NST A Gentle Jog Through July

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    Hi all-

    NSD's- I have to retract yesterdays, my mum had a 12.00 M&S voucher that she offered me & it was the last day of the school uniform 20% off so I combined the two & kitted my boy out right down to his socks for £24.00, I had budgeted £40 so I am actually better off, but down a NSD. I am off to collect them today & to be buy more "big night in" boxes, which are half price & £2.50 - they have a bag of popcorn & 3 bags of different chocs in them so I am going to stock up for our trips to the cinema & family movie nights at home.
    Live on what's left- I have £154 left for the month, which will do us for food, any activities are planned & budgeted for so I should be ok.
    Our bodies- still watching what I eat, weigh in tomorrow.
    Take lumch- home made soup today, tomorrow will be prawn salad as these are the things that need using up!
    Check in - here :D

    Finally watch Hugh's war on plastic, but only the first one. I am going to ask my milk man to change my plastic bottles for glass, but I need to wait until I have a bill off him as I have lost his number. I am hoping the big super markets will lower the prices soon of the loose produce as I struggle to afford it all at the moment.

    Grateful for- my eldest looking adorable in his school uniform, I have no idea where that time has gone, for my Fuchsias from my aunt, she is very poorly and I am over the moon to have something off her that can go in our home when we buy it (a different aunt obviously to the one that passed away a few weeks ago- my family are having terrible luck at the moment) and for my bird bath off my Dad- it is pot with bluebirds sat round the top of it, it reminds me of snow white :rotfl:, I have been eyeing it up for a while :D
  • Morning all,

    100% record this month so far. Today should maintain that too.
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    Creeps in quietly. As one who is under the watchful gaze of Mothernerd for not posting, dare I request a number? I don't post often but with a number I feel I am part of the turtles and it keeps me on track. I will try to post this month, promise! Hugs
    NSD 1/3,
    My mantra is After I ....I will. eg After I make my morning coffee, I will take my medication. Eventually this will become a habit,
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    Morning all,

    100% record this month so far. Today should maintain that too.

    Keep it up. Are you going to do any of the staycation?
    Dottydaisy wrote: »
    Creeps in quietly. As one who is under the watchful gaze of Mothernerd for not posting, dare I request a number? I don't post often but with a number I feel I am part of the turtles and it keeps me on track. I will try to post this month, promise! Hugs

    You're in. I often go quiet when my mood dips. If I'm on top of the world you get the epic posts (have 3 pages of notes I jotted down yesterday).

    Doing things differently this morning. It was cool and cloudy so I went out in my nightie (long t-shirt type) with a cardi over the top and hacked away at the garden as the green waste bin is collected tomorrow. Very hot and sweaty so having breakfast (low fat cheese spread on multi grain crispbread) and will have a shower when DS3 vacates the bathroom. Counting it as 6 x 15 mins excercise. Green bin is not quite full but couldn't do more either sitting or standing. Of course the sun emerged as soon as I went through the door.

    Today I am grateful for making an early start (even if I can't do anything else for the rest of the day (have put a load in the washer) and coping with the sun (started sneezing when I came in, even with the hayfever tablet).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Good morning,

    DH has taken lunch to work again, that is a record of 6 days in a row and that even at the start of his pay month. Long may it last.

    I will have my first July NSD today. Did a big shop yesterday.

    Tonight's dinner will be "what ever needs eaten" dinner. There are some leftovers in the fridge like pizza, half a breakfast pack that won't last till the weekend, bacon, eggs, etc.
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    All the bills were paid yesterday, and money moved about all over the place. Restocked the bathroom cabinets so should be okay for a couple of months - there was hardly anything left in there - so the decluttering is working and lots were multibuys.
    Had to spend £40 on a locksmith today - my car lock barrel whatnot is shot, but the key I have is very worn and the locksmith said it was going to break this week, and was going to cost me to have it towed, so he cut me a new key that will not snap off inside the ignition, and is going to get me a blank barrel to code up and do all that stuff with. So £40 today, and a new barrel in the very near future, and another key to replace the one DH lost in March. Happy July Turtles!!

    So I have spent the morning making lists and mapping out the next two months.

    Gratitudes: that I have the money to pay for it if car stuff goes wrong, for being able to laugh that DH has no idea where Newcastle is, for unity against the in-laws, for not having the heating on, for peach tea.
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    Afternoon all

    1 Still NSD No 1. Needed black pepper and scouring pads. Cannot believe I ran out of both of these. Still only £2.50 and that's all I've spent out of the money I took out for the household budget on Friday.

    2 Oh dear! I did have a walk but Himself started nagging about the remains of a bottle of white wine and a lemon tarte in the fridge. So two glasses of sparkly wine and a teensy weensy bit of cake (we shared it) I'm back on track tomorrow. Made an appointment for my blood pressure review. They're going to tell me to loose weight and exercise.

    3 Managing the routine but it is only Day 2. Adding something every day. Today it's starting to look after my hands. Really brittle nails so starting to rub in oil. Had my hair done (personal spends). I'm using a local hairdresser who is half the price of the one I used to use in the city centre and it looks every bit as good. Trying to eek out another week before the next appointment.

    4 Breakfast was fruit and lunch a toasted sandwich using bread and ham from the freezer plus some tomatoes. Dinner in the slow cooker. Chicken and a home made tomato sauce from the freezer (stirred in a spoonful of one of Himself's jars so it could be quite spicy, A bit of an adventure!!)

    5 Haven't decided yet where to go for a walk. day out or something. Himself is out with his friend tomorrow. Well, hopefully. Friend hasn't been too well recently.

    6 Haven't managed any decluttering today but hoping for big things tomorrow if I can get Himself out of the way.

    7.Still haven't wrapped his presents. Hoping to do that tomorrow.

    So far today has been quiet. We had a bit of a situation with a child last night. He comes to stay with his grandparents every weekend and during holidays although he only lives on the other side of the city. His behaviour is, to say the least, very challenging. Completely over the top last night (beating the living daylights out of a child half his age, swearing, through a bike at me when I told him to stop!). I've had a word with his grandfather and he hasn't been seen so far today.Feel a bit bad but I feel if they don't do something about him he is either going to seriously hurt a small child, hurt himself or someone is going to hurt him. It's one of those difficult situations. When do you intervene?

    Anyway, off the see how the spicy chicken casserole thingy is doing.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    Today I am grateful for getting almost everything on my list completed, for my counsellor, for having money to pay into dd's savings, for getting all the end-of-term thank you presents for some colleagues sorted (bought a bunch of aldee packs of 5 bars of choc, split them up and tied them up with a ribbon and a thank you note - all for under £2 each), for dd having a great day doing bikeability, for a workout and a swim, for rasps and strawbs from my own garden.

    F0xh0les - perchance your dh was confuddled between Newc-under-Lyme, Newc-upon-Tyne,Newc out in Oz...???

    Toni'sfriend - is this the chold you've mentioned before? I think you did the right thing.

    Thrifty - great news about 6-in-a-row for hm lunches by dh.
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
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    Hi all:j

    A Adventure - No adventures today.

    G Get creative in the kitchen. Usually am fairly creative but used up leftover biriyani plus some of the YS curry for supper.

    E Eat Beans Day is on the 3rd July. Will do.

    N NSDs Will go for low target as we are on holiday as well as DD this week & another week when she goes away later in the month. Today was a spend day so still 0/12 NSDs. This is set to continue for a week or so I think.

    T Take care in the sun Not been out in the sun today but need to take note for tomorrow if we go for a trip.

    L Live on what is left Will do.

    E Exercise -Exercise in CS today - overwhelmed with donations & so short of volunteers it's untrue.

    J July food days abound Fried Chicken (6th - try "Kissing' instead), French Fries (13th), Hot Dogs and Peach Ice Cream (17th - No not together), Caviar (18th) Daiquiris (19th). My favourites are Fresh Spinach Day (16th) Blueberry (8th) and Vanilla Ice Cream (23rd). Other Ice cream days are available. Use these as a jumping off point to add some summer fun to your meal plan. Will pick a couple of these.

    O (H2)O Water fun. Dogs have made holes in their pool, not sure how to get them in otherwise as they are so large. May have an old plastic one somewhere lurking in the shrubbery. Still to locate.

    G Geeks May struggle here.

    T Think of those who are ill Both elderly uncles are now suffering from terminal illnesses. Do think of them often.

    H Help those in need. Will do my best.

    R Relax. Have lots of books & projects to do so need to make a time each do to actually DO them. No time today as CS shift then visit from friend. But did sit with her & relax.

    O Our Bodies Our Selves. Will deffo be doing this & am starting this week with a pamper day. Tomorrow.

    U Useless On this, will take some to CS tomorrow. Just took a couple of books.

    G Get out and aboutGoing out tomorrow & Thursday.

    H Half Year Review: Good idea & will work on this.

    J Just a couple DH already looks like a combo of these two.

    U yUo
    Will be taking lunch when we go out tomorrow, may eat out later on.
    L Look at each purchase: Only purchases today were food & some bits from CS.

    Y You should check in daily, Here I am, hello folks!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
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    Good morning.

    Yesterday turned into a spend day after all. DD (5) is now refusing to wear her brother's hand me downs most of the time (glad we got away with it for so long :rotfl:) and had grown out of some things. She has plenty of skirts (mostly gifts) but literally one t-shirt she could wear and one pair of old trainers. So we went to Asda and bought some t-shirts and a pair of gel shoes. That'll do a while.

    Got some winter clothes packed away yesterday and a bag for the charity shop ready. Also started sorting through the insane stack of excercise books and "art" we get home after each school year. Will continue that tonight.

    In the garden I found a major infestation of black aphids on my courgettes and beans, treated them but if sure how much worse if will get. Our big elderflower tree in the back is full of them.

    Today will be an SFD. Got my lunch packed and hopefully manage a run today as work got in the way yesterday.
    DEBT 03/23: CC 4637 4318 4100 Family 1380 0 , Extra money earnt £54, NSDs 1/20, sober 2/31
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