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    done 2/2 no spend days so far :) no intention to buy anything, went for a walk yesterday :)

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – if at all possible my aim is 31, but I will be happy with anything over 25. I am not including rent and bills and have budgeted transport and food shopping.

    Make plans for the month – I have a couple of spend free social plans which I am looking forward to!

    Always pay your debts first – done :)

    List your frogs – ohhhh yes great idea I will try and do this at the weekend although I was in a mad rush to do a lot of this before end of 2018 as I hate jobs I am putting off passing over into the new year for some reason.

    Little savings – I'm no longer in debt but am saving up an emergency fund so anything I don't spend this month will go there.

    Chill out – will prioritise, I am trying to make a conscious effort to not feel like I need to be productive every hour of the day, going well so far.

    Helping others – I am donating to a crowdfunder at the end of the month a portion of the money I save this month. Also planning to attend all the volunteering sessions I have signed up for, and give blood this month.

    Always be grateful – Journalling before bed is the plan

    New to You – I have a couple of library books reserved but also need to tackle all the unread books on my shelf this year!

    Get involved – Plan to check in as much as I can here and have something to say etc, reply to people etc.

    Exercise – I am slowly doing couch to 5k, currently about to start week 6 at some point. Other than that the aim is to leave the house every day at least.

    Sort it out – Last year I decluttered and we were almost out of food by NYE and our big shop arrived that morning so we are all stocked up and I intend to be creative with food, going to be doing veganuary as a slightly lapsed vegan who is very bored of their food rut!
    Goal for january is sink zero(all dishes washed) every day, as this a big issue for me, but makes a massive difference to my mood and ability to prepare meals. Managed it 2 for 2 so far.
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    Hi all,

    Today is not a NSD. I ordered some stuff for hubs bday so decided I might as well go shopping tonight too.
    Make plans- invited some friends of my boys over for a pizza making play date, fairly cheap to do & I've asked the other mums to bring garlic bread/pudding . So not too dear for them either. Its fairly common in our group that we all chip in.
    2 frogs done today plus hub cleaned our pram to try & sell. Will do one tomorrow too.
    Little savings- penny challenge done today :D
    Chill out- watching a film. Right now my anxiety is bad so keeping busy is actually best right now. It keeps the silly thoughts out.
    Helping others- offered to have my friends children/dog for the night to help out.
    Be grateful- grateful for- this kind forum, not on a lot on line seems very kind right now but you lot are a lovely bunch ;) For reading the tickle book with my boys & having a giggle & for a warm welcome at slimming world & for having a chat with a nice lady.
    Get involved- hello :o
    Excersize- really making an effort to take better care of myself.
    Sort it out- using up what we can, hub is even on board & made tea using items on the use it up box,love him! Took some leftovers from work that my hub will snack on too & taking more left overs for lunch tomorrow!
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    Count me in please. Ace first post ty
    Jitterbug - #22 exercise on even days. 2. 😇 January PAD - #112
    NSD aim of 20/31. 11/31. SD 3/31 😇 Grocery Challenge Jan £46.79/£200 max. 
    Sealed pot challenge 14 - #63 - target £500 😇 Debt free by Xmas 2021 - TBA - £1000/£26,000
    100% of 1,000 credit debt ❤️ 0% of 25,000 Nan’s mortgage
    156.3-14.3=142=10s2lb. Lost so far 2/14 ♥️♥️👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
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    Lovely to see such positivity :D well done all

    A good day. Ran another 5k. Did a TT and found some to read in amongst some work. Also spent £22 on cinema treat (not bad for 4 of us) and scooted back home to cook tea rather than going out.

    Trying to be in bed early as my totals are improving...well they had to as they were less than 5 hours per night last month :o

    Have a good day tomorrow all x
    DFFW - pay it ALL off in 2020- on track for February 2021 YAY!!!!
    MFW..aim for Dec 2023
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    February Goals LSDs 02/10 NSDs 02/05
    Exercise RT 60km Classes 6/12 12k steps per day pls
    Aiming to be a true Frugalista!
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    I would like to join in with this challenge this month as the past 2/3 months have been rather hectic. I'm quite glad for a fresh start.

    Spend free days (NSD’s)!– I'll aim for 10, anymore is a bonus.

    Make plans for the month!– The next few days will be quite busy. So far, we have the circus planned for tomorrow and possibly a meal out on Friday with a friend. I'm not planning too far ahead and taking each day as it comes.

    Always pay your debts first!– I shall make a payment towards my debt tomorrow. It's only a small balance and I'm letting it tick over for the next few months.

    List your frogs!– I've two things that need doing so far. One is to make a payment for a DVD from the boys show. Another is to fill in the form for an after party. I also need to help the boy with his homework.

    Little savings!– All payments made to savings account. One of my current 5% ones is due to mature tomorrow. I am able to close that and open a new one, which I'm excited about!

    Chill out –! I need to find ways to do this more. I'll try to set aside twenty minutes a day to so this.

    Helping others – I'll pick up some sanitary products and donate them to our local shelter. I am also mentoring a student and will be helping her along the way.

    Always be grateful -! I'll try to write three things a day.

    New to You!– I'll think before I buy and seperate wants from needs.

    Get involved!– I'll try my best to be accountable.

    Exercise!– I want to get back into a gym routine.

    Sort it out!– I'll have a gander in the cupboards to see what I can do/utilise. Maybe run them down and restock where possible.
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  • Hello, I'm new to the forums but would love to join in please.
    I want to aim for..
    Nsd. Aim for 10 but hoping for more.
    Be grateful.
    Exercise more.
    Penny savings.
    List my frogs, so need to do this.
    And the declutter...
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    Hi all:j

    Thanks for all the good wishes for DD, she is fine thank you. Not worked NYE before so it was something of a revelation. Car that rammed them circled round & rammed them again whilst they were dealing with another incident. They got partial reg, then later they identified the driver. All docs in order, called round to see owner. Not in but car was there. Neighbour informed them that he had come back & repeatedly rammed a brand new vehicle (18 plate) - parked outside. This vehicle was also registered to - himself....go figure...

    NSDs – Aiming for 10 as am going away on 22nd for a few days (Christmas treat) : still 1 / 10

    Make plans for the month – Planned visit to Barcelona later in the month. Rail ticket & plane already paid for. DH sat down with me & planned a few trips, not sure which if any to be taken this month, watch this space. No more plans as yet

    Always pay your debts first – No debts but do use a cc which is paid in full every month...need to rein this in, spending has been frightful of late..CC paid off in full, now need to make sure it doesn't rack up to those levels this month:eek:

    List your frogs – Need to do this, although dealt with a massive frog which was working out the amount taken out of business ac as it had to be paid back in order not to incur a lot of tax. Took me ages & was very shocked at amount needing to be repaid...will take this in hand as of NOW. No list made as yet (can a frog be listing frogs?)

    Little Savings – Put in a £2 coin that I had in my change the other day, will get cash out & pay in to bank. Joined 1p challenge..

    Chill out – working on this. Only possible when DD goes to her own place..

    Helping others – Regular shift in CS.

    Always be grateful – Grateful for today:

    Helpful DH

    Several YS bargains all at 20p from SM

    Happy pooches

    New to You – Have more than enough of pretty much everything clothes wise etc but still looking online, forced self not to purchase. Will need printer ink soon as all run out. Will be shopping tomorrow but don't need much. Done food shopping but still will be going to the big store tomorrow with DD....do not intend to buy ..

    Get involved Late but here!

    Mainly walking round shops, ugh. Did give dog some more tlc, his coat obv thinks it's Spring...

    Sort it out – Need to do this & will be eating from stuffed freezers & cupboards for January. Will need fresh food milk & animal food, but that should be it. Got fresh food & animal food for this week at least.

    GO Turtles!!!!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • Hi all! It must be going back to work time, my insomnia has returned :( either that, or I was freezing. Have just popped the heating on and topped up hwb, so the lodger will be pleased - he was colder than me yesterday evening!

    NSDs - counting in 1/15. Had to pay for pp online yesterday, but was a repeat attempt as I had done it wrong the day before (when I counted it as a spend day) So, banking that!

    Make plans - am just waiting for DD to firm things up but think I have one pub quiz night planned and a couple of free social events (walks etc).

    Always pay debts first - need to total these. Bit nervous to! All on dd for minimums. This is the weekends frog!

    List frogs - have done. There are more than a months worth I suspect! So many tasks weighing on my mind that probably don’t need to be. Have eaten some huge ones over last two days though! The pp application being one!

    Little savings - more loose change identified whilst tidying up, and into mb.

    Chill out - doing well at this... in the daytime!

    Help others - cs donations in car already. Have gifted dds old bike to part of extended family and arranged to drop off. Sleeping over at aged relatives tomorrow night as they get nervous alone.

    Always grateful - for a walk in the sunshine yesterday, for peace to read a loaned book, for my health and (relative) youth!

    New to you - tidied away Tupperware last night and toys for the extended family smalls when they pop by, both gifted from a pal having a clear out. Passed a few of each from my stash into cs bag.
    Have been loaned books by two friends, both look like good reads!

    Get involved - am here!

    Exercise - didn’t get to gym but stuff is all washed, dried and ready! Did go for a extended walk by river so daily step count was up!

    Sort it out - sorted freezer yesterday. Recovered some bits from 2016! Have now got a list and a use it up drawer in freezer with things to remember I have and to plan meals around. For a veggie almost vegan household we have quite a bit of space taken up by meat and fish for DD and friends! I usually make something we can share when she is here, but will focus on using this up over next couple of months.

    Night / morning all! Good luck staring your own challenges straight in the eye today!
  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Morning all :hello:
    Just a quick check in from me this morning. It's brilliant to see so many people posting on here, and so much enthusiasm for the challenge - here's hoping we can all maintain it.
    Quite a busy day ahead for me for various reasons. Helping bestie get home from the garage when she drops her car off, taking dd to the hairdressers, tutoring, shopping delivery. I shouldn't need to spend, but I'd be surprised if I were out and about for that amount of time without spending. However, I will stay mindful about everything.
    Today's frog is going to be sewing the ends in on my blanket. I hate doing that but with the temperature being as low as it is this morning I definitely need that blanket finished and useable. I have the heating on but it's still freezing in my living room. Good job I have about a dozen blankets lying about for when I am at home.
    Keep the faith Turtles!
  • SpekySquareheadSpekySquarehead Forumite
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    I'm late, sorry! Can I be included...?

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – I'm going for 17.

    Make plans for the month – Not much planned, thankfully. Hibernation mode.

    Always pay your debts first – No debts, but saving ambitions. I'll put something aside when I do my budget.

    List your frogs – Good idea. I can think of a few already.

    Little savings – As above.

    Chill out – Reading. I need to do more of it and I'll revisit an old book I love.

    Helping others – I'm going to look into how I can help the homeless. It seems a serious issue in Manchester more than other places, so I'll do some digging.

    Always be grateful – Today; it's my family, my friends and that my goldfish survived without me.

    New to You – I've 1 thing on my "want but don't need" list - wireless earphones. I listen to music pretty much all day, and wireless would help with my gym or going a run. I don't plan on buying them unless I have the cash and I've found a bargain.

    Get involved – Every weekday, without fail.

    Exercise – Everyday. I usually go to the gym before work but on the days I don't, I'll go at night. And on my days off, I'll do some yoga or stretching.

    Sort it out – My cupboards are fairly bare anyway, so no issues here!
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