NST: November 2019

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    Today I am grateful for time with my sister, for doing a workout after a very rough night, for being warm and safe inside, for getting on with some sewing, for dd being well enough to do her dance exams, for a lovely lady somehow getting dd's short hair up into a bun and hairgripped into place, for seeing a new-to-me episode of Dad's army.
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    Gratitudes ... warm and toasty on such a wet, stormy day, yes, thats important! Grateful that relationships have been nurtured and saved, and discovering new gems in the area where I grew up. Grateful I've retrieved a London friendship. Grateful that going away, for a sad event as well as a holiday, means that my energy returns.
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    Greent -I think we'll add a 0 to the end of your personal removal challenge! I did 5 today and thought that was good going!

    Haha! Most of that was down to DS3 having a sort through of his 'random' toy box. I'm going to see how many things I can get rid of :)
    greent wrote: »
    15 NSD 0 - Tesc0 shopping by OH

    Avoid any and every chain coffee shop. Support local shops and traders. ok today

    Remove 60 items from your house (2 per day) - another 9 today - CS and a few items binned :T 94/60

    Use up your toiletries and household cleaners before buying any more. - yep

    Go on 2 outings - didn't go out last night - OH was ill and also weather was foul

    Donate £5 or time to a charity you support. - lots of 'things' being donated. Still to do foodbank and poppy appeal

    Come on here every day and post 3 things you are grateful for. - having a lie in, T0ff1fee, being warm and dry

    Start 1 or 2 new habits this month, ones that are simple and will make you feel better - fewer cups of tea and min 4 f&v per day - ok today ..
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    Number 7 checking in.
    Budgets are set up and have a bit of a tax rebate to process, I that will bump up the Christmas fund, and replace some of the EF that was spent on car repairs last month. Not a NSD today, but less than £2.50 spent so not that bad.
    5/60 items out of the house, so that's going OK.
    There will be no toiletries bought this month-none at all- have so many bits in the house I will not be tempted by bargains! I will need to buy bleach but no cleaning products unless I run out.
    Coffee shops are very easy to avoid- there are none where I stay, and I don't drink coffee anyway😁.
    It's been so wet and windy today being outside wasn't very enjoyable but been out and dried off again now.
    Three gratitudes for today - the house is fairly warm, free range eggs from a friends hens making yummy omelettes,my DD loving baking with Grandma.
    Hopefully tomorrow should see no money spent.
    Am definitely thinking checking in here will help keep pennies in my purse!
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    Hi all:j

    Budgets: Not set yet but am cutting down on shopping & also C*mas. Easier when DD is not here, we can live much more simply..

    Make do, mend, or do without: Am doing lots of clearing & with it some DIY. After many long years, DH is proving a bit more adept at mending stuff (usually with glue).

    -achieve at least 15 NSD : Hoping to do this but am on holiday for 10 days in the middle of the month, However, today is 1/15.

    Coffee: Never drink it or go in a coffee shop so that's an easy one for me.

    Meals: Don't go out to work but make all meals from scratch usually, so all meals from stores today. And were leftovers from the other day.

    Remove 60 items:
    Removed 2 rusty cake tins.

    Toiletries: Have loads & have a birthday this month so will hopefully get some more.

    2 Outings: May be more than that as on hols...one is a meal out with family, but their treat so hopefully no cost.

    Fresh air: Out early this morning before the rain, then out again with the fluffs in the rain.

    -donate £5 or time to a charity you support: Have donated £2 to one, will donate to the other.

    Three things: Cosy slippers, DD getting the move she wanted at work, health & wellbeing.

    Reach out: Email to friend who is feeling poorly.

    -start 1 or 2 new habits this month
    : Have started the water drinking, also need to eat better.

    been very busy today, mainly with clearing etc. This was brought on by realising when checking the booking for the holiday, we are actually going a day before we though we were -- Oops. :eek:

    So it's now only 2 days before we go, and also going for a meal out with family on the same day we leave. Would cancel but they already booked & it's a lunch so we will have to go..

    Popping in to say hi: Hello turtles!!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
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    Hi everyone
    Today didn't go as I planned, the weather has been rain and more rain,so I didn't go to the lottie, infact today is number 2 for not going out!
    So no money spent:2/15
    Sorted some old trays out of kitchen cupboards and tidied whilst I was in there, thought I would do one cupboard a day sorting and then I don't get overwhelmed by stuff (not that I have a lot) one unexpected thing to throw out was a glass candlestick that shattered this afternoon, the hot wax must have been dripping on the same part for a couple of hours and it made me jump when it broke as the room was nice and quiet and then all of a sudden bang!!!
    1. Plenty of food in
    2. Having done my washing a couple of days ago when I more or less dried it outside.
    3. Finding a packet of biscuits when sorting a cupboard out!
    Off to bed now for a read before sleep
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    Grocery challenge
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    Hi everyone
    Just been looking at my accounts and I only have 190.41 in my emergency fund, so will have to look at a way of increasing it. Bitterly disappointed with myself!
    Frugal challenge 2021
    Grocery challenge
    Pay period 20/10 - 16/11 So far spent £0/£60
  • Just checking in yesterday was a spend. I was ill and went shopping and bought junk food.
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
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    - Good health
    - Roof over head
    - Art and play - I saw 2 amazing exhibitions yesterday, very inspiring and a reminder that life cannot be calculated by an algorithm.

    Is a quagmire - now need new tyre on a Sunday, will still pull through though. Even if it might be a bit of a peanut butter and jam week.

    Habit 2 - pay attention to detail and take time to follow gut instinct, before making decisions.

    NSD 0/15 hoping to start this tomorrow
    LBM Jan 2019 - £25.928/Active debt £9480 63%
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    Hugs nannygladys and indigo. I had a spend free day until about 11pm then caved in to the urge for cold drinks (medicinal - sort of) and chocolate (just indulgent). Not very well (all low grade stuff and minor injuries) but really affecting my mood with the relentlessness of it all.

    I have been worried about my emergency fund reducing (part DS2's borrowings/ part caving in to long time wants/ needs). On holiday this got more acute as I checked the balance when withdrawing money - yikes. As I mentioned last month, the standing orders are taking the major part of my money.

    After midnight I finally tackled a drawer. Underwear I'm mostly not wearing has been packed away and stashed under the bed (and finally put the suitcase back there too) and top drawer now contains the things I wear most (t-shirts), my 'jewellery' and a few bits. In emptying the drawer I found £200 I did not know about tucked into the side of the drawer behind my stash of kitchen matches (Beloved takes them away to light candles if I keep them in the kitchen).

    I do keep some cash in my drawer (the roof repair money was in there in case the roofer turned up) but DS2 has borrowed so much of it that it has dwindled (I'm keeping track of how much he owes in the back of my diary) and the money is dizzy with being repaid and then borrowed again. His strategy is to get further through the month without borrowing (usually just before payday now) and he does have plans to start repaying from now on (probably 'C' will be exempt - someone from university days will turn up and they must celebrate).

    Having found out I was £200 less poor than I thought I was, I am happier but still need to work on building up my savings/ emergency fund or face having to put back projected repairs/ replacements and 'new' kitchen.

    Will work on my room and the kitchen in (very) short bursts today. Should do some embroidery too (less taxing as I can do it in bed) to keep on schedule with gifts. Currently looking out across the foothills of the Himalayas (fog has softened the rooflines and gables) through the trees ('weed' trees that Mr next door has not tackled last year or this so now as high as the house and pushing out the back wall).

    I am grateful for finding extra money, eating from the cupboards (soup, baked beans, baked potatoes, yoghurt and an ice lolly) until I caved in and for my imagination.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
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