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  • crazy_cat_lady
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    Me please Apple. More when I get home but at the moment am in hospital with ds.
  • apple_muncher
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    Hope he's ok, ccl x
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  • crazy_cat_lady
    crazy_cat_lady Forumite Posts: 7,063
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    He's better thanks Apple, but not fully diagnosed as yet - some kidney thing but more tests and scans needed. We got sent to A&E by 111 on Sunday and basically didn't come home. Thankful as always for our nhs, and very thankful that they've allowed us home on release on the promise that we go back in during the day today for more IV antibiotics and a CT scan. Hopefully we'll get some answers later.
    August is always a busy and spendy month for me, we have an overnight London trip, party at the end of the month and I have to sort out school uniforms... However, I've budgeted and will put that money to one side at the beginning of the month so as to try and remain calm with my spending...
  • Kerry_Woman
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    ccl - Sending hugs. Hope DS is on the road to recovery.

    Adventurising. I'm shamelessly nicking this idea from mothernerd's July challenge. Get out and about. Explore. Do new things. Eat new things. Wear different clothes. Listen to different music. Thrill your soul. – Must look into doing this.
    Unplug. From tech for an hour before bed. From mindless interweb browsing. From gawping at the gogglebox. From toxic people in your life. – Will be trying to unplug from tech before bedtime.
    Generosity. Let this be a quality where you excel. Donate items to charity. Support your local foodbank. Give your time to people who need it. Volunteer. Smile at people. – Will try and do as much as I can this month.
    Ugly and Useless. Again lifted from July. Let ugly and useless items (sorry, but not people!) have no place in your life or your home. For someone else they may be beautiful and useful. Let them go!
    Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure. Give it a go! – Will try my best.
    Think long term. Finances, obviously, are key to the NST challenges. Do things that your future self will be grateful to you for. Health - look after your health now or pay for it later. This is physical health, mental health, spiritual health. Do what you need to do for yourself. – Will be looking at my finances very carefully especially re spending. Have booked dentist for checkup and gp appointment to sort out medication.

    DD’s already set up for savings accounts.
    Budget for each category set.
    Will take lunch and drinks if I go out for the day etc.
    Going to aim for 20 nsd.
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  • Toni'sfriend
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    Pay Day and budget done. Did well last month and hoping to keep it up

    So goals for August

    Adventurising. - I always think of this as going somewhere you've never been but I never thought about it as just doing something different. We are going to try to get out and about but I think I'll try and cook new things, read new genres, update my look.

    Unplug - .Could really use that hour before bed to organise myself for the next day or just sit outside with a cup of tea.

    Generosity - I hope I am but I'll make more of an effort.

    Ugly and Useless - Could certainly do with getting rid of lots and lots of stuff. Just have to persuade Himself first.

    Spontaneity - I'm not a naturally spontaneous person but I will try.

    Think long term - Got a financial plan. Will try to stick to it. Health - Yes, once again, I must loose weight and get some exercise.

    Just aiming for as many NSDs as possible.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Karmacat
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    Me please :) I'm definitely up for adventuring. I need that as a focus, because I'm trying to use August to get my garden finally set up and fairly weed-free, and if thats the only focus I have, I'll regret it! So a focus on adventures is good. Got a few days out planned, one with the local horticultural society - I'll check things out and post properly.

    Thank you apple!
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  • apple_muncher
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    And we're off!

    Pinch, punch, first of the month, no returns, and all that...

    Here's a quote from Mark Sissons:

    "It's the peak of summer, folks. Put aside the thought that the remaining weeks are already accounted for with work and family plans. Just brush that to the margins and hold the idea for a moment. What do you still want to feel and experience? Has it been what you wanted? You still have time...

    "What does summer mean to you - ease, exhilaration, quiet, travel, adventure, relaxation, outdoor life, family time or traditions? Whatever it is, make a plan. Make your joy your priority. Make your time matter. Your intentions don't need to be big (though they certainly can be). Spend an hour this weekend in a hammock, grow something, go swimming, go camping, do a lakeside picnic, watch the clouds at 2 o'clock on a Wednesday, sit outside at night and listen to the insects, get up for the sunrise and walk barefoot in the morning dew - whatever it is, make it happen.

    ... I'm a man of consistency (as is the Miami weather), so I'm focused more on my long-term favourite things than new ventures these days. But there's still a different, heightened energy to the season that I've always relished. Here's to the best of summer..."
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  • crazy_cat_lady
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    Morning :D Up and about and ready to go. Not quite raring but ready, and I definitely need to behave myself with my spending. Payday yesterday, all payments out, uniform and summer budget put to one side and bank balance looking scarily low already.
    No real plans for today other than a haircut and looking after ds friend during the day. DS was discharged from hospital yesterday, without the scan as I didn't feel it was necessary and the doctors agreed as long as I would agree to another ultrasound in a few weeks.
    As far as summer is concerned - for me it's about resting and relaxing, and catching up with all of the little jobs that I put off during the rest of the year. So I'll be making a start on that.
  • Calling14
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    CCL hope your son is lot better. Glad he is home:T

    Day 1, yesterday I sat down and did full MSE budget on excel. Good few years since I have done this. I seem be relying on my credit card more for day to day shopping, fuel and struggling to clear it each month now. Amazing how many items you do forget to budget for:o

    The results weren't good I am spending more than my income by £152 a month. - result misery.:eek:

    So I am here cutting down everything to basics I need to live on.:o

    Today I will get a few bits of shoppingfor a picnic, as have day off tomorrow- Chester zoo - had bought the ticket few months ago but heavy rain so didn't go that day. Imagine food and drinks would be expensive there.:( Daughter driving so no petrol costs for me:cool:
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  • Fmess
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    Morning all

    Glad ds is home ccl

    Hopefully today is SFD number 1. Done two dog walks and off to the gym next.

    Sure you lot will have already heard of this but my sister introduced me to Monzo this week. It’s a new bank that works via an app but it sorts all your spends into categories for you e.g. food, travel etc. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it. Anyway you get £5 for referring a friend and £5 for the friend too when they open and use an account. I’ve posted my link below if anyone else wants to try it. I love that it’s got the ability to have lots of separate savings pots so I can tuck money away without having to have separate accounts but you can access them instantly. Thought it might be good for saving up for annual insurances etc.

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