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    looking for inspirational ideas on the "self care/chill out" aspect of this.

    Follow the link on post 571 and come over to the February thread - we have some of the same things in most challenges but different people do different months so there are changes of emphasis. You can just read along if you like or join in if you want to.

    I have asked people (I am running the February thread) to list 10 things that relax them/ reduce stress/ keep their mental health on an even keel so you should get lots of ideas (plus I put in daily quotes).
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    Thanks very much to CCL for running the January thread and all you lovely turtles!

    With lots of frogs tackled and a bunch more safely on a list I am feeling really good about January’s progress. Exercise went well and spending was slightly better although I have a long way still to go.

    I have decided to bow out for now as I can’t hit it hard enough in Feb not to feel that I’m letting the side down.

    So long and thanks for all the fish!
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