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  • mothernerd
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    Glad DS is home, safe and well ccl.

    Updated my signature.

    Budgets for last month were Food £100, Travel £20, Entertainment £12 and DIY £10. Extras bought included trainers at £129.99, rucksack £89.99 (taken from food budget) and clothes (too much but all sale/cs prices and extra discounts). Hoping that now I have lots of clothes in the right size, my weight will drop like a stone and I can happily send them to the cs (the circle of life). I have also said before that I know what i want, but the shops are slow to catch on. In this case it was summer clothes eg a vest/ t-shirt top that goes down to my ankles - long, loose and cool. I searched and found 2 in a cs (BNWT) then all the shops suddenly woke up to the fact that we were in the middle of a heatwave and produced similar items.

    This month I am reducing food to £100 (as some food has already been purchased), upping travel, entertainment and diy to £25 each - I intend to do more and go further afield.
    Extras are:-
    Glasses. Eye test tomorrow and will need something. Current glasses are 2 years old and it's probably wise to have an extra/ spare pair (then only pay for new lenses the next few times).
    Aunt's funeral - may include train fare to Oxford/ Abingdon plus bus or taxis to get me to our nearest station and at the southern end. If cousin is going and has space for me in her car I will offer to contribute towards petrol and if that is refused, send her some flowers to thank her.
    Garden - I have plans. Lots of work to do so the diy money may cover it but if I get to ordering topsoil or buying more of the planters I have identified it won't. I had to leave lots of things behind at the other house.

    Adventures. Already booked for the Hot Ice Show (mum's choice) next week and have a ticket to the filming of Peterloo on the 200th anniversary of the massacre. Mum and I are doing 'Hidden corners of Yorkshire' (I think) at the end of the month for 5 days. It will be mum's birthday whilst we are away so may organise a special lunch for the two of us that day and although we have given notice that we won't be at the classic cinema club we may be home in time for the evening film club.

    I would like to book a one week bus ticket sometime (either the 'witchy bus' or Manchester - only certain routes with one company) and I want to walk in the woods). Need to finally get those pesky electronic items to the special disposal bin which means a bus trip as well. Want to organise a trip to Edinburgh Zoo for later in the year to see the pandas but they also have a mega lego event in September. I have visited Edinburgh before (weekend conference) and stayed in the hotel next door to the zoo so was wakened by various animal noises every morning.

    Unplug. Very important to getting my sleep pattern in order. Tech off, read for an hour or two and then mask up (if only I could wear my glasses and the mask it would be bliss). Don't watch much tv anyway but need more music (lots more) in my life to encourage me to move and to relax.

    Generosity. My default setting. I do what I can and then pass on household goods to those who need them, send stuff to earthquake victims and those who's houses have burnt down. Charity bag is always open. Smile at everyone (have been described as being 'simple' in the past because of this).

    Ugly and Useless - need to go into purge mode, not happy with how things look atm.

    Spontaneity - will try to live dangerously.

    Thinking long-term. Health needs to be a priority, especially losing weight.

    Had a whole 5 hour sleep (unheard of). Plus a bit more but not the extra bit I wanted. Got ready. Had a lovely breakfast ready (yoghurt and mint dip with broccoli, celery and mushrooms) but wanted to get to the doctor's to sort out an issue with one of mum's pills so had to buy bacon buns there. Took a taxi there (good job as bus stop has been fenced odd by the workmen), sorted it with the receptionist saving a couple of hours, ate on a bench in the sunshine (own drink taken), caught the bus back. Wanted to go and walk in the woods but decided the sun was too high - it would have been cool in the woods but have a long road to walk up in full sun and then the path through the park.

    Today I am grateful for the doctor's receptionists (system has just changed and we can't order repeat prescriptions by phone), for shady spots out of the sun and for the sunshine (let's see how far we cn get with drying 3 washloads of clothes.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • [Deleted User]
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    Can I join in for the first time please :) x
  • apple_muncher
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    SSDD23 wrote: »
    Can I join in for the first time please :) x

    Of course you can:D. You are now an official turtle!
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  • Toni'sfriend
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    NSD No 1

    Well, the most adventurous thing I've done today is open a cupboard in the spare room and close it again very quickly. It will be an adventure when I start to clear it out. There are hundreds (and I do not exaggerate) of books, old photographs, etc, etc. I can already see three pairs of curtains still in their wrappings. Why did I ever buy curtains? All our windows have blinds on them. Oh well, that's one for the Charity Shop. I'm sure someone will be able to use them. They're actually nice if you like curtains.

    I made some soup yesterday from some veg which was getting a bit bendy and some of the freezer chicken. We had that for lunch. Very nice and there's some left for tomorrow. Sausage casserole on for dinner. I've found what looks like a lovely chicken recipe to try at the weekend and I already have everything that I need to make it.

    Do you know I think I am getting so that I absolutely hate spending money? Not that that's a bad thing I suppose. I never used to be like this. Hence the unneeded curtains and probably many other things that I am going to come across when I get into these cupboards.

    After dinner I'm unplugging with a shower, doing my nails and getting clothes looked out to wear tomorrow. Then I'm going to bed with my book and a nice cup of proper tea.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Kerry_Woman
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    Was a spend day. Did a food shop, paid council tax, tv mag, oyster card top up. Did take something back that I got a couple of weeks ago, got refund.
    Grateful for:
    Walked to and from a couple of food shops.
    Did not rush around doing the shopping.
    Read some more short stories in my book.
    Quiet around where I live.
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  • crazy_cat_lady
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    Well today certainly hasn't gone according to plan at all. It started fine but has deteriorated badly and is currently at the point of me drowning my sorrows in a home made Baileys milkshake.
    Picked up ds bestie and went to the hairdressers. All fine there - the boys walked home as soon as ds was done and I had half an hour to myself.
    Came home via the solicitors (bad news there) and Subway (promised to the boys but wasn't allowed to use my free sub voucher :mad:) Got home in the pittling rain then answered the phone to ds getting his repeat ultrasound scan today!!! 90 mins notice to get back to the hospital.
    DS has a condition of some sort that needs a specialist because there's no infection, no stones and the problem is still there. He's well but that doesn't stop me worrying.
    Then got the callback from my solicitor telling me that all legal proceedings are on hold until we find my ex husband. I don't know where he is, so I now need to pay (again) to hire someone to find him.
    So much for my productive day. I've done nothing except get upset, angry and stressed. Oh, and declutter 31 items as I had planned to. Just threw loads of stuff in the bin/recycling - it's truly amazing how much rubbish I accumulate.
    Early night tonight, and a fresh start tomorrow... fall down seven times, get up eight and all that.
  • apple_muncher
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    Kerry Woman - sounds like you live near me! it was all very peaceful here too!

    Today's adventure involved disposing of a very huge spider in the middle of the night... It was bigger than the top of a half pint glass...

    Today I am grateful for time with my sister and niece, for a good swim, for my kettlebell, for doing some needle felting, for most of the day without the telly on, for dd describing her cousin's outfit as 'outlandish', for seeing some of my niece's photos - she wants to make it as a professional photographer, for dd enjoying the set of books I bought for her, for a new month and new start and all that.
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  • Deni_debt-free_dreamer
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    Hi everyone

    CCL sorry to hear your DS needs further investigation, hope the doctors find out soon what is going on with his health.

    I have bought some tea towels from a charity shop today and paid for one pilates session. Eaten meals from stores.
    Had lots of phone calls from DD2 who was stressed but managed to calm her down; difficult when she's 130 miles away. DD1 is visiting her for the night so it's nice that they are together.

    Looking after a friend's cats for 8 days.

    Glad it's Friday tomorrow :)

    Deni x
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  • nannygladys
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    Hi everyone, can I join in this month please. I haven't been on the boards for some time but I could do with watching the pennies until Xmas.
    I was paid yesterday but haven't done my budgets yet, but as they are the same each month it wont take long and as yet I haven't spent anything.
    I had an adventure day, taking my dgd to Wildthings, an organised forest play time, mud kitchens, water and climbing type thing. She really enjoyed it and so did the other dgds that we met there with their mum (my dd) and the best thing for me was that it was free!!!!
    So tomorrow when I get up I'll have a look at the food situation and make a list and plan. Nice to see some names I recognise still posting.
    2024 is going to be a positive year for me, and it's starting now!! 

  • sashanut
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    Hi all :j

    First of the month, first NSD....1/?

    Cellar watch - one corner is looking very damp but so far no flooding..when the water table gets too high it comes up through the floor. Not much rain to speak of today thankfully.

    No spends today, went round to DDs house (she has been away for nearly 2 weeks). All OK in her house but the neighbours stone wall has collapsed & is narrowing the already narrow access.

    DH fixed her toilet seat (his speciality) & also dropped off several plastic boxes of carp from her room here, putting them into her outside stone storage shed. She will be livid, but he says it's not staying here...

    Cleared out her fridge, threw out just a couple of bits.

    All food from stores

    Picked raspberries & made some more jam. Lots more fruit to be converted into preserves, only 3 days to do it otherwise it will be September & all the fruit will have gone (bar apples).

    To that end have forgone a trip out to Harrogate tomorrow, having car serviced but I know I will spend more money & use up precious time As it is I have to go to the hairdressers (put it off 3 times already). DH can take the car & I will hopefully have some uninterrupted time at home to get on with stuff..

    Now going to do a few more chores & stay off the internet..

    Checking in most days, Hello turtles!
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