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April 2019 Grocery Challenge

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  • PuddleglumPuddleglum Forumite
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    Can I creep back in again please? I am just managing to get a tiny bit of income so I am working on climbing my way back out of debt.

    £80 for April for me please.:j
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  • VanladyVanlady Forumite
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    NSD 0/15...hopefully more

    Good afternoon challengers
    Spend day for me, only popped into morries to buy cat food and aldeee for some mayo, came out £14.75 lighter on various bits n bobs.
    Nice easy but comforting tea of fish fingers, peas, carrots and potatoes tonight. Have got a few 2.5kg bags of potatoes from Friday when they were on offer in morries. ... can't resist. (But just hope it's not our farmers who have to foot the bill).
    So, with potatos galore, rest of the week will see them heavily on the menu.
    Potato salad for some lunches and thinking potato and veg soup with some ham thrown in which has been lurking in freezer with home made sourdough and ham frittata and salad another night.

    Just reading up on posts.....good luck thrift wizard, hope all goes as planned. And congratulations Jinks, Edinburgh is a fabulous city!
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    BrassicWomanBrassicWoman Forumite
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    £67.68 spend today - a third of the budget. That's a costco, with some drugs on offer which will last me about six months, cheap low sugar granola, and lots of wraps/hummus/salad. And also a sainsbury (£3 off voucher) to get the laundry/ cleaning stuff for the month and some bits of fruit and veg.

    I have some soft fruit to use up in porridge, and elderly veg to use in soup, so shouldn't need to get anything until next week.

    Till spit for £5 off a home delivery of £50 before the 15th. Better than the £10 off £80, as I'd have to try really hard to need £80 in one go. I'll se how I go until the 15th.
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  • AirthreyAirthrey Forumite
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    March was horrendously expensive (in a non-food way) and I want to economise a bit in April. I've decided to try for £2.50 a day, so for the month that's £75.
  • PipneyJanePipneyJane Forumite
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    Good evening All

    Apologies if I’ve missed anything happening in your lives, I’ll catch up tomorrow. I’m just popping in to declare a couple of quick spends: £1 on Saturday, when I bought 2 aubergines from a market stall; and £8.99 yesterday in MrT’s, mainly on yoghurt, milk and some roast chicken. Both spends bring my total for April to £9.99/£120, leaving £110.01 for the rest of the month.

    - Pip
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  • becky170becky170 Forumite
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    Hi Elsiepac, thanks for the new thread. Please can I be put down for £450 again this month?

    My month starts on the 26th and so far we have had one big shop, a top-up shop and brought two lunches at work and spent a grand total of £111. I started letting things slip at the end of March and ended up going over budget (mainly due to succumbing to a takeaway), but I'm feeling more motivated again now.
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  • PuddleglumPuddleglum Forumite
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    Good Morning!
    I popped into Mr S last night to see if there was anything suitable for the yellow sticker diet. Nada! I spent £6.45 leaving me with £73.55 for the rest of the month. Will need to buy veg today and might get some more Night Time tea. Telling myself at the moment that the effect of the night time tea is more psychological than physiological (does that make sense?).
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  • elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    Puddleglum wrote: »
    might get some more Night Time tea. Telling myself at the moment that the effect of the night time tea is more psychological than physiological (does that make sense?).

    Since giving up alcohol I have developed a herbal tea addiciton! Pukk4 are my absolute weakness - I'm totally and hopelessly addicted to the After Dinner and Night Time ones - is this the night time one you get? I think it's a mix of half psychological and half physiological because the herbs they've used are all calming ones, but for me I've got into a nice routine of always having it as my "before bed" drink, so I really do now associate it with the end of the day and time to sleep!
    This lead me on to a confession - I've mucked up my budget a bit and I'll need to re-work it all out... last night in Mr T I went to buy a couple of packs of my After Dinner tea and it was reduced with a label saying reduced to clear!!! I get through 2-5 (teabags) of these a day (it's an expensive habit but not as expensive as my wine used to be and much healthier so I have no guilt!) so to say I panicked was an understatement and so I bought every single box - 8 boxes at £1.99 each!!! :eek: I mean, it's good because I would have spent it anyway and they are usually £2.49 but I wasn't planning to spend all that in one go and in future if I can't get them in my Mr T I'll have to bulk order online and therefore plan ahead, but still! £16 on tea lol!!! :eek: (although that would have got me 4 bottles of wine in my old life which would have lasted like 3 days, so I need to put it in perspective I suppose :o)
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  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Good morning,

    My first shop of the month is done and my savings tins have also been topped up so that's £52.50 spent. I have £7.50 left in my grocery purse but I don't think that we're going to need anything else this week. Hopefully there's enough extra bits in the cupboard already to see us through the two weeks school holidays which start on Friday. I had cottage pie last night but the HT had pasta and sauce with skinny meatballs from M&S. They're his favourite meatballs and as I chop them up even smaller a pack lasts him ages so I don't mind buying them.

    Dinner tonight will be something with chicken for both of us. We both like chicken and I do try and cook the same thing for both of us on the nights when he isn't having pasta and sauce (his favourite but I'm not keen). Cupboards and freezer are well stocked so fingers crossed for coming in under budget this month.

    elsiepac there are worse things that you could have bought.
  • A NSD for me yesterday. I'm not planning on shopping today either except for dog food. I have ordered £100.80 of dog food which should last a couple of months but I don't include this in my grocery bill which is only £340 a month for 5 people.

    I need to look at doing a meal plan again to see if I can reduce the £85 a week further. I hate meal planning and then fussy DD1 decides she doesn't want what's planned, if I don't offer an alternative she won't eat and is already underweight.
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