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April 2019 Grocery Challenge

edited 15 March 2019 at 12:57PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • VanladyVanlady Forumite
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    :wave:Hello everyone,
    I'd like to join the grocery challenge for April please Elsiepac. The last time I did this challenge was in December last year, and I loved that it kept me focused and on track.
    I'm with you there too Elsiepac, I like to make meals that bit more special and with a bit more effort involved at the weekends. It's the way I was brought up too.
    Im starting at quite a decent store cupboard of dried and tinned foods so please put me down for £300 which will be for 4 adults (2 big eaters, 2 small eaters) and one cat. This will not include alcohol or meals out.
    Many thanks Elsiepac for running this thread again.
  • LauraWxxLauraWxx Forumite
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    April finances begin today for us as Payday, first shop from April GC budget has come in at £76.47 from Asda :j

    £76.47/£500 budget
    2019 Totals: Savings: £929.53 / Mortgage OP - £746.32

    Grocery challange April: £130.17of £500 target remaining
  • Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    Hi everyone! Elsie, could you please put me down for $500 this April? OH will be here in NYC in a week and a half and we’ll be getting married in the last part of the month. Who knows how crazy things will get and I just want to be realistic.

    How exciting for you - I hope all goes well in the lead up to it

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  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    April GC will start today for me as it’s payday.. that said I’ll get payday again in a few days as I changed my job and will be getting paid 4 weekly from now on!
    £40.01 spent this morning at Sainsbobs..
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    euronorriseuronorris Forumite
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    Please count me in again for April. Aiming for £300 again. I'm going to keep chipping away at my/our habits until we are under that target. I was over target in March, but reduced my spend by £33.24 (8.32%) when compared to Feb, so I can do this!!!

    My month started on Tuesday (26th) and will run until Thursday 25th April (payday 26th). Have already been spending (obviously) and been a bit naughty about it as dealing with some other stuff at the moment:

    £3.49 - Subway
    £9.33 - Morrisons
    £8.80 - Lidl
    £9 - Morrisons
    £14.47 - McDonalds
    £1.85 - Sainsburys
    £14.80 - Sainsburys
    £9.40 - Sainsburys
    £16.60 - Sainsburys
    £24.13 - Morrisons

    Total - £111.87/£300

    Quite a lot of my budget so far. I should point out that some of this isn't really groceries, it contains mothers day gifts and some bargains I found (which includes some kids bath sets for 20p each in Sainsburys!!).

    Also picked up 8 tins of alphabetti spaghetti today in Morrisons, reduced to 5p each! Date on them is March 19,'s tinned spaghetti! It'll keep and be just fine! They had LOADS left. 2 massive trays full when I went this morning! x
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Can I join in and set our target at £200? It's me and OH at home, with his children 2-3 times a week who just do not stop eating!

    Already made a start on the first week's worth:

    Iceland: £37.52
    Aldi: £5.11
    B & M: £9.86

    This has included the laundry and cleaning products we need for the next month or two, so happy for it to look a little higher this week.

  • elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    Budgets updated to here

    Jings How exciting, hope you enjoy the time and of course congratulations!

    thriftwizard Great that you have the date now and not too far away, fingers crossed it stays that way!

    I have a couple of spends but will update later or tomorrow. This week has been so crazy busy and I'm so tired!!! I have all my receipts though :)
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  • JingsMyBucketJingsMyBucket Forumite
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    Thank you @Suffolk lass and elsiepac! I keep thinking about different ways to prepare for him when he arrives. Emptying the cupboards of food would help so he can have his own space. :rotfl:
    APRIL 2020 GC: $97.42/$300.00 // 3/12 NSD
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    Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    I have spent £17.10 in the SM and a further £27.14 in the Butchers. Hoping that is it until mid-month as I leave for my Mum's next week and DH flies up to join me when school breaks up. We will be in a shared holiday house that all comes out of our hols budget then until we get home. If I can keep it down for the rest of the month we can recover the ahead of average spending from March and my stores. I have been using up lots from the freezer and have resisted the temptation to restock anything except frozen spinach at this stage.

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  • VickyVVickyV Forumite
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    I'm not sure about my budget this month. I'm away for 2 weeks and my Grocery spends will be significantly higher but I think I might take £60 a week from GC and top up with holiday pot money and just write it off as part of the holiday.
    With that in mind, I'm going to go for £190 to run from the 14th April to 2nd May.

    Vicky x
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    Annual GC budget £143.73/£1950

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