NST A Gentle Jog Through July

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    F0xh0les - perchance your dh was confuddled between Newc-under-Lyme, Newc-upon-Tyne,Newc out in Oz...???

    Erm, he got as far as ' an hour or so north of Sheffield, on the right? ':rotfl: I do love him! I made him look on a map before he agreed to go - he thought he would just drive up in the morning and come back in the evening after the conference. At least now he is booking a room.

    Big day today, DS3 induction at High School - had to buy a cheap pair of black trainers on the way home from school yesterday (£12) Oops, look at the time!
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  • mothernerd wrote: »
    Keep it up. Are you going to do any of the staycation?

    I'm going to try. I've not fully explored Manchester and I've been here for 9 months. Last week I went and visited some sights in the city centre, so if the weather stays positive, I'll look to do something similair again.

    No spends yesterday and none planned today will take me to 3. Woohoo!
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    Hi Guys,

    NSDs-Pretty rubbish week in terms of NSDs but hoping after today I can claw back some by not spending until the next week.
    Live on what's left - I have done a budgeted shopping list for tonight :A & when I am back I will update my budgets.
    Take lunch- soup today, I will take a wonder to the shop to buy yogurts but I will buy a multi pack & they are on my shopping list anyway!
    our bodies- still doing my best & watching what I eat- weight in tonight, think I might be paying for the funeral and the party over the weekend!
  • If it's not too late I would like to join please :)
    C x
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    Adventure - do something that scares you, just a bit. - made a phone call today which I've been putting off for weeks - I'll take that as a start! :D

    Get creative in the kitchen. -made a random fridge cake using things up. Did a bbq pulled pork joint from freezer (worked so well I shall do one with the large joint I have in there) Currently mainly getting creative using leftovers/ bits up to ensure no/ minimal waste.

    Eat Beans Day is on the 3rd July. - Chilli planned for dinner :)

    NSDs Low target 3 per week (12/13 for the month) - 1 so far

    Take care in the sun - July 3rd is 'Stay out of the Sun Day' as well as eating beans. It is also 'Disobedience Day' so you can have a free pass to break one rule then - gorgeous day here, but I have a day of paperwork planned so am indoors (company stuff followed by Student Finance - such fun!! (not) (did Tax Cr last night, so that's one bit already ticked off)

    Live on what is left after paying towards your debt or savings. - CCs paid off and monies transferred to savings. Rent should be in tomorrow/ Fri so will transfer it to mtge then. Will need to transfer back from slush savings later in month - I know we will run short as we are getting some niggly jobs done and have some other one-off expenses

    Exercise - take advantage of the long days to pack more in. - have gardening to do. Also lots of housework required and will use home gym stuff at least 2x/ week - back too tight for rowing/ crosstrainer at mo. Have been doing gentle stretches and walking instead.

    July food days abound Fried Chicken (6th), French Fries (13th), Hot Dogs and Peach Ice Cream (17th), Fresh Spinach Day (16th) and Vanilla Ice Cream (23rd). - will see what we can incorporate :D (have removed non-starters)

    O (H2)O Water fun. - ok. No fun as yet but we've all been drinking lots. Water butts used to do garden and are now sadly empty, so will need to use tap water for plants (also saving 'waste' water for them)

    Think of those who are ill. - currently have 1 family member very poorly after a stroke (early 40s) and 1 with advancing dementia. Was planning on visiting dementia relative today but someone else is and taking them out, so I can do it another time. Have messaged about visiting other poorly one tomorrow.

    Help those in need. Be a good friend/ work colleague/ neighbour - Took in 2 parcels for neighbours yesterday :)

    Relax. Take time out and remember your children need downtime too.- end of term frantic-ness coming up for DS3 and DS2. DS1 and DD home from uni for Summer, so they can help. I have 2 shifts left at work and then I am finished for the Summer :T - the 3 of us can blitz house/ garage/ garden as much as poss before school breaks so then we can all take time out. - still in crazy end of term mode for smalls. Students have turned into sloths - they have way too much down time!

    Our Bodies Our Selves. eat well, move more Include a pamper day this month, make it weekly if you can. - am concentrating on my nails at the mo (want them to look decent for DD's graduation) Did paint toe nails yesterday (wore strappy shoes to work) and

    Useless and ugly objects need to leave your home. Keep up the clutter clearing. - definitely! - CS bag currently has 3 handbags (largest is more of a beach bag size, so is being used as the carrying vessel for all of this), 1 good tshirt and a pair of curtains. Lots of recycling going out this week, too - and DD has cleared out a few small bits for shoebox appeal.

    Get out and about. Explore your neighbourhood. What exhibitions and activities are on?- we will be signing up to 'Beat the Street' in aid of DS3's school :)

    Half Year Review. Look again at where you want to be in one year/ 5 years - are you on track or do you need to make changes. - will need to re-visit goals/ targets from Jan.

    YoU should take your lunch to work each day and take appropriate refreshments on days out - lunch to work n/a for me this month (2 half days only) - do have DD's graduation, so celebratory lunch that day!

    Look at each purchase to determine if it is a genuine need or just a want. - today I have booked a jetwash patio clean for next week (technically a want, although the patio hasn't been cleaned in years, so 'needs' it!)

    Thankful for: getting tax cr renewal done, sunny days, lovely colleagues, making 'that' call, progress
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  • Adventure - For me this is getting out the house some days and pushing myself to do stuff. I have already been a bit more adventurous this month by going places I haven't been before which is a big thing for me, never used to be, but the last year or so has been harder.

    Get Creative - Got a free H3llo Fr3esh box on Sunday and have been making the meals out of that. They are so yummy! And has been nice getting in the kitchen and cooking again :) DS even helped stir the dinner yesterday!

    Eat Beans - So that's today! I am working all day today and don't feel too great, I opened a tin of beans last night so will probably have that for dinner on toast with some cheese :D

    NSD - 0/3 so far this week but tomorrow, fri and sat should all be NSD.

    Take Care - I always make sure DS has sun cream on, I really should do the same for myself.

    Live - Yes I need to sort my budgeting back out. Had a rough month last month so need to put that behind me and start a fresh.

    Exercise - Does dancing around being silly with DS count? because we've been doing that a lot and he loves it! Need to get into the garden and mow the grass and de-weed.

    July Food - Ooh I like the sound of these! I will have to think of some creative things for me and DS to have.

    H20 - DS loves water play! We are currently attending a group to help his speech and language development and last week we were given water play bits. He loves it! Yesterday we went to a friends and he played in the swimming pool and at nursery I always need to pack spare clothes because he is always the first to play at water play! Unfortunately we cannot go swimming as he has grommets fitted and have been told it's best to avoid pools for the moment. I am thinking of getting him a little paddling pool for the garden though.

    Geeks Unite - Love this!! I am a gamer so will take advantage of the gaming day.

    Think - Will do :) especially as I have had help with my MH recently it's nice to give back.

    Help - I have already sorted some more bits out for CS and foodbank and a few weeks ago they were collecting in SM so I asked DS to pick some biscuits to donate. The people collecting were so happy that at 2 I was already teaching him to help other people! I was so proud of him for giving them the biscuits and not making a fuss :D

    Relax - Have been trying to read more the last few weeks which is nice because I love getting lost in a good book. Me and DS always cuddle on the sofa in the evening for the Cebeebies bedtime story especially if it's the Tom Hardy one :P haha.

    Our bodies - Me and my SIL are planning on having a girly sleepover. The kids are gonna chill with my brother (he'll love that.....) and we are going to go upstairs and have a pamper sesh with food, wine and films something that we both need.

    Useless - I have done a lot of decluttering the last few months. Most recently I have decluttered a bad relationship, just wish I had listened to friends and family a long time ago though!

    Get out - This is something I am really struggling with at the moment but I am really trying. My Bro and SIL have offered to go on walks and things in the evening with me to help my MH and exercise so I will have to take them up on the offer.

    Half Year review - I need to sort of my tax credit renewal before the end of this month! And think about birthdays and the dreaded C word!!

    Just - I like the teddy bears picnic idea! If the weather is nice me and DS will have a nice picnic outside with Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka!

    You At work today didn't make lunch last night so will be buying it today but I will be more prepared the rest of the month.

    Look - This is something I really need to start doing again, I have been slowly buying more carp...

    You should check in - Hope it's not too late to join! Look forward to this month. I will be checking in as much as possible!!

    C xx
    Read my diaryHere :)
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    NSD no 2

    The best laid plans!. Himself woke up this morning feeling absolutely carp so didn't go out. There's obviously something underlying going on here but the doctors don't seem to be able to pinpoint what it is so. therefore, can't suggest a solution. So I've spent the whole day sitting chatting to him. trying to cheer him up. Haven't done anything else. Oh well, the cleaning will still be there tomorrow.

    Breakfast was fruit, lunch was a toastie using the rest of the ham and tomatoes and dinner will be a pizza from the freezer. In the spirit of "bean day" there's a sausage and butter bean casserole in the slow cooker for tomorrow.

    Apple - Yes, he is one of the children I mentioned before. The other one (they are not related) is apparently grounded because he went awandering and was found by the police at some ungodly hour in the morning miles away from home. He's 5. I guess it's what can happen if you have no idea where you're children are or who they are with.

    The one from the incident the other night (he's about 12) hasn't been seen since. I suspect his grandparents have taken him home to his mother. Some of the other children have since admitted they're scared of him. I'm not surprised. I'm scared of him. He obviously has serious behavioural problems but sending him out to "play" unsupervised is not the way to deal with them. His grandfather admitted that he can't cope with him and suggested I just ignore him. Not easy when he's beating up a small child and his grandparents are nowhere to be seen because they live further up the road and don't check on him. I suspect once things calm down he'll reappear.

    Specky - Can't believe it's 9 months since you moved to Manchester.

    Well, totally unproductive day. Will do better tomorrow.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Grateful for:
    Talked to niece on phone as it was her birthday.
    On 2nd NSD.
    Passport online application approved, sent to be printed.
    Walked 3 laps round park.
    Received an [email protected] voucher in post.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
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    Today I'm grateful for dd having a great day, for having a pretty decent day myself, for getting through most of my list, for the window-measuring man being most efficient, for fresh rasps + strawbs, for the tennis, for a good amount of walking, for buses, for a good book on the go.
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    Sorry to abandon you turtles. I've had a very busy and productive day. You know how I said you could break a rule but don't make it a month busting one. Well no-one else can go on the naughty chaise longue because I am occupying it.

    It was my day to go to the CPAP clinic and I started well. I decided to have bacon rolls (10p ys rolls) for breakfast so that I could take the cheese spread, crispbread and tomatoes with me for lunch. Washed the mask whilst the bacon was cooking, packed all my equipment, food, book to read and set off. AS I was walking across the car park I realised I hadn't put my suncream on and the bag with the CPAP machine was already hurting me (could feel the bottom of my spine twisting with the machine and 2 heavy bags pulling my body in different directions.

    Had to decide which ticket to buy and settled for an anybus ticket which the driver let me have. I don't know if the rules have changed but at one time you couldn't buy the anybus (and other variants) tickets until 9.30am (after rush hour) and some drivers were very particular about sticking to it.

    The problem is that the CPAP clinic runs from 9.30 am to 11am. If he hadn't let me buy the ticket (it was 9.25 but the bus was due to depart at 9.30am) or I'd gone for an earlier bus, I would have had to buy a single for about 3 pounds and then had to decide later whether to buy another single home or buy an anybus (thought I'd like to go on into Manchester or Trafford Centre but wondered if I would be too tired to do that).

    Journey was fine, review went well (good use of the machine in the beginning, performance dipped in the middle and has been very good for the past week - several long stretches where I've gone into rem/ deep sleep. So I've been given enough filters for 12 months (need to be changed monthly, the one I was worried about has been taken away) and will have another appointment in 6 months (but can phone or drop into the clinic if I have any problems).

    So appointment was over by 10.47 am. Felt really good. Sat out in the sunshine (shaded be the canopy where taxis can drop off and pick up) eating my crispbread and water). Throughout the day I've had frequent rest stops and I think that's helped me keep going.

    Caught the bus into Manchester and got off early so I was near the mountain climbing shop. Walked in and asked the the mountain climbing/ walking trainers. Upstairs:eek: Got up there slowly. Had a good look at the selection and decided to stick to the lower end of the spectrum (around a hundred pounds:eek::eek:). Still it's maybe 15 years since I bought the last pair and they were around 50 pounds half price).

    A young man came to help me and brought out a few pairs after i'd told him about the diabetes (need strong supportive lace-ups), the slow to recover ankle injury (need room to wear a support bandage when necessary) and the recently discovered flat feet). Settled on some with vibram soles and which came up at the back to cover my achilles tendon (another vulnerable bit). They all instantly made my foot and ankle feel much more comfortable and supported.

    The mountain walking trainers have been on my shopping list for some time (just came to a head as realising I've organised the lightest possible clothing for next week and black furry ankle boots just weren't going to cut it any more).

    However I also asked to look at rucksacks (want to go back to carrying heavy stuff like the CPAP machine on my back IF I can get the rucksack on and off - arthritic shoulder). Knew I needed to look at proper ones not any old shop ones but hadn't really planned to get it yet (or pay so much). Given the length of time between visits to Manchester (last time was early on last year when I went to DS3's house for the first time) it might well end up being part of my Christmas present.

    For now I've added the rucksack to my signature under my food budget. However I'm not feeling sorry so I think I've made the right decision. Crossed to the Town Hall Square and found a bench to sit on. Not as easy as usual - from tomorrow until the 21st it's Manchester International Festival, there were picnic tables, deckchairs and comfy chairs but they were all fenced off until tomorrow (they were still building stages). Will keep it in mind if I get the chance to go back later in the month, have picked up a programme.

    Had another sit down, adjusted the straps on my rucksack (young man had helped me pack the CPAP machine into it), changed into my new trainers and had more crispbread and the last of the water. considered my options. (gallery/ eighth day/ cinema/ small shop - urgent need for more to drink). Settled on the gallery, wasn't sure exactly where it was but 'wandered' straight there.

    Saw the Pre-Raphelites and some of the natural stuff, read the feminist revision (witty rather than knock you over head). Mostly picked a bench to sit on, put my bags down, studied what was in front of me, made a little excursion to look at what was either side (keeping an eye on my bags) and then back to sitting down. There were several other exhibits/ activities I wanted to visit but needed food and even more urgently water so opted for the gallery cafe.

    Thought a meal was more sensible than cake (all luscious but so many calories), asked for the multi bean salad which came with grilled sardines :eek: - out of my comfort zone here. I sometimes buy tinned sardines because they're good for me and I used to be able to buy tins for around 34p but one hint of a bone in my mouth and it's over. These came with heads, tails and eyes (mercifully blank). Loved the bean salad, did my best with the sardines, water was free, then gave in to cake but picked one of the plainer, smaller ones (raspberry and lemon, real raspberries, strong curd flavour in the cake and dotted with poppy seeds). Saw a young man with a piece of the white chocolate and strawberry cake and even he was trying to work out how to tackle it.

    Wanted to see the Nordic design stuff but it was two floors up and after looking at a couple of things on the same floor (and lots of Moomin stuff in the gift shop + gorgeous candles which will have to go on the C list - I'm very aware of the rule that Santa has to shoot an elf every time someone mentions the C word before November) I decided I was worn out. Didn't buy but gave a 3 pound donation.

    Would have loved to have stayed for the 'Philosophy Cafe' - first Wednesday of the month, discussing the big questions. Thought it would be out of my comfort zone - it's basically walking into a room full of strangers, but thought there would probably be at least 2 or 3 people with a lot to say for themselves and if they really aggravated me I couldn't resist responding and if everyone hated me by the end, well i never had to see them again. Which is really a whole philosophical debate in itself, all by myself. Decided reluctantly that there was no way I would get through to 8 pm (and still have to get home after that).

    Tried for the free bus to take me up Oxford road to get to eighth day (Suma bombay mix for DS3, they do a lovely sort of cold chilli pie in a quiche type base which I've tried and failed to replicate over the years and they would have sodium free toothpaste - getting low and would rather give the money to them than H & B) but I think I needed free bus no 2 so would have had to catch fb1 and then change part way along the route. No 1 could take me to the bus station for the bus home but I would have been stuck in full sunshine so went off in search of shelter (and still needed something liquid urgently).

    Flitted from shady spot to spot, called in a mini tosco (2l bottle of liquid refreshment, hummus and chestnut mushrooms - no bean salad -and some ys bits). Several self-service tills but begged the lad on the cigs and spirits counter to do it for me (totally washed out by this time). Went across to another seating area and drank 3 cupfuls of liquid then set off for the bus station (seemed to be in a spot where whichever direction i went i had to walk 3 blocks) but my bus approached and stopped a little in front of me - just had to get across the road then stood panting and rummaging through bags to find my ticket.

    Plonked myself in the first available seat and propped my ankle up on one of the bags. tried to move to a comfier seat (most of them have head rests) but a woman who had just boarded got there first. Spent some time rubbing my temples and neck, doing shoulder shrugs and the grabbed the seat when she got off - so comfy.

    As I got near to home, my need for a toilet got more acute. Knowing the bus station are unreliable (stole 40p off me a couple of weeks ago) I got off one stop early and used Tosco's for free. As it's one of the places I have been trying to get to I grabbed a small trolley and had a walk round. More ys bits including a couscous salad with BEANS in it, 6 soap and 6 toothpaste which went in the foodbank box (think tosco add on a percentage of the value of donations), some stock ups (porridge oats for me, crackers for mum as arseda were out of stock) the drinks I will need to take with me next week and a luxury item Ice Lollies (they don't seem to stock the frozen Moo yoghurt anymore).

    Taxi (3rd one I tried) was going to be 15 minutes so sat on/ against a helicopter (I do miss Rupert Bear's car) and ate one of the ice lollies (one with ice cream with fruit streaks inside).

    On getting home I put away the fridge and freezer stuff, lay on top of DS3's spare bed for a bit then asked him to help carry the things i need upstairs. Went in the bathroom and used the shower to douse my feet in cold water and then came here.

    Inspiration to follow. Plus plans for the month and half year review (if I don't fall asleep) Have overspent my food budget so will be getting very creative for the rest of the month.

    Today I am grateful for a lovely day, having a successful CPAP review, seeing the Pre-Raphaelites, getting so much done and managing to celebrate staying out of (dodging) the sun day, eat your beans day and disobedience day (I'll make the money back over time).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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