my eyes but have been too unwell to sort it out - just keep wetting it and brushing it back as much as possible.

    When the hairdresser had gone (mum paid) we had lunch. I had picked up a couple of things from the reduced shelf so we had a ham and pineapples pizza between us and I added celery, tomatoes and grapes to our plates. Mum had the beef in black bean sauce for tea.

    Watched a good western this afternoon and worked on one of the samplers whilst the light was good. Ordered some medical stuff for mum. Switched to lavender 'bags' when it went darker (mum let me have the light on). The butterfly I have been struggling with is nearly complete (need to put the lavender inner in and then complete the edge sewing), four more sorted (know what colours they are going to be, what is going on them and what colour sequins to use) and packed in separate folders. Only had to scoop up sequins twice and it was single colours.

    Put a few bits in the bin - I have been trying too hard to use the leftover scraps after doing some for sale, some as gifts for other people by craft club members and 32 + for 'family boxes' for families in need last year. A few were mishapen and it was hard to get them to pair off (weird colours) so just simplifying things.

    Left some at mum's for next week and brought some home - two samplers are near enough to completion to start looking for frames in the charity shops.

    Today I am grateful for neat hair, for not spending any of my money, for fairly healthy eating, for functioning well with not much sleep.
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    Budget - budget planned for November-most standing orders and direct debits already gone out today and budgeting £40-45 per week for the rest of the month.

    Pay debt/savings first - all standing orders for savings have gone today

    Achieve at least 15 NSDs - 1/15 achieved - not well and signed off work at the moment, but does mean I’m not spending much if anything at the moment

    Remove 60 items from house - have got half a dozen items to take to the local tip when I am feeling well enough and some unwanted toiletries which I will be donating to a local homeless charity, as well as some items to put on eBay over the next few days. Currently 0/60 but will go up soon

    Use up toiletries - this is already something I’m targeting and I have signed up on the No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries challenge for November, with a list of 22 items I hope to clear before the end of the year.

    2 outings - I am hoping to go on a short Ramblers walk this weekend, if I am feeling up to it. I also have an outing on 17th to the local theatre to watch The Nutcracker ballet.

    3 things I’m grateful for - an understanding manager (in relation to me being off at the moment) and wonderful mother and brother who are both looking after me at the moment
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    My plan is to just record NSDs and my gratitude list then come on and update with a weekly check against the rules. It's great to have this focus. Thanks to apple muncher for organising this month :)


    Today I am grateful for my mobility, a conversation with my godson and YS success :)
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    Can I join in please. I will complete a month of regular posting :o

    Today grateful for getting out once the rain had stopped, successful ys haul and leftovers for an easy dinner.
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